How to Download & Update Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller Driver


Are you having problems with LAN connectivity? The outdated Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller driver can be the reason. But what exactly is it, and how to update a Realtek PCIe driver?

Read along to find the answer and learn the easiest way to update the driver.

What is the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller driver?

Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller driver is the LAN hardware on the motherboard. It controls the network function, and the controller chipset connects the computer’s PCI Express (PCIe) bus to GbE (Giga Band Ethernet).

This is why when the driver is outdated, you face connectivity issues. Therefore, keeping the Realtek PCIe GbE family controller driver is recommended.

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Here are the best ways to update Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller drivers and fix the issues.

Causes the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller Not Working

1. Both wireless and wired connections are enabled simultaneously.

2. Outdated, missing, or corrupt Realtek driver installed and running.

3. The Realtek PCIe GbE family controller driver update is downloaded from an untrusted website.

4. The PC is infected.

6 Best Ways to Update Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller Driver – Windows 10

1. Automatically Update Driver Using Advanced Driver Updater

If you are looking for a quick way to update the Realtek PCI GbE Family Controller driver, you can do it with Advanced Driver Updater. This driver updating tool automatically recognizes the system configuration and device details.

Also, it helps find the correct driver, which is not easy to find when doing it manually. Using Advanced Driver Updater, you can update drivers either using the Free or Paid version of Advanced Driver Updater.

The paid version allows updating all outdated drivers at once. While using the free version permits updating one driver at a time. Furthermore, the paid version of the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Here are the steps to use Advanced Driver Updater and update outdated Realtek PCIe GbE family controller drivers.

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Run Advanced Driver Updater and click the Start Scan Now button.

Advanced Driver Updater
3. Wait for the scanning to finish. You will now get a list of all outdated drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater scanning
4. Review the list and update the Realtek driver. If you use the paid version, you can use the Update All button to update all outdated drivers.

update all outdated driver

However, if you use the trial version, click the Update driver next to the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller driver.
5. Wait for the process to finish and restart the system to apply changes.

Now try to connect to LAN; you should not face any problems.

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2. Manually Download and Install Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller Update

To update the driver manually via the device manager, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + X > Device Manager.

device manager
2. Look for the Network adapter section. Double click on it to expand the category.

Network adapter section
3. Select Realtek PCI GbE Family Controller > right-click > Update driver.

update driver
4. From the new window that opens, click Search automatically for drivers and wait for the operation to perform.
5. It will be updated in the background if an update is available.
6. However, if you get the message, “The best drivers for your device are already installed,” move to the next step.

update drivers

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3. Update Realtek PCIe Family Controller Driver from Realtek

1. Visit Realtek’s official website.
2. Click the three horizontal line menus in the top left corner.
3. Select Downloads from the menu > Communications Network ICS

Realtek Communications Network ICS
4. Click on PCI GBE name: Realtek PCI GBE Ethernet Family Controller Software.

Click on PCI GBE name
5. Download the setup file.
6. Double-click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver update.
7. Restart the system to apply changes, and that is all. You will now have the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller driver updated.

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4. Perform a System Restore

If updating drivers did not help, try performing a system restore. If you have a system restore point created, proceed further. Else skip this step and use the registry editor.

Follow these steps to restore Windows 10.

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run window.

2. Type rstrui.exe and press the Enter key.


3. This will open the System Restore window.

system restore

4. Click Next to select the point you want to restore the system and follow the on-screen instructions.


5. Your PC will return to the point when everything is working fine.

However, if you get the message “No restore points have been created on your computer’s system drive. It means you cannot use this step.

5. Use the Registry Editor

You can try changing the Windows Registry if you don’t have a restore point. However, before making any changes to the registry, ensure you have a backup.

To use the registry editor and make changes follow these instructions:

  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
    command prompt
  2. Type netcfg –s n command and press Enter key.
    netcfg s n
  3. Look for DNI_DNE
    PCIe7. When you find DNI_DNE, type the following command next to it:reg delete HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3}/va /fnetcfg –v –u dni_dne8. This should fix the issue.

However, if you get any error message follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run window.

2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} and delete it.

3. Now follow the steps mentioned above and check the problem should be fixed.

6. Replace Your Network Adapter

If restoring Windows 10 did not help fix the issue, the Realtek LAN card seems dead. However, remember replacing a network need technical expertise. You can use a wireless adapter to connect to the USB port if you do not have it. Windows 10 will auto-install the driver helping you connect to the network. If Windows fails to install the driver, you can use Advanced Driver Updater.

7. Reinstall the Driver

If nothing has worked so far, we suggest uninstalling the problematic driver. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the Windows Start icon > select Device Manager.

2. Double click Network adapters > right-click the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller > Uninstall device. Confirm the action.


3. Click Action menu > Scan for hardware changes.

4. Restart Windows to reinstall the PCIe GbE family driver.

This should fix the issue.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you can update the Realtek PCIe GbE driver on your Windows 10 using the ways explained in the post. You can take advantage of the ways mentioned above to complete the task. However, go with Advanced Driver Updater if you want a reliable, efficient, and easy way. This best driver updater helps install all necessary driver updates quickly. Also, the risk of downloading incorrect drivers is not there when using this product. For security reasons, this tool takes a backup of old drivers and helps restore drivers if anything happens.

We hope you like the information we share with you. In case you have any questions related to the product, you can send an email to

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