How to Update Realtek Wi-Fi Driver in Windows PC


Update the Realtek wi-fi driver and enjoy interruption-free Wi-Fi connectivity on your Windows 11/10/8 and other older versions of the Windows operating system.

Whenever we face connectivity issues, we assume it’s due to the problem at the end of the ISP. This assumption might be valid in some cases, but it is primarily due to an obsolete or faulty Wi-Fi driver. Therefore, before we think of changing the network provider or raising the complaint about slow connection, it’s best to check & update the Wi-Fi driver. This guide explains how to update Wi-Fi drivers on Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

2 Top Ways to Update Realtek Wi-Fi Driver

There are two methods to get the Realtek Wireless LAN driver updated. One is a manual way, and the other is automatic. Suppose you are short on time or don’t have the technical expertise, we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater. This driver updating utility scans the PC for outdated drivers and shows the outdated ones, giving users the choice to install the update or not. Also, installing the updated driver takes a complete backup of old drivers.

Get Advanced Driver Updater by clicking the button below.

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Method 1 – Manually Downloading and Updating Realtek Wi-Fi Drivers On Windows

Note: Before following the manual steps, collect data about the operating system you are using, the Realtek device model. Whether downloading the driver from the official website or using Device Manager, you will need this information.

To download the Realtek driver from the manufacturer’s website, visit the Realtek website.

To use Device Manager, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + X > Device Manager.

device manager

2. Navigate to the Network adapter > double click & expand it > look at the Wireless LAN card > right-click Update driver.

update drivers
3. Click Search automatically for drivers.

search drivers automatically
4. Wait for Windows to look for an update and install it.
5. Restart the system to finish installing Realtek Wi-Fi drive Windows 7 64-bit.
6. Now, check if you can connect to the network.

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Method 2: Use Advanced Driver Updater to Download and Install the Realtek Wi-Fi Drivers

If the manual method is complicated, use Advanced Driver Updater. You don’t need system or device details when using it.

To update drivers, the tool offers a FREE & registered version.

The paid version lets you update all outdated drivers, whereas the trial version is limited.

Instructions to use Advanced Driver Updater:

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Launch the tool and click Start Scan Now.

Advanced Driver Updater
3. Advanced Driver Updater will scan the PC for corrupt and problematic drivers

Advanced Driver Updater Scan
4. To update the driver using the trial version click the Update Driver button next to the Realtek device.

update all outdated driver
5. However, to download and install updates for all outdated drivers, paid users can use the Update All button.
6. Restart the system to save changes.

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This is it; using either of these two ways, the Realtek wireless LAN driver on Windows 11,10, Windows 7 32-bit, and other versions of the Windows operating system can be updated. If you have any doubts, leave us them in the comment below. Also, for any product, or related questions, send an email to

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