How To Delete Duplicate Images Using Duplicate Photos Fixer


This post explains how to delete duplicate photos effectively without hassle using a duplicate photo cleaner from Google Drive, Dropbox, PC, and external devices.

When we take pictures, we rarely snap one. Normally, we take hundreds of imperfect photos and run out of storage space before getting that perfect shot. To overcome this, without deleting unwanted duplicate images, we transfer them onto Windows and Mac machines, and this vicious cycle continues. One day, we encountered Disk Space almost full message on our Windows and Mac.

Those who do this or have faced issues due to this habit know what I am saying. Duplicate images take a toll on system storage. Hence, learning to delete duplicate photos in Windows 10 and remove them is necessary. But doing so manually isn’t a walk in the park. We need a professional and the best duplicate photo cleaner to declutter the space.

Certainly, you can find multiple duplicate photo cleaner tools. But which one to trust is a question. You are in the right place if you find yourself in a similar mess. This article will teach us how to remove duplicate photos using the best duplicate photo cleaner. However, before that, let us know why manually deleting duplicate photos is risky.

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Why Is Manually Deleting Images Unsafe?

When we try to delete duplicate photos manually, we put the data at risk. Wondering why so? This is because, just by looking at the image, we cannot decide whether to delete or keep it. However, if we delete to realize a high-quality image is deleted, we will regret it later.  Therefore, we don’t recommend deleting duplicate pictures manually unless you are an expert and have the eye to look at the details.

How Do I Find And Delete Duplicate Photos?

You know why manually deleting photos is unsafe and not a good idea. You must be looking for a better way. The best way to find and remove duplicates is to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, the best photos duplicate cleaner.

Designed by Systweak, this professional duplicate image cleaner accurately detects both duplicate and similar-looking images. This helps sort things and gives a chance to recover storage space without putting precious data at stake.

Most importantly, using this reliable tool doesn’t require any training. Both beginner and advanced users can use it to remove duplicate images.

Benefits of using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

  • Declutter storage space.
  • Quickly identify and remove duplicate and similar images. 
  • Support all the popular image formats.
  • Option to exclude folders from scanning.
  • Allows scanning of both external and internal storage.
  • Different scanning modes to find duplicate images.
  • Auto-mark feature to quickly check detected duplicates.


How To Delete Duplicate Photos In Windows 10 Using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

To find and delete the duplicate images on Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

2. Once installed, launch the tool
3. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro gives different options to add photos. You can either drag and drop photos or can use the Add Folder or Add Photos button to add pictures.

Duplicate photos finder4. Once the photos are added, if there is any specific format you plan to scan, click Settings (Present at the top right corner).
5. Click the File Formats tab from the left pane and checkmark the extension you wish to scan.

Duplicate Photos Fixer manage format

Note : By default, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro scans a file size of 50 KB

6. Close the Settings window
7. Next, select the one you wish to use from the two Comparison Methods – Exact Match or Similar Match.
8. After selecting it, click Scan for Duplicates and wait for the scan to finish.

Duplicate Photos Fixer_scanning9. You will now be able to preview scan results and their Metadata.
10. If you want, you can select images manually or use the Auto Mark feature, which automatically selects images that leave one in each group unmarked.

delete marked11. In addition, you can use Selection Assistant to decide the priority of the auto mark.

mark photos12. Thereafter, click Delete Marked to remove selected duplicate photos.


Note: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro shows the selected file size. This means if you select a batch of photos, you will be able to see the total amount of space you will be able to recover after removing selected duplicate pictures.

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How Do I Delete Duplicate Photos

We hope the above steps answer how to get rid of duplicate photos. Using these simple steps, you can delete duplicate photos from your PC and use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on your Mac.

This extraordinary tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS and helps delete duplicate images. We hope you will give it a try and will be able to organize data. Do share your experience with us in the comments sections.

In addition, we would like to give you 3 reasons why Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the best duplicate image cleaner. 

  • Helps delete duplicates accurately and effectively. 
  • It gives control to the user to evaluate, decide and remove duplicate images. 
  • Multi-platform compatibility 

FAQ-Delete Duplicate Images

1. Does Windows 10 have a duplicate photo finder?

Windows 10 doesn’t offer a direct duplicate photos cleaner tool.

2. How do I remove duplicate photos from my computer for free?

To remove duplicate photos from your PC for free, you can use Windows Photos App.

  1. Launch the Photos App.
  2. Open the folder you want to scan for duplicate images.
  3. Scroll through them; when you locate the duplicate picture, right-click and delete it.
  4. To select multiple pictures, press CTRL, select the pictures using your mouse, and click the Delete button on your keyboard.
  5. You can turn the Photos app into a photo duplicate cleaner.”

3. How do I mass delete duplicate photos on my iPhone?

  1. Open Photos App.
  2. Tap Albums from the bottom toolbar.
  3. Scroll to find Utilities section > tap Duplicates > look for the images you want to merge > tap Merge  > tap Merge <no of images> Duplicates.


4. Is there an app that can delete duplicate pictures?

Yes, you can use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to identify and delete duplicate and similar images from iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

We hope you enjoyed reading how to remove duplicate photos; please share your thoughts in the comments section. For any product-related questions, you can contact the technical support team at

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2 thoughts on “How To Delete Duplicate Images Using Duplicate Photos Fixer

  1. If I photo is. used in several applications, How will the duplicate photo finder deal with it when it does in does any deletes?? will it actually remove the photo from all the applications where it is used? Or does it actually report? the several copies that are used?

  2. Hello James,

    Duplicate Photos Fixer scans the selected drive for duplicate images. When duplicates are detected, it lists them in a group, allowing you to keep or remove them.

    If you think another application uses a specific image, we suggest you check the metadata, or you can right-click the image and lock it so that it doesn’t get deleted.

    We hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards

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