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Quick Summary

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is my favorite among many duplicate image-cleaning tools. The program works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android & can detect exact and similar duplicate photos. It comes with an auto-mark feature and has an option to scan Google Drive. This duplicate finder allows scanning internal and removable storage devices for duplicate pictures.

I tested Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on my Windows 10 PC & was impressed with its ease of use and scan results. The program allows you to easily add folders or photos to scan, find duplicate or similar images based on matching criteria, customize scanning, exclude folders, and preview scan results.

Download Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

The duplicate image cleaning tool offers many advanced features. However, my favorite ones are:

  • Drag and Drop Photos – Which allows you to drag and drop pictures to scan.
  • Scan Google Drive – This allows you to scan Google Drive for duplicate photographs and free up space on the cloud occupied by unnecessary duplicate images.
  • Auto Mark – lets you auto mark duplicates, leaving one in each group unmarked.

I love using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. However, there are some things that I don’t like.

Pros Cons
Scan external drive, removable drive, and Google Drive for dupes. The trial version allows cleaning only 15 duplicates.
Different matching levels to accurately scan the device for duplicate & similar photographs. Cannot scan Google Photos & Lightroom for duplicates
Auto Mark duplicates and save yourself from manually selecting detected duplicate pictures. The time interval only shows duplicate images clicked within the last 24 hours.
Customizable scan criteria.
Compares similar & duplicate images by content.
Preview images before deleting them.

The disadvantages aren’t something that can’t be overlooked. However, in the future, I wish to see all these features added to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Why Trust Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Developed by Systweak Software, a famous software development company known for its system utility and security tools. Systweak Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of its popular software. The awesome de-duplicate image cleaner is AppEsteem certified. It accurately detects the exact pictures by content and allows deleting them to free up valuable storage space. The software shows grouped results, performs a quick scan, helps sort image galleries, and much more. Moreover, it can be used by professionals, home users, individuals, and anyone with a pile of digital photos.

Today, we’re reviewing Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for you so that you can decide if it is the right software for you or not. Our review is unbiased and is based on criteria like features, usability, customer support, under interface, ease of use, etc.

The program has many features, and we will learn about them in the upcoming sections. But first, let’s see how much we will have to pay.

How Much Does Duplicate Photos Fixer cost?

The license key of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is valid for one user for a year. After that, you will have to renew the key. The best part about this awesome duplicate photograph cleaner is that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. After purchasing the product, if you face any issues, you can seek a refund within 2 months from the date of purchase.

Pricing – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Different Platforms

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows $39.95
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Mac $38.99
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for iOS $6.99
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Android Free (In-App Purchase available)


Publisher Systweak Software
Website DuplicatePhotosFixer
Platforms Supported Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
Latest Version

Money-Back Guarantee

License Type


Setup Size


60 days

Single User


10.3 MB

Minimum Hard Disk Space 2GB Free Space
Required RAM 512 MB
Processor 16 MB
Compatibility Architecture Both 64Bit (x64) and 32Bit (X86)
Free Limited functionality (allows cleaning only 15 duplicates)
Multilingual Yes (supports 14 languages, including Chinese and Japanese)
Training No Training required
Support Email, FAQ, and Video tutorial

Review Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Windows

Benefits – At Glance

  • For duplicates, scan internal, removable, and cloud storage (Google Drive).
  • Duplicate free image gallery.
  • Free up storage space occupied by duplicate photos.
  • Exclusion list to keep important folders safe.
  • Preview duplicates pictures before cleaning.
  • Auto mark duplicates
  • Organized and managed a picture gallery

The User Interface

The interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is user-friendly and free of complicated navigation. Even a beginner without any hassle can use the software. The welcome screen has two buttons – Add Photos and Add Folder. Also, you can drag and drop images.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro scan duplicate

I like the drag and drop feature more, allowing me to add scattered images easily.

Next to the Add Photos and Add Folder button, you have the Scan Computer option with a drop-down that allows selecting Google Drive. If you want to scan the cloud storage and manage data, you can do it directly from within the duplicate cleaner. All you need to do is click the down arrow next to Scan Computer > select Google Drive, follow on-screen instructions to grant access, and scan the drive for duplicate images.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro scan drive

To learn how to scan Google Drive for duplicate photos, click here.


Comparison Method

Once the folders or photos are selected for scanning, you can choose from the two Comparison methods –

Exact Match – it scans the device for only identical images

Similar Match – it scans the device for edited images and similar images.

You can adjust the matching level by selecting Similar Match using the slider. Once all the parameters have been set, you can click the Scan for Duplicates & start the process.

Matching Level

Low Matching Level – this setting shows images with a high level of differentiation. To understand, please look at the image below:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro matching level

As the slider is moved to the Low level, the difference in the images widens. The left image shows a butterfly sitting on the flower, while the right shows the butterfly far from the flower. This is what happens when you change the matching level to low.

Middle Matching Level – this is the default and recommended setting to search for similar images. When the slider is in the middle, the degree of similarity is more. See the image below to understand it better:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro matching level high

The above images are nearly identical.

High Matching Level – this setting narrows down the search result reducing the similarity. This means the images will be almost identical. If you want to find exact duplicates, keep the level high.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro level high

Bitmap Size – this setting helps find images based on quality and size.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro bitmap size

Time Interval – want to find duplicate images based on the time gap that varies from 1 second to 24 hours? Use the Time Interval option > move the slider and find images clicked in quick succession.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro time interval

GPS – find duplicates based on geotags.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro gps

Load Defaults – if you don’t remember the changes you made, no worries, use load defaults & go back to original settings.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro comparison method


Instead of making the user run the scan based on predefined settings, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro allows customizing it. To do so, you can use the Settings option on the top of the product.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Clicking on it will open a new window divided into 5 parts –

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro alert setting

General – This section allows you to decide whether or not to see the confirmation box, run the application at startup, see product recommendations, get update messages, and more.

File Formats – exclude or include image extension and set the minimum file size to scan from this section.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro manage files

Excluded Folders – want to skip a particular folder from scanning? No issues, click the Add button and add the folder. It will be excluded from future scans.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro manage folder

Scan Criteria – customize scan options with this setting.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro manage scan criteria

Move Duplicates – rather than moving duplicates to Recycle Bin, do you want them to be moved to another location? This is the setting you are looking for.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro manage duplicate photos

You can go to each section and make the changes as you like.

Scan Results

To scan thousands of images, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro doesn’t take more than a minute. Once the duplicate photos are identified, they will be bundled into groups. You can preview them and select them manually. Alternatively, you can use the Auto Mark feature to mark identical pictures leaving one in each group unchecked.

However, if the scan results aren’t what you expected, you can use the Matching Level slider & modify the criteria to make the search more specific. This is another tool feature that I liked because it allowed me to modify the search results easily.

Download Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Note : If you set the Matching Level to a low setting, you may see pictures that are not similar to each other.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Free VS Paid Comparison Table

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Features Free Version *(Cleans 15 duplicate photos) Registered Version
One-Click Duplicate Removal NO YES
Scan PC and connected storage devices. YES YES
Find duplicate photos in Google Drive. YES YES
Supports image formats like JPEG, jpg, GIF, jp2, icns, eps, fpx, pntg, exr, png, HDR, TIFF, BMP, heic, crw, erf, pef, dng, etc. YES YES
Customize matching levels. YES YES
Preview duplicate pictures YES YES
Auto-mark duplicates. YES YES
Selection Assistant. YES YES
Exclude folders from scan YES YES
Customizable scan options. YES YES
24*7 priority email support NO YES

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro’s Trial version allows cleaning 15 duplicate files only. To clean all the detected duplicate files, upgrade to the paid edition.

Guilt Free Photo Recovery

Now, to delete the selected duplicates, use the Delete Marked button. If you have hundreds and thousands of images, you may have deleted some important ones. Now what?

You can restore them from the Recycle Bin. This is another extraordinary feature of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. The duplicate image finder and remover move deleted images to Recycle Bin. This allows you to restore them if you wish.

However, if you use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on your Android or iOS device, you cannot recover deleted photos. Therefore, carefully check each group and mark photos before you delete them.

Read MoreWhat Is The Best Technique To Detect Duplicate Images?

Customer Support

If you have any queries about the product, you can send an email to The trained technical staff will answer all your queries.

You can also go visit the Contact Us page to ask any questions. To access it click here.


How can I find duplicates in photos?

The easiest way to find duplicates by content is to use - the duplicate finder and remover tool. You can give Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro a try. This duplicate picture cleaning utility allows scanning your device for similar and duplicate images. Also, it allows adjusting the different matching levels to detect duplicates accurately.

What is the best duplicate photo remover?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro comes into play when running out of space or facing difficulty managing and organizing an image gallery. This best duplicate image remover tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and allows scanning the device for duplicates, one of the reasons for cluttering the hard drive. Moreover, it helps directly scan Google Drive and clean duplicates, which helps recover space. You can also preview scan results before you decide to take any action.

Does Windows 11 have a duplicate photo finder?

There isn't a direct way to find duplicate pictures on Windows 11. However, you can use File Explorer to view files by name, date, or size. This will sort them based on the criteria selected. Once the files are listed, you can manually them and find duplicates. Though this method is Free but is time taking, inaccurate, and a monotonous task.

What Causes Duplicate Photos?

There are several reasons for duplicates to get accumulated. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Uploading & downloading the same image multiple times.
  • Creating a backup of the same data on different devices.
  • Saving the same file in a different folder.
  • File sharing.
  • Clicking photos in quick succession.
  • Editing images and always creating a copy of the original picture.

Is It Safe to Use a Duplicate Photo Finder & Cleaner Software?

When you want a duplicate-free photo library in no time without inaccurate results using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is safe. The software is thoroughly tested, and most importantly, it never permanently deletes duplicates. When you delete duplicate pictures by default, they are moved t Recycle Bin. Also, you can preview scan results before deleting duplicate photographs.


With a fast scanning engine and accurate duplicate detection, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the finest duplicate picture removal tools. The tool, in 20 seconds, scanned approx 3000 images and showed accurate results. I was happy to see the amount of space recovered, and the duplicate free image gallery looked awesome. Now I don’t get to see similar images that used to bother me.

You should give it a try.


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