How To Get Rid Of Duplicate Photos Saved In Different Image Formats


Duplicate photos are a common problem for all PC users, and things get worse when you need to find duplicates saved with different names and image file formats. We understand doing this manually can be overwhelming. Therefore, this post explains the best way to find and remove duplicate images saved in various formats on your PC.

Duplicate & similar photos occupy a chunk of hard disk space and slow your computer’s performance. To clean them manually, you need time and patience. However, finding and removing duplicates can be done quickly and accurately using A third-party tool.

That said, if you don’t know which tool to use, now is the time. This troubleshooting guide will explain Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and how to use this duplicate picture finder.

Why use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Unlike other duplicate photo remover tools, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It allows scanning the PC for duplicate and similar photos separately. The smart algorithm it uses helps detect accurate copies of pictures. Moreover, it is multi-lingual and supports scanning external, internal, and Google Drive.

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 How To Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

  • Download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.
  • To use the duplicate photo cleaner & locate identical pictures saved on your PC, ensure Scan Computer is selected.
  • Next, use the buttons Add Folder or Add Photos to add images for scanning.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

  • If you want to add a complete folder, click Add Folder > browse to the location > choose the folder and click Select Folder.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro  select folder

  • Once folders are added, it is time to decide whether you want to scan them for exact copies or similar-looking edited images. To identify and delete exact duplicates, click Exact Match; otherwise, go with Similar Match.

comparison method

Our recommendation is Similar Match.

Next, to scan different image file formats, click the Settings option as shown in the screenshot below:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

From the left pane, select File Formats,> tick mark the boxes next to image file formats to scan the PC.

manage file formate

  • You can customize the settings if you don’t want to use the default criteria to detect duplicates.

matching level

  • After that, to begin the process, click Scan for Duplicates.
  • Let the duplicate photo cleaner do its job and find different file formats of the same images.

searching duplicate

  • Preview scan results > select the images you want to remove.
  • If you are scanning your computer for the first time for duplicates, there could be multiple clone photos to choose from. To make the job easy, use the Auto Mark feature to auto-select images in each group, leaving one unmarked.

delete marked on duplicate

  • Click Delete Marked to remove duplicate photos.

delete duplicate

  • By default, the photo cleaner moves deleted duplicates to the Recycle Bin. If you think you have mistakenly deleted a critical photo, you can get it back.

With the help of these steps and assistance from the best duplicate picture finder, you can find & cleaner duplicate photos on Windows.

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Important :

Note: When manually searching for duplicates, never scan the Program Files, Windows, or PrefLogs folder as they are crucial for working on the PC.

Wrap Up

Manually identifying duplicate photos of different file formats can be tedious. However, by following the steps explained above and using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, you can simplify things and detect duplicates in no time. In addition, using the Automark feature, you can quickly select hundreds of thousands of duplicate photos, leaving one in each group unmarked.

This helps clear duplicates quickly and recover space on the hard disk. Also, the software allows scanning Google Drive for duplicate images. This helps directly free up space on cloud storage. We hope we were able to explain how you can remove duplicate photos from Windows 10. If you like the post, give us a thumbs up and share it with your friends so they can benefit from it.

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