How to Find and Remove Duplicate JPG, HEIC, and HEIF Images from PC


Now, easily find duplicate High-Efficiency Image File Format (.HEIC, .HEIF) and JPEG images on a Windows PC. 

Is your computer cluttered with copies of the same pictures saved in different formats like JPG, HEIC, and HEIF? Most users face this problem, resulting in low disk space and slow PC performance. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about. 

You can easily clean duplicate HEIC, HEIF, JPEG, and other image formats using an excellent duplicate photo cleaner tool known as Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Also, with its usage you can keep your cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox duplicate-free and get rid of duplicates from Picasa and Lightroom Classic.

duplicate photos fixer pro scan type selection

Benefits of Using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – The Best HEIC/HEIC and JPEG Duplicate Image Finder

  • Identify exact and similar duplicate photos.
  • Find duplicate photos in different formats (e.g., one in HEIC and one in JPG) or other image formats. 
  • Find duplicate files saved on PC, external HD, SD card, cloud storage, Picasa, Lightroom Classic, etc.
  • Preview detected duplicates side by side.
  • Automark duplicate photos keeping one in each group unmarked.
  • Manually select duplicates.
  • Different matching levels to find duplicates based on time and bitmap size.
  • Different comparison methods to find similar and extract duplicates. 
  • Find duplicates even when the image is flipped or rotated.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

In easy steps, this guide explains how to use this powerful tool to find and delete extra copies of images, giving you more room to save important files and manage your photo collection efficiently. Let’s get started and clean up your PC!

Usually, when pictures are edited and saved using different programs,  you sync photos between devices or use cloud services; multiple versions of the same picture can be saved in JPG and HEIC/HEIF formats. These photocopies create confusion and make the photo library messy. Therefore, duplicates should be removed occasionally to keep the picture collection in order and ensure valuable storage space is not wasted. Here, we explain how to remove them without investing your precious time. However, before that, let us learn why duplicate HEIC, HEIF, and JPEG images are created on PC. 

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Reasons Why Duplicate JPG, HEIC, and HEIF Images Are Created on PC

Importing from Multiple Sources: When photos are imported from different devices or sources like., cameras, smartphones, and external drives, the same image gets saved in JPG, HEIC/HEIF, and other selected formats leading to the creation of duplicate images. 

File Conversion: Some software automatically converts image formats during import or editing. For example, if you want to work on HEIC/HEIF images on Windows, an application might convert them to  JPG for compatibility, saving both formats.

Syncing with Cloud Services: Cloud services like Google Photos or iCloud sync images across devices. You will save duplicate pictures in different formats if the sync settings are misconfigured.

Editing and Exporting: You might export an image in a different format and edit it in a different format. This will create duplicates of the same image in original and edited formats.

Backup and Restore: Taking a backup of your image library, using different backup solutions, and restoring them from a backup multiple times leads to duplicates. 

Software Glitches or Errors: Sometimes, software glitches or errors during copying images and managing files can result in duplicate files.

Incomplete Deletion: If you tried deleting an image, but the process was interrupted for any reason, it may leave behind duplicates.

Automatic Saving in Multiple Formats: Some devices and software settings allow saving images in multiple formats to provide compatibility. This ease can lead to the creation of duplicate images. 

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Now that we know why the PC fills up with duplicates let us learn how to remove these potentially unwanted duplicate images.

How to Delete Duplicate HEIC, HEIF, and JPEG Images on Windows?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a robust and user-friendly tool to find and delete duplicate images. It scans the PC for duplicate HEIC/HEIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD, CRW, GIF, TIFF, and other image file formats.  

This HEIC Duplicate Finder for Windows uses an advanced algorithm to scan the PC for duplicate HEIF, JPEG, and other image formats. It even allows you to change the scan settings, select and deselect file formats, exclude folders to scan, and decide whether to move duplicates to the Recycle Bin or delete them permanently. Moreover, it offers different comparison and matching levels.

Duplicate Photos Fixer_General Settings

Here’s how to use this straightforward tool and clean duplicate HEIC/HIEF and JPEG images from a PC. 

Steps to find and delete duplicate HEIC photos on Windows

1. Download, install, and run Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on your Windows.

2. Add Folder or Add Photos you want to scan to locate duplicate HEIC files you desire to delete. Alternatively, if you want, you can drag and drop photos too.

duplicate photos fixer pro
3. Once you have added the photos or folder to scan, click the Scan for Duplicates button.

4. Wait for the scan to run. Once it is completed, you will get the scan results. You can use the AutoMark options to select duplicate files, leaving one in each group unmarked automatically, or can manually select duplicate images. Also, you can set the auto-selection rules via Selection Assistant.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Auto Mark
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
5. Once you are sure of the selection, click Delete Marked to remove the selected pictures.

6. By default, they will be moved to the Recycle Bin. When the process is done the HEIC/HIEF and JPEG duplicate photo finder will show a summary. 

This is how you can remove duplicate images easily from Windows. As the tool is compatible with Mac, Android, and iOS you can use it on these platforms as well to eliminate duplicate images and free up storage space

Streamlining Your Image Library for Optimal Organization

Improper import settings, importing pictures from iPhone to PC, and saving images in different formats can lead to multiple copies of the same photo in different formats like HEIC/HIEF and JPEG. Using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro you can quickly find and remove unwanted copies of these images.

We hope you find the article informative and, using the steps explained above you were able to eliminate duplicate HEIC files from your PC. To learn more about Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro read the product review. If you have any doubts you can leave a comment or can send an email to for further assistance. 

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