What Is The Best Technique To Detect Duplicate Images?


What is the best way to find duplicate photos on Windows 11 & 10? Depends on your image collection. Do you want to detect duplicates or exact duplicates? Or do you want the detection to run in real-time or background?

To help with this today, we will explain some techniques to detect similar images on Windows 11 and 10 accurately. We hope using this awesome duplicate photo finder; you can remove the same photos from Windows 10 & 11.

If you have hundreds and thousands of images to manage, you know: that finding and cleaning duplicate images is the key to managing and organizing your picture collection.

You can do it effortlessly and accurately with image duplication detection software or depending on your chosen technique.

How To Prevent Duplicate Photos?

Undoubtedly, finding duplicate photos is a hassle, which can be simplified through Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. However, there’s something even simpler & that is preventing the same images from being created.

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But how can that be done? To learn it try & follow the tips given below:

  • Create a file naming system that is according to your style and workflow.
  • Save files by occasion, date, or even name. Whatever, the style you pick, be consistent. Don’t just save the files as you want to move them.
  • Create a designated folder to save images.
  • Always upload external data and internal data separately on cloud storage.
  • Don’t leave backed-up images on the storage device & start using it to save more pictures.
  • Use a duplicate photo finder to keep the photo gallery managed and duplicate-free.

How To Find Duplicate Photos

Manually finding duplicates requires time and patience. Therefore, using a duplicate photo finder is your best bet. However, which one is the best software to detect duplicate photos? Don’t worry; we are here to help.

Photos capture special moments of our life; no one wants to miss them by deleting incorrect images. Therefore the software that can help find the exact and similar duplicates with the same pixels rotated, flipped, resized, and edited images is the one you should use.

Moreover, it should be the one that supports popular image formats, including RAW, HEIC, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and much more, so that not a single duplicate image is left on the computer.

One such tool that has all this is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. The tool even shows a preview of detected duplicates, which makes cleaning duplicates easy.

Also, the duplicate photo cleaner offers information such as file name, type, and size displayed. Its Auto Mark feature lets you automatically choose duplicates leaving one in each group unmarked.

Also, it moves all the deleted images to Recycle Bin. If you are unsure about what you deleted, you can restore it.

To use the tool, follow the instructions given below:

Best Technique To Detect Duplicate Images For Windows 11 & 10 -Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

  • Download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.
  • Launch the tool to scan the PC for duplicates.
  • The tool allows you to scan hard disks, connected drivers, and even Google Driver. If you want to scan the internal hard disk or removable storage media, select Scan Scan Computer > add the Photos or folder to scan.

duplicate photos fixer pro

  • However, to scan Google Drive, click the down arrow next to Scan Computer and select Google Drive. Remember you must log in to the Gmail account to grant access & scan Google Drive.

Note : Scanning Google Drive does not mean you will be able to scan Google Photos.

duplicate photos fixer pro scan drive

  • Once the folder and photos are added, select scan mode – Exact Match or Similar Match (Recommended). The name explains what each Comparison Method will do.
  • Next, change the Matching level and click the Scan for Duplicates.

duplicate photos fixer pro scan duplicates

  • Preview detected duplicates and select the duplicates. To make things easy, the tool groups scan results. Also, it provides an Auto-Mark feature to select duplicates, leaving one in each group unmarked automatically.

mark on duplicate

  • Once you have chosen and reviewed selected duplicates, click Delete Marked and wait for the process to finish.
  • You will not get a summary of the action performed.

In addition to this, before cleaning duplicates, you can modify the Matching level by moving the slider. Also, you can customize the settings from the Settings menu. But this should be done before performing the scan.

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Wrap Up

Duplicate photos and files are a problem, especially with low disk space. However, by using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, you can easily find and remove them.

The excellent duplicate finder tools make identifying similar pictures and duplicate photos quick.

You don’t need any technical training or manual comparisons to use it. The duplicate detection software does all this independently and detects duplicates based on content, not name.

It makes the tedious process of finding duplicate photos easy and helps recover space in no time. Also, this help improves system performance, and the notorious data hogs (duplicate images) are cleaned without hassle.

We hope you find the helpful information and will use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to keep the image gallery duplicate free on Windows.

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