How to Auto Delete Duplicate Photos With Image Finder Tool


Duplicate photos and their existence is an issue faced at some point in our lives. Fourtanetly, you can get a duplicate free image library using different exact image finder tools. However, users cannot find an auto-mark feature while interacting with these applications. This makes eliminating duplicates time-consuming.

Today’s blog will address this common problem and explain how to auto-mark duplicate photos and delete them.

Best Ways To Auto Delete Duplicate Photos

Before getting into details, let us first understand a duplicate photos finder tool and how it works.

What is a Duplicate Photos Finder? How Does it Work?

A duplicate photo finder is a dedicated tool that helps search for identical and similar photos, saving you from manually sifting through the images to find exact and identical photographs.

You can run the tool and scan the image gallery. The software allows scanning specific folders, the entire PC, external devices, or cloud storage. To use it, you need to follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Run the software and perform a scan for duplicate photos.
  • Once the scan is completed, the software shows the scan results.
  • Select the photos you want to get rid of. You can mark the images after comparing them with their original counterparts.
  • Delete the duplicate photos.

This is the anatomy of how the software works. Now from the looks of it, when the software finds duplicate images and you can delete them, the job is done. Right? Here, you are WRONG!

The number of duplicate pictures can vary depending on the total number of photos you have scanned. If the resulting images are fewer in number, you can manually delete them, but if there is a pile of duplicates, then? You need the Auto Delete feature to deal with identical images.

Why use the software if you have to spend hours selecting duplicate photos to delete?

If you have also experienced the same issue while using an ordinary tool, you surely need Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro: An Advanced Duplicate Photo Finder Tool with Automark

Deleting pictures automatically can not be done if you have not selected the images. The auto-mark feature in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro can help automate the marking process of duplicate photos.

duplicate photos fixer pro

This means not only does the software search and find duplicate photos but also selects them as per your preference so you can delete them with just a click. Here’s how Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works –

  • Download the software from the link below. Click on it, and it will redirect it to the setup application.
  • Explore the options on the welcome screen. You can select or drag and drop dedicated folders or files to scan a folder.

duplicate photos fixer pro scan type selection

  • You can even scan your Google Drive or Dropbox to find whether you have any duplicate photos there. After deciding on the destination folder to scan. Click on Scan for Duplicates

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

  • Once the scan is finished, the results are displayed in a grouped manner.

Duplicate Photos Fixer_scanning

Two or more similar pictures are set in a group, so you can instantly compare them and select the ones you want to keep.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro mark duplicate

  • Use the Auto Mark feature if the number of images is higher than what you can manually mark.

duplicate phots fixer pro

It is an advanced feature that allows you to mold the comparison algorithm. To make changes to the selection criteria, click the magic wand next to Selection Assistant. Set the auto-mark priority, and mark duplicates.
dpf selection assistant

  • Look at the auto-selected pictures to stay assured of the files you will delete.
  • Click Delete Marked to remove duplicate photos. If you have deleted some important files, there’s no need to worry, as you can recover them from the Recycle Bin (if you have not made changes to default settings.)

moved duplicate in recyclebin

Note : If you are using the software to find duplicate photos on Google Drive or Dropbox, you might not be able to recover the files, so, in such a situation, you should take a close look at marked pictures before deleting them.

Save Time By Auto Marking and Deleting Duplicate Images

Software available in the market makes a lot of claims of providing an automated duplicate photo finder tool. But is it automated if you manually select the images to delete? Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro defines what an advanced similar photo finder tool should be. Moreover, it allows the scanning of flipped and rotated images for duplicates.

If you are using an ordinary tool, you have a solid reason to switch towards Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Download today and experience automation in its purest form. Don’t forget to share your experiences with duplicate photo finder tools in the comments section. Good Luck!


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