Systweak Software Updater Get the latest software updates for your computer, and stay safe!

Effortlessly replace outdated software with their latest version using Systweak Software Updater to prevent security issues and improve PC performance.

  •  Update Outdated Software Update Outdated
  • Auto-Scheduler for Peace of Mind Auto-Scheduler
    for Peace of Mind
  • Ensures Safe & Secure Downloads Ensures Safe
    & Secure Downloads
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Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
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What Risks Do Outdated Software Carry?

Outdated software become an easy gateway for hackers to steal your data. Systweak Software Updater ensures that no installed software is left outdated on your PC, thereby ensuring robust data security.

How Can Hackers Harm My PC through outdated software?

When you do not install the latest patches and updates to a software, it becomes easy for hackers to exploit them and access your system data. Hence it is important to keep your software up-to-date to avoid such vulnerabilities.

What Risks Do Outdated Software Carry?
One-Click Windows Software Updater

Systweak Software Updater scans your PC for obsolete apps & updates them with just one click to offer security & stability at once.

Systweak Software Updater Home Screen

This software updater utility for Windows will ensure your computer regularly receives updates for installed applications. Systweak Software Updater runs an automatic scan to look for outdated Windows & third-party applications. You can review the list and download updates for them with a single click.

What makes Systweak Software Updater Special?

Fully Automatic

Scan for Outdated Software

Scan & update software automatically to save time with the best software updater.

Secure Updates

Securely Update Outdated software

Install software updates from trusted sources to stay protected from malware.

Quick Download

Download Software Update in Windows 11,10

With advanced algorithms update outdated software at a lightning-fast speed.


Works With All Major Windows Version

Systweak Software Updater is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

Update Windows Software In A Few Clicks

Systweak Software Updater has a large database of renowned software from Windows & genuine
third-party developers to update your PC in no time.

This software updater tool for Windows will help find genuine software updates for your PC. Systweak Software Updater is a one-stop solution to scan, identify and update outdated apps. It can update software automatically as and when available, protecting your PC from vulnerabilities of outdated software.

Software Update help to update outdated software
Some Beneficial Features of Systweak Software Updater

Systweak Software Updater takes care of all installed software by keeping them up-to-date. Additionally, it also offers some beneficial features for users that make it one of the best Software updater tools for Windows.

Download Best Software with Systweak Software Updater
One-Click Updates

Create Restore Point

Creates system restore points before updates so you can restore old settings if anything goes wrong.

Easy to Revert

Selected Software Updates

This user-friendly software updater allows you to choose a software or update all software from the list.

Update All Your Software

Exclude Specific Software

Add any software to the Ignore List to prevent them from getting updated using this software updater.

One-Time Setup

Software Update History

View complete details of any installed, monitored, and updated software on your PC with update history.

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Systweak Software Updater Features

Free Trial Version* Registered Version

One-Click Update

Thoroughly scans your PC & updates outdated software with latest version in a single click.

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Silent & Secure Software Updates

No added bundles, installers or toolbars are downloaded with software updates.

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Fully Automated

Runs an automatic scan to quickly identify & recommend latest updates for old apps.

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Lightning-Fast Downloads

Powered by advanced AI-based algorithms that ensure fast updates installation.

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Manual Update

Select and update specific applications manually as per your convenience.

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Automatically Reboot/Shutdown PC

Set your system to automatically reboot or shut down after updates are installed.

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Huge Database

Get quick access to millions of software updates for almost all the installed apps on your PC.

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Update History

View the details for monitored, outdated and updated programs at one place.

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Notifications For Available Updates

Get notifications every 4 Hours, 24 Hours, 48 Hours or Never for installing the latest updates.

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Software Recommendations

Get suggestions for popular programs in different categories like Security, Browsers etc.

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Ignore List

Avoid installing updates for specific programs by adding them in the Ignore List.

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Pre-Scan Software for Virus & Malware Infections

Active pre-scanning of all Software Update downloads for adware, malware, virus or other infections.

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Automatically update your favourite programs at a scheduled date/time.

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Restore Point

Create and view daily restore points before installing a program on your PC.

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24/7 Email Support

Priority email technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? Here We Are To Help!

Software Updaters are reliable utilities that help users to install patches (a set of changes made to a software to update, fix or improve it) for installed software on their PC. These changes are usually bug fixes to resolve security vulnerabilities, add new features or enhance overall performance and usability. This not only improves performance of the updated software but also keep hackers from exploiting weaknesses in outdated software.

Failing to update your software may expose your network to a variety of security and performance risks. At the very top are hackers and cybercriminals, who use vulnerabilities in outdated software to target your PC and data. Therefore, updating outdated software is extremely vital to your PC security and health. Listed below is a short list of all vulnerabilities that get patched by new software updates.

• Security loopholes that hackers could exploit

• Common issues that affect performance & speed

• Drive-by downloads & lack of protection

• Incompatibility issues with a specific function

• Plus added features that could improve productivity

Well, without updates, older software may not be able to work properly with new technology. Moreover, software updates cover the security holes to keep hackers out and hence protect your overall device and data.

Here are some of the major reasons why software updates are so important:

Better Security = Keep you safe from exploitable loopholes on your system.

Increased Efficiency = Offers new features & improvements to make user-experience better.

Compatibility = To ensure the new edition of the app works smoothly with your OS.

Depending on the number of updates you choose to install, downloading and installing updates could take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. However, other factors such as your Internet connection speed and file size of the software update could also increase or decrease the time for update on your system.

Systweak Software Updater AppEsteem Certified
Systweak Software Updater
Receive the latest versions of popular software on your PC with one click.

Protect yourself from dangers of outdated software and replace them now. Use Systweak Software Updater on your computer to update outdated software automatically.

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Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

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