Refund Policy

In case of any problem or if you're dissatisfied with our product, you can apply for a full refund of the product within 60 days from its date of purchase.

Systweak will make every effort to provide product related support and solve all product related problems you might face; however, in the event the problem is not resolved or you are not satisfied with the resolution, you can apply for a full refund of the product within 60 days from its date of purchase.

Refund Policy

Systweak offers a 100% money back guarantee on all its products within 60 days from their date of purchase.

Refund Process

If you are not satisfied with the performance of one of our product(s), you can submit a ticket at and request a full refund.

Please include the following information in your refund request:

  • ●   Full Name used for purchase
  • ●   Order number of the product
  • ●   Name of product purchased
  • ●   Date of purchase of product
  • ●   E-mail address used for purchase

Refund Timeframe

You can expect to receive your refund within 5-7 business days of submitting the refund request, depending upon the time taken by your bank to credit the money back to your account. The refund will be reversed to the same mode of payment used at the time of purchase. In case you do not receive your refund within the mentioned timeframe, please feel free to reach out to our support team at

Product Removal of Refunded Product(s)

Once your refund is complete, please remove all traces of the refunded product from your system and destroy its license key and backup CD (if any). In case you face any problems in removing the product, you can contact our support team at for assistance.

Other Terms and Conditions

After the refund is complete, you will no longer be entitled to subscription and renewal benefits nor receive any technical support from our support team for the refunded product. If you have other paid, non-refunded and/or free product(s) from Systweak, you will receive updates, subscription and renewal benefits as well as technical support for those product(s).

Refund after 60 days money back guarantee

If you have surpassed the 60 days money back guarantee period and would like a refund, you can still send us your refund request and it will be reviewed on a case by case basis by a Systweak refund specialist. Refund, if applicable, will be processed accordingly within 5-7 business days of submitting the request.

Links to Third Party Websites

For any questions or queries, you may contact our support team at or and our support team will get back to you within 1 business day.

Limited Liability

The liability of Systweak Software in any case will not be more or will at best be the same as mentioned in the End User License Agreement (EULA), which you received and agreed to, while purchasing and installing the product, and which is amended from time to time and communicated via the website. Anything mentioned in this Refund Policy shall not supersede the EULA and shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the EULA as such.

Beware Of Fraud Calls & Emails

It has come to our notice that certain people/companies may be impersonating Systweak Software and/or other reputed companies, and are contacting users to promote their services in our name via fake emails and calls.

Please note Systweak Software does not make any unsolicited calls nor sends emails to anyone regarding errors on devices or internet browsing or any such other device issues.

We urge you to beware of any such scammers and request you to NOT call back any number provided in the email or via caller ID in case you receive any unsolicited calls or emails.

Please reach out to us at in case you come across any such scammers and fraudsters impersonating Systweak Software.

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