Similar Selfie Fixer Make room for important files by cleaning duplicate selfies

Similar Selfie Fixer helps remove multiple copies of similar selfies that take up space on your iPhone. Using it you can easily and neatly organize your Photo collection.

  • Remove duplicate selfies
    & organize photo library
  • Recover valuable storage
    space on your iPhone
  • Get rid of similar
    and identical selfies
Delete similar selfie

About Similar Selfie Fixer

With Similar Selfie Fixer installed on your iPhone you can deal with running out of storage space issue. This app quickly searches for identical and similar looking selfies that take up unnecessary storage space. Alongside it groups similar photos and lets you preview the identical photos found in scan before you decide to delete them. Moreover, Similar Selfie Fixer offers options like Auto Mark, Rescan, UnMark All. Auto Mark will help you keep the best photo by marking the unneeded ones.

Different Matching Levels

Different Matching Levels

Similar Selfie Fixer offers three different matching levels for easy scanning

Preview Scanned Photos

Preview Scanned Photos

Preview similar and identical photos found in scan before you delete them

Key Features

Similar Photos Fixer scans and removes duplicate photos from your iPhone in couple of minutes. Using this app, you can restore a huge amount of storage space occupied by similar selfies and photos.

Amazing Key Features

Organized Library

Gives you organized and duplicate free photo collection in a few clicks.

Recover Free Space

Recover Free Space

Restores good amount of storage space by removing duplicate photos and selfies.

Remove Similar and Identical Selfies

Remove Similar and Identical Selfies

Efficiently scans and removes both similar and identical selfies from your iPhone.

Easy Duplicate Search and Removal

Easy Duplicate Search and Removal

Identifies and groups detected duplicate selfies, so you can delete them easily.

Remove duplicate selfie

Why choose Similar Selfie Fixer?

Similar Selfie Fixer is a powerful tool that offers three different matching levels: Normal, Aggressive, Custom to search for Similar Selfies. To use the app, you simply need to launch it, select the matching level, and tap on Search Similar Selfies. The app will search for duplicate images in a few seconds. Moreover, it will group them and will show a preview so that you can decide whether to delete them or not.

Similar selfie fixer - systweak software

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Similar Selfie Fixer can recover valuable storage space on your iPhone by scanning and deleting similar selfies and duplicates.

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Similar Selfie Fixer
Get rid of similar selfies in a single tap

Similar Selfie Fixer helps remove multiple copies of identical and similar looking selfies thereby resulting in organized and duplicate free image gallery.

Similar Selfie Fixer

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