Message To Unknown Number Send WhatsApp Messages to an unsaved number

A straightforward and reliable workaround to send messages or talk with individuals whose phone numbers aren’t saved in the address book.

  • Send messages without saving a number Send messages
    without saving a number
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  • Send WhatsApp Messages from Call Logs Send WhatsApp Messages
    from Call Logs
Message To Unknown Number

Message to Unknown Number

Anyone who uses WhatsApp understands that they can't send messages or call people over WhatsApp unless their phone numbers are saved in the contact list. However, adding every number to the phonebook merely clutters it & if you need to contact a business or service provider for a one-time interaction, then doing so makes no sense. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: Message to Unknown Number app available on the Google Play Store allows you to send messages to individuals who aren't stored in your contact list. Yes, 'Message To Unknown Number' is your go-to solution to connect with unsaved numbers over WhatsApp.

Easy To Use Interface

Easy To Use Interface

Anyone can easily use the app without any hassle.

Send Texts to Anyone

Send Texts to Anyone

In two taps, send WhatsApp messages to unknown numbers.

Exceptional Features

With the help of Message to Unknown Number, start a conversation, send WhatsApp messages directly from the call log & connect with anyone without even saving their phone number in your phone's address book.

Chat With Unsaved Numbers

Chat With Unsaved Numbers

Safely send WhatsApp messages to any phone number without saving their contact number in the phonebook.

Send Messages From Call Logs

Send Messages From Call Logs

There is no need to enter a number in the Message to Unknown Number app; directly send messages from call logs.

Create Default Message

Create Default Message

Set a default message to introduce yourself to unsaved numbers and start communicating with them.

The perfect solution

The perfect solution

A legit solution to send messages to unknown numbers without creating a link or following other tricks.

Message To Unknown Number
Message To Unknown Number

How Message To Unknown Number App Works?

1 Message To Unknown Number
Download The App

Install the app from Google Play Store and tap Open to launch Message to Unknown Number on your Android smartphone.

2 Message To Unknown Number
Type Phone Number

To start sending messages, select the country code from the list followed by the phone number you want to communicate with.

3 Message To Unknown Number
Send Message to Unknown Number

Once the number is entered, either use the default message or create a message and tap Send Message to proceed.

Gallery - App Screenshots

Message to Unknown Number is the ultimate solution to send a WhatApp text to someone without saving their number in the phone book.

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Message To Unknown Number
Message To Unknown Number
Instantly send a message to any number without saving it in the phonebook

An intuitive workaround to send messages using your favorite WhatsApp messenger without saving numbers in the contact list.

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