Check Data Usage Monitor and Limit Data Usage

Check Data Usage is a handy application that helps monitor data usage on your smartphone. This app helps keep track of your mobile and Internet data usage.

  • Set Data Plan to
    monitor usage
  • Clean Cache to
    boost phone speed
  • Boost RAM to
    increase performance
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Check Data Usage

Check Data Usage is a simple to use data monitoring app that helps users keep tabs on data usage and set limits. This app alerts you when the set limit is been surpassed so that you can use mobile/network data intelligently. Using the app is simple, install it, set the daily limit and get notified when you exceed set data limit. Moreover, Check Data Usage even helps boost phone speed as it helps clean cache and RAM. You can even customize the settings to ensure it works as you want.

All in One app

All in One app

This app helps manage mobile data and device memory.

User Friendly

User Friendly

In a single tap monitor your Wi-Fi and Mobile data usage.

Key Features

Check Data Usage is a nifty app that helps keep a close tab on data usage. This app manages and tracks data usage and even sends alerts when set limit is bypassed.

Set Data Plan

Set daily usage limit & avoid overusing your cell phone data.

Optimized Internet

Helps free up memory from unused app to boost phone speed.

Clean Cache

Get rid of cache in just a tap to increase phone speed.

Boost Phone RAM

In a single tap optimize RAM to enhance phone performance.

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Why choose Check Data Usage?

Check Data Usage helps know which apps consume most of the data so that you can save your phone’s battery and money.
This app even displays data used by apps, data usage history so that you can efficiently manage data usage and keep phone performance boosted. Check Data Usage is an all in one data monitoring app that keeps data usage and phone memory in balance so that you can have an optimized phone.

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Check Data Usage is an expert that knows how to manage data usage and maintain device health without comprising Internet speed.

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Check Data Usage
Available for Android devices

An all in one app that knows managing data usage, cleaning cache and optimizing RAM is important to speed up phone performance.

Check Data Usage

Requires Android 4.0 and up