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Steps to install Photo Organizer
Download Photo Organizer
Launch the application setup file.
Follow the setup wizard.

What is Photo Organizer?

Photo Organizer is a one-stop tool that will neatly optimize and arrange all image files on your computer in just a few clicks, and recover significant disk space by removing copies.


Quick Overview:

  • Scan entire system or just a single folder for image files.
  • Arrange images in subfolders based on date taken, time and camera model.
  • Change Date Taken format directly from Photo Organizer interface.
  • Batch rename photos with prefix, number, Date Taken and camera model.
  • Choose whether to move all organized photos or simply copy them to the specified location.
  • Duplicate images can either be left in source folder or be deleted from system.
  • Exclude specific photos and folders from being scanned.
  • Only scan images of certain size by specifying minimum file size.
  • Once organized, export selected images or folders directly to external device.
  • Revert organized photos to their previous state with a single click if you’re not satisfied with results.