When you click photos in low light conditions or with a not so great camera, the clarity of the captured images is usually ruined by tiny speckles, normally referred to as Noise. You can reduce this noise in photos with our newest photo noise reduction app, Noise Reducer Pro. It removes digital noise from photos and makes them spotless without sacrificing their details. Let our app work its magic and see the results!

Amazing Features

Remove digital noise from your photos to make them flawless

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Smart Noise Reduction

Uses a quick & smart noise reduction technique that removes unwanted pixels from your photos to make them clear & a treat to the eyes.

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Real Time Comparison

Once the image has been de-noised, an intuitive comparison pane appears that exhibits the difference between the original & de-noised image.

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One-Tap Noise Fixer

Allows you to remove noise from your favorite photos with one tap from the available presets. It’s as fast as a camera click!

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Smooth Panel

After removing noise, all you need is to smoothen your photo. Simply adjust the “smooth” panel to make it perfectly s-p-o-t-l-e-s-s.

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Dynamic Noise-Adjuster

Fine tune your results on the go with the custom noise adjuster or with Light or Medium level.

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Snap & De-noise

With the inbuilt camera option provided in the app, capture a photo and eliminate noise with a tap.

Why Noise Reducer Pro?

  • Gives a pixel perfect image
  • Removes noise & makes the picture crystal clear
  • Overall photo enhancer
  • Uses smart noise reduction technique
  • Minutest details recovered
  • It’s FREE!

What Our Users Say

Our users have used this app and are happy with its amazing results it delivers

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Noise Reducer Pro removes digital noise from grainy pictures and smoothens them to make them spotless while preserving detail. Blurry & noisy photos are brought to life with this smart app, without adding effects. It’s so magical!