Smart Mac Care - New

Smart Mac Care is a cleaning and optimization suite that comes in-built with a slew of features to keep your Mac junk-free and secure. Malware Scan detects and removes infectious files, while Junk Scan removes unwanted files to free up space on your Mac. Smart Mac Care also removes privacy traces to keep personal information confidential and more.

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Systweak Anti-Malware

Systweak Anti-Malware detects and removes malware from your Mac with ease. Just like Windows PC’s, Mac’s are also susceptible to malware attacks; so, it’s important to keep up on basic security. This cutting-edge product will not only remove malware infections but will also secure your Mac against potential threats.

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TuneupMyMac is an easy-to-use solution to keep your Mac super-tuned. It offers the best way to clean & optimize your Mac to keep it running smooth and error free. It includes essential tools to scan and clean your Mac with a single click.

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro - #1 On App Store

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro helps you in cleaning duplicate & similar photos hiding in your Mac. What's more, it also removes duplicates videos, resulting in a trim & organized media collection. You don't have to sift through thousands of photos and videos manually. This app intelligently scans & helps you clean detected duplicates in a flash.

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Startup Manager - New

Speed up your slow Mac startup by finding unwanted startup items, browser extensions, custom login, vulnerable files and plugins. This tool displays non apple apps that slow down Mac’s performance and hog system memory. Moreover, it disables auto start programs and checks for security risk level for startup items that can damage Mac.

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Tweak Photos

Tweak Photos helps you edit hundreds of photos in a few clicks. You can add effects, layers, color filters, frames, watermark and lot more to a batch of images. In addition, you can also change file format, name, size of the entire batch. The app takes over the process of slow single picture editing efficiently.

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Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is an optimization suite that enhances the overall performance of your Mac. It ensures your Mac is clean, error free, optimized and running smoothly like a newly unboxed system. This app's tools locate and delete junk files to release disk space, resulting in more power and speed of your Mac.

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Duplicate Finder and Remover

Duplicate Finder and Remover identifies and removes duplicate audio files, videos, images and various other file types and documents from your Mac. This app shows you group-wise results of files hogging up space on your system and helps you to maintain them in a neat and orderly fashion.

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Noise Reducer Pro

Noise Reducer Pro removes tiny speckles, commonly known as noise, from your digital photographs with a few simple clicks. It removes noise from your grainy photos to make them visually appealing.

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Disk Analyzer Pro

With Disk Analyzer Pro, you can identify large files & folders, clean obsolete ones and de-clutter your existing data to regain precious disk space. This app gives you a detailed summary of files and folders hogging up your Mac and helps you keep it systematized and neatly arranged.

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Photos Duplicate Cleaner

Photos Duplicate Cleaner provides you an easy way of cleaning duplicate photos & videos on your Mac & its iPhoto and Photos libraries. It effectively finds unnecessary duplicates and cleans them safely in a click. It helps you save gigabytes of disk space and keeps your pictures collection organized.

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Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto

Effectively manage thousands of photos and videos on your Mac and its iPhoto & Photos libraries with Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto. This app helps you find and remove all your duplicate videos and photos, making your media collection slimmer and perfectly organized.

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Tweak and Tuneup

Tweak and Tuneup is a one-click optimization suite to enhance the performance of your Mac. It ensures your Mac is clean, error free, optimized and running smoothly like a newly unboxed system. This app's speedy tools quickly locate and delete junk files to release disk space and increase your Mac's power and speed.

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Photos Exif Editor

Photos EXIF Editor makes it possible to edit EXIF information of thousands of photos on Mac. The major functions of the app include reading and writing EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, support for various common image formats, deletion of metadata individually or of selected batch of photos, and setting photo modification/original date-time from EXIF information. It also creates automatic back up of the original metadata of the photo during the current session, and gives users the flexibility to create Presets of repetitive metadata to speed up the processing.

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Duplicate Music Fixer

Duplicate Music Fixer scans your complete system for duplicate audio files. You can also filter files by bit rate, preferred folder option, file format type & by file size. Delete all duplicate audio files in a single click. The app also helps you create playlists automatically. Avoid repetitions and enjoy your favorite songs!

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What Customers Say About Our Products

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro worked like a charm on my Mac. I was able to remove 1500 duplicates. It helped me choose the best pic out of all duplicates. It even saved me a lot of time and space. Thanks Systweak.
Francis John Garrod
I am happy with the results of Tweak & Tuneup. It helped me optimize my Mac and improved its overall performance in no time. It even helped me stay safe over the internet at all times. Very happy with this product.
Iva Zillmer
Disk Analyzer Pro is the best app that helped me analyze disk space usage on my Mac. I could easily see what's occupying so much disk space by locating large files & folders. I could then organize my files the right way.
Leon Phillips