Duplicate Music Fixer

Are duplicate files ruining your music listening experience? Is your computer running out of disk space because of identical copies of the same songs? Not anymore! With Duplicate Music Fixer, you can remove duplicate audio files from your system in no time. What’s more, you not only get a more organized music library but you will also recover gigabytes of disk space in the process!


Music at your ease

Duplicate Music Fixer smartly scans music files on your system, deletes duplicates, creates playlists and builds an organized library.


Free up disk space

Quickly identifies the best music files from the duplicates and auto-marks and deletes the rest, saving you a lot of disk space.


Eliminate Duplicates

Deletes duplicate music files in just a few clicks. Selection Assistant automatically identifies the best file to keep and deletes others which are unneeded.


Duplicate Music Fixer scans and removes duplicates audio files and gives you a clutter free system. It can also create playlists easily and quickly. You don’t need multiple variations of the same song in lower qualities. The app retains the highest quality audio file automatically and deletes the other duplicates. Download Duplicate Music Fixer today and sit back, relax and enjoy your music at your comfort.


Scan Audio Files

Duplicate Music Fixer scans your complete system for duplicate audio files. You can also filter files by bit rate, preferred folder option, file format type & by file size. Delete all duplicate audio files in a single click.


Create Playlists

The app automatically creates playlists. It’s more pleasant to listen to your own collection of songs and not having to listen to songs repetitively. Create playlists & enjoy your favorite songs at once!


Delete Duplicate Songs

Duplicate Music Fixer gets rid of duplicate music files with a few simple clicks. The Auto-mark feature helps you filter out the best file out of the duplicates automatically without any manual effort.


Duplicate Music Fixer for Mac


Duplicate Music Fixer quickly scans your entire hard drive to find duplicate files and folders on your Mac. You can then choose which duplicates to delete and free up precious disk space. Having an organized music library enhances your music listening experience multifold.

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 & above


Duplicate Music Fixer for Windows

It's easy to accumulate hundreds - or thousands - of songs on your computer's hard drive. With people sharing your home or work computer, you can expect to find a lot of duplicate audio files. Duplicate Music Fixer can keep your music collection organized and free of clutter. With just a few clicks, it can bring you peace of mind and hours of easy listening of your favorite tracks.

Compatible OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista and XP

How it Works?

Here's how easy it is to clean up your music collection in four easy steps:

  • Add Folders

    Duplicate Music Fixer can find songs in your Windows/Mac Music folder, in your iTunes music folder, or anywhere on your system. Just add the folder(s) where the app should look for duplicates.

  • Search for Duplicates

    Simply click the "Search Duplicates" button and the application will analyze your music collection and identify duplicates.

  • Create a Playlist

    Duplicate Music Fixer will identify the original and all duplicates of each song. You can also choose to create a playlist for your music collection.

  • Delete the Duplicates

    From the scan results, select the duplicate files that you want to delete. The application will remove them automatically and save you a bunch of time and disk space.