Check Data Usage Monitor and Limit Data Usage

Check Data Usage is a handy application for users who wish to save money on their mobile data. This app helps keep track of your mobile data and Wi-Fi data usage.

  • Set Data Plan to monitor usage Set Data Plan to
    monitor usage
  • Real-time mobile data speed test Real-time mobile
    data speed test
  • Notifications For Mobile Data overuse Notifications For Mobile
    Data overuse
About Check Data Usage

Check Data Usage

Check Data Usage is the ultimate data monitoring app for Android users. Our app makes it easy for the user to keep tabs on data usage and set limits. When the set limit is surpassed the app alerts users about over usage thereby helping use mobile/Wi-Fi data intelligently. By default, Check Data Usage shows a graph depicting data used by the apps. It also allows running a speed test to check the download and upload speed of mobile data and Wi-Fi networks. The tool is great for real-time tracking and staying on the alert with the data limit.

One Tap Data Monitoring

One Tap Data Monitoring

In a single tap monitor your Wi-Fi and Mobile data usage.

Real-Time Data Graphs

Real-Time Data Graphs

The app automatically measures data consumed by apps.

Amazing Key Features

Check Data Usage is the best app to take control of mobile and Wi-Fi data usage. Using it you can set a data limit and get alerts before you run out of data or get charged unnecessarily. With it, you can also monitor data usage for each app.

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Know what apps are using the most data and avoid being overcharged for mobile data over usage.

Check Wi-Fi Data Usage

Check Wi-Fi Data Usage

Monitor Wi-Fi data consumption and get alerts before you run out of the data you paid for.

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Measure internet speed performance by running the speed test for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Set Your Data Plan

Set Your Data Plan

Use your mobile data efficiently to get most out of it and save money that you spend needlessly.

Amazing Key Features
How Check Data Usage Works?

How Check Data Usage Works?

Here are some easy steps to use it:

1 Download Check Data Usage App
Download Check Data Usage App

Head to Google Play Store to get the app or click GET IT ON Google Play button on the website. Tap Install > Open.

2 Monitor Your Data Usage
Monitor Your Data Usage

Once you have the app tap Plan tab > Set Data Plan. Here, next to Plan validity mention days, Data Limit, and Starting date.

3 Run Internet Speed Test
Run Internet Speed Test

Next, to check the internet speed tap Speed tab > Run Speed Test. Wait for the process to complete. You will now see upload and download speed.

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Check Data Usage is an excellent app that knows how to manage mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption thereby helping to use data plan logically.

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Check Data Usage
Nifty Data Monitoring App

Check Data Usage helps manage and keep data usage under the limit. Using it you can see the list of apps using most of the mobile and Wi-Fi data.

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Requires Android 6.0 and up

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