How to Remove Duplicate EML Files on a Windows PC

How to remove duplicate eml files on windows

A professional email service may gather duplicate EML files on your PC. These files are copies of the emails you receive, send, or save as drafts. Services like Outlook and Thunderbird are great email clients using EML files. 

Usually operated by corporate employees as internal mail clients, these services allow saving emails on PC. However, when there are multiple copies of emails, they take up unnecessary storage space. Therefore, removing duplicate EML files on Windows is essential. Doing so helps eradicate and refine your emails and also assists in keeping PC storage optimized. Scanning PC for copies of EML files is a great idea for those who use such services. 

This post lets you quickly look at ways to remove duplicate EML files from your PC.

Why Remove Duplicate EML Files?

Removing duplicate emails is not a standard and regular practice. However, to avoid email confusion and maximize the available space and bandwidth, you should clear them.

Besides this, other crucial factors make removing duplicate EML files worthwhile- 

  1. Removing duplicate EMLs reduces the overall backup size for your email client.
  2. Fewer duplicates on your email mean a clearer and optimized version of your emails, reducing confusion. 
  3. Removing duplicate files keeps storage usage limited. 
  4. Considering you save your backups on a cloud wiping Eml files helps reduce cloud usage. A backup with no duplicates takes less space & can be easily managed. 

Besides these, removing duplicate EML files helps create a neat and sorted user experience when using email clients. 

Best Way to Remove Duplicate EML Files on Windows

If you are struggling with too many EML files, you might have already looked for ways to remove them. Sadly, there are no internal ways to do it, as sorting emails based on their headers and subject line hardly works.

The best way to handle your extensive collection of duplicate EML files is to use a third-party duplicate files remover tool. 

Duplicate Files Fixer is a unique duplicate files finder tool by Systweak Software that allows you to search for duplicate EML files on your PC!

That’s right; you no longer have to look for ways, as Duplicate Files Fixer can help remove EML files quickly. Here’s how it works – 

  • Download the Application Setup to install it on your PC.
  • Run the application to find a simple UI with all the available options.Duplicate Files Fixer
  • Choose EML mode from the scan mode dropdown and select the folder where your EMLs are stored. choose eml scan mode
  • Start the scan for duplicates. The Duplicate Files Fixer algorithm will look for files on your PC, compare them, and group them for your review.
  • As soon as the scan is over, you can move on to find the results. Since the EML files are in thousands, manually reviewing each group can be tricky. The best way is to use an auto mark.
  • Let the auto-mark select your files properly. You should glance at the selected files and remove duplicate EML files with a click!

It’s this simple! Your investment in one such tool is worth it. Not only do you have an easy way to remove duplicate EML files, but you can also actually use the Duplicate Files Fixer to remove any type of duplicate file on your PC.

Remove EML Files to Keep Your Inbox Sorted!

Cleaning duplicate EML files is crucial to keep your experience sorted. Internal email clients for personal use often take up your precious storage space. The ideal way to handle the situation is by keeping your emails duplicate-free. 

If your PC has duplicate EML files, use Duplicate Files Fixer. Try it yourself and leave a line down about your experience with the tool. 

That’s all for this post. Good luck!

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