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Dealing with duplicate files on your PC can be tricky as manually sorting through multiple copies of the same file make distinguishing duplicate from original difficult. Also, no one has the time to sift through the files one by one and delete them.

Then what can be done to get rid of duplicate files? Is there some tool or easy way to handle duplicate files? Yes, multiple duplicate file finders have been introduced in the market for this purpose, and one such tool is the Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software. The tool works on Windows, macOS, and Android, offering different scanning modes and customizable settings to scan duplicate files.

This detailed review will explain everything about Duplicate Files Fixer, including its pros and cons, features, pricing, etc. So, if you are looking for a tool that simplifies eliminating duplicate files from your PC, this is a must-read.

Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows – An Overview

Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows is a dedicated and ultimate solution to all the problems caused by duplicate files. The software provides users an easy and sorted way to find and remove duplicate files from different devices. With its help, you can find and delete duplicates from your PC, mobile, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Moreover, you can scan and delete empty folders and perform scanning for duplicate emails.

Duplicate Files Fixer_Scan modeAlso, the tool scans for RAW photos. However, Duplicate Files Fixer asks you to download an additional component to preview them. This is safe, as I installed it and could preview the RAW photos too.



To use it, you need a high-end PC as it runs on a PC with the usual configuration as listed below:

Tool Specifications & System Requirements:

Publisher Systweak Software
Website Duplicate Files Fixer
Latest Version

Money-Back Guarantee

License Type



Setup Size

60 days

Single User




Minimum Req. Hard Disk Space 35.7 MB
Required RAM 512 MB
Processor 16 MB
Compatibility Architecture Both 64Bit (x64) and 32Bit (X86)
Free Trial Available with Limited functionality
Supported OS Versions Windows – 11, 10, 8.1, 8 & 7 (32 and 64-bit)
Training No Training required
Support Email, FAQ, and Video tutorial

Issues You Can Fix Using Duplicate Files Fixer

The idea behind the duplicate file remover is simple, without having to spend hours to find, select, and delete duplicates manually, you can do it automatically with this tool.

Duplicate files seem harmless. However, users have faced multiple problems over the years because of them. Here is a list of common problems –

  • Storage space issues on the hard disk and cloud storage.
  • Cluttered File Explorer, which makes browsing through files difficult.
  • Users accidentally edit incorrect audio, video, and image files.
  • Often duplicate files are the reason behind malware attacks. More duplicate files you have on your PC, the higher the risk of losing the original files.
  • Creating a backup takes double the time it should be due to duplicates.
  • Cause PC to slow down.
  • Removing duplicate files on your Windows PC is time-consuming and troublesome for the user.

Luckily, you can deal with these issues by using this duplicate files finder without having to go through each file individually. All you have to do is install and run the tool on your PC, & it will take care of the rest.

Download Duplicate Files Fixer

The tool is extremely user-friendly and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever. The best part is it has some amazing features.

Top Features of Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows

  • Automatic Identification of Duplicate Files
  • Different scanning options – Full & Custom
  • Scans External Devices for Duplicate Files
  • Smart & Thorough Scanning for In-Depth Results
  • Dedicated File/Folder Excluder
  • Supports 6 Dedicated Modes —
    – Scan Computer
    – Scan Google Drive
    – Scan Dropbox
    – Mobile SmartScan
    – Delete Empty Folders
    – EML Scan Mode
  • Preview scan results
  • Automark duplicates

These features make the tool a complete package for everyone.

What do Users Have to Say?







Duplicate Files Fixer – How it Works?

Looking at the number of features offered at the price point, I was skeptical whether the tool was effective or just an on-paper gimmick. After using it for 6 months, I can surely say that the tool excels in every feature it boasts and can greatly assist those troubled by duplicate files on their PC.

Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows is super-easy to work with and has all the features lined up, so the user has no trouble finding them. To understand the duplicate file remover better, look at the tool’s home screen.

Duplicate Files Fixer

The tool offers different ways to scan your PC. You can drag and drop files, exclude folders, get the information related to the last scans, the total duplicate files found, and the space you can save. Also, you can decide what type of scan you want to perform, Custom or for all file types simultaneously.

To give you a perspective, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how the tool works –

Step 1 – Download and install the tool using the download button on your PC.

Step 2 – Open the software interface and choose the destination to scan for duplicate files. You can mention the folders in the path or drag and drop them. You can also choose cloud platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox to search for duplicates.

DFF_Home Screen
Step 3 – Click on Scan for Duplicates. This will initiate the scan right away. The scan may take time, depending on the number and size of your chosen files.

Duplicate Files Fixer folder scan
Step 4 – Once the scan is complete, you get two options – Select Manually and Auto Mark. To select duplicates, automatically leaving one in each group unmarked, click on Auto Mark. This allows you to keep one copy safe.

DFF_scan result

Step 5 – Duplicates will now be auto-marked, and you will see a summary of file types and space that will be saved in the right pane. Review the list and click Delete Marked to proceed.


Note – If a file you don’t want to delete is selected, you can deselect it. Also, using Unmark all feature, you can deselect all selected files. In addition to this, you can customize Auto mark settings by clicking on Selection Assistant.

DFF_Selection Assistant

Step 6 – You will now get a confirmation. Click Yes to proceed.

DFF_cleaning confirmationOnce this is done, you will see the summary of the action performed.
DFF_cleaning summary

With these 6 simple steps, you can eliminate all the duplicate files on your PC. Using the tool does not require technical knowledge, as all the steps are mentioned on the screen. That makes the tool handy for all types of users.

Duplicate Files Fixer – Pros & Cons

Now that you know what the tool is, how it works, and what it costs, let’s take the review up a notch and address the pros and cons of Duplicate Files Fixer.

Pros Cons
Automated Process requires minimal technical expertise. Limited functionality in the trial period.
Allows you to preview files before removing them. No auto-detect feature for duplicate file creation; you have to scan the PC every 10-15 days to clean duplicate files.
It helps recover unnecessarily blocked storage space.
Works on both offline and online data.
It does not require any network for scanning duplicate files on a PC.

The number of pros and cons clear the overall review of the tool. In my experience of using the Duplicate Files Fixer, this is the best tool you can find for the price. From the user experience to the tool’s effectiveness, Systweak Software has ensured that the Duplicate Files Fixer serves its purpose for the user.

Along with the sheer productive functionality that the tool offers, you get many added after-service perks with the application –

Other Benefits

  • Dedicated Support – The software is well-designed and bug-free. However, if you face any issues setting it up or have lost your activation key, there is a dedicated form to access customer support. Log on here and send in your issue. The support executives are prompt and will reach out to you soon.
  • Regular Updates – Duplicate Files Fixer and all the other software developed by Systweak Software get regular bug fixes and updates. You can rely on the software to work efficiently. Moreover, new features and optimized functionalities are rolled out from time to time.
  • Added Offers & Discounts – If you want to buy the product, you can avail of offers like special discounted pricing, bundle offers, etc. I got my Duplicate File Fixer subscription at a reasonable price, which made my experience a little more enjoyable.

Duplicate Files Fixer Review Final Verdict – My Opinion

Duplicate files on a PC might seem harmful but can cause severe issues. After using Duplicate Files Fixer and cleaning duplicates, I can confidently say that it is one of the most convenient ways to find, fetch, and remove duplicate files.

The price that it is available for is justified by the features that it offers. If you want to keep your PC free of duplicate files and your storage clean, Duplicate File Fixer is the software to choose from. Thousands of users have shown their trust, and they are not wrong, considering my experience with the tool.

Overall, the tool gets a complete 5 stars from my end. Kudos to the developers who created something so refined. I loved using the software as it helped me recover storage and made my PC faster. Download the tool today, and I assure you will not regret it.

That’s all for this review of Duplicate Files Fixer. Leave a line in the comments section and let me know which tool you want me to review next.

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