How to Fix Duplicate Save File Issue in Elden Ring


Saving files is crucial for every game that you play on a PC. If you play Elden Ring, you know how important it is to save your progress before quitting the game. These files save the game at the current status and remind the game about where you were as soon as the game is launched. However, several users have suffered issues in playing games due to duplicate save file issues in the Elden Ring. 

What is this issue? How does it appear? And more importantly, what can be done about it? These are some basic but crucial questions we will answer by the end of this post. 

Duplicate Save File Issue in Elden Ring: What is It?

The error usually appears when there are two or more save files for the game on your PC. Elden Ring uses a save file stored in your Documents library as the ultimate file to fetch the current progress of your game. If this file is unavailable, the game will keep loading from the beginning every time you launch. 

On the other hand, if there are duplicate game files, and only one is loaded at a time, you may lose your progress when you start the game next. That is because if there are duplicate files, there is a high chance that the game will get confused while using a save file to initiate the game. Having multiple game files that are the same can be troublesome for the game to identify the last saved configuration.

Having duplicate save files on Elden Ring or any game for that reason can hamper your gaming experience.

Why Does the Duplicate Save File Issue in Elden Ring Appear?

It is usually not about the game but the OS and other factors that cause the duplicate save file issue on Windows. Every game that uses a game file may face a similar problem if you have duplicate save files for it. It is like creating two sources for a single destination. Either one will take you on the journey, but if you choose a different one in your next leg, you will have to start from the previous point. 

The error is clear; it appears because of the duplicate save files that exist for Elden Ring. What we should pay attention to is how these duplicates come into existence. Well, here are some possible reasons  – 

  1. Moving your documents to create a backup can often result in the creation of another saved file. 
  2. Having a virus attack that causes duplication of files unknowingly.
  3. Running your game as soon as you install it and bringing your previous backup file into the existing documents folder can cause a similar problem. 

Duplicate Save Files Issue in Elden Ring: What Can Be Done?

Now that we have understood the issue, it is clear that unnecessary file duplication is the root cause of your issue. Hence, the solution is to eliminate the duplicate files and ensure that they do not reappear. 

Here are the fixes that can help you out – 

Fix 1 – Manually Find and Delete the Game File

As mentioned above, the game files you save usually exist in the Documents library of your PC. You may simply navigate to the documents folder, spot your Elden Rings folder inside it, and check if there are duplicate game files. 

In case you are unable to find the game files in the Documents folder, you may use the following path in the address bar of your Windows Explorer to open the folder – 


Windows Explore address bar

Please note that the file uses the extension .sl2. Simply open the above folder, and you may find the files. If you find a file with the same name and extension, that is your duplicate. Simply cut and paste one of them to your desktop for safekeeping, as you cannot just directly delete them. 

Launch the game to check from where it loads. If it works fine with the existing game file in the folder, simply go to your desktop and delete the duplicate file. However, if you find that the one you left in the folder is actually behind in progress, simply swap the places and do the needful.

Fix 2 – Get Rid of the Duplicate File Automatically

Another recommended way to eliminate the duplicate save file on Elden Ring is to use a dedicated tool that removes the duplicate file in minutes. You do not have to navigate through folders to find the file, nor do you need to check which file to delete. The tool automatically finds the file, compares it to the original, and shows you the comparison to make a decision. 

We recommend using Duplicate Files Fixer to get rid of such files. If your PC is affected by a virus attack or other issues, there are high chances of multiple duplicates, and the error is not limited to Elden Ring. 

Simply download the Duplicate Files Fixer and run it step by step to finish the process – 

Step 1 – Launch the application and select the folders to scan for duplicates. You can also drag and drop folders into the tool.

Step 2 – Click on Scan for Duplicates after choosing the folder.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Step 3 -Let the scan run, and it will analyze the files that exist for duplication.
Step 4 – After finding the files, you can easily compare them manually and check which file to keep. If the number of files is higher, you can use auto mark for the tool to select the files for removal automatically.


Step 5 – Click on Delete marked and finish the process. 

After running the tool, launch the Elden Ring, and you may find that the duplicate save file issue no longer exists. 

We highly recommend that you run a quick defender scan on your PC or run a virus scan if you use a dedicated antivirus program, as removal of the virus is equally crucial. 

With the help of these fixes, you can get rid of the Duplicate Save File issue in Elden Ring. Hope this post helps you out. Let us know if you face any errors in running the steps for the same. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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