5 Common VPN Myths Debunked!

5 Common VPN Myths Debunked!

With the regional differences in online content, privacy concerns, and geo-restrictions, using a VPN has become common. Every user tends to use it to gain access to the content they cannot use or hide digital footprints. A VPN helps unlock many things online, and while it does that, it also enables you to keep your identity anonymous. 

With the development of accessible VPN services like Systweak VPN and others, any user can use it irrespective of their technical abilities. But when it comes to being knowledgeable about the use of VPN and what it does, many things need to be clarified. 

This post addresses 5 of the most common myths and misconceptions that you might have about using a VPN. We will also clear the water for what a perfect VPN can do and what is out of its reach. 

5 Misconceptions About A VPN That Need to Be Cleared!

We are all aware of what a VPN is capable of. It helps maintain anonymity online; assists in gaining access to content from different regions. Most importantly can hide the IP from unnecessary exploiters and whatnot. 

What about what it can do? Can you use a VPN to increase your internet speed? Can you keep yourself safe from cyber-attacks? The list of myths and features often collide.

Let’s debunk 5 of the most common myths about using a VPN. 

Myth 1 – It Can Affect Your Internet Speed

The internet is divided into two groups regarding VPN and its connection with the internet speed. Some believe that using a VPN can help gain better internet speeds due to less traffic on their servers, while some find it degrading.  vpn can affect internet speedWell, a VPN hardly affects your internet speed and has no impact on higher or lower internet speeds. If you may experience a lower speed, that too when you are using a VPN, it is due to overloaded servers. These are usually free VPN services affecting the internet surfing speed.

Myth 2 – VPN Can Keep You Safe from Cyber Attacks

That is not true. A good VPN service can help you stay anonymous and minimize identity theft online. However, it does not help detect online ransomware and hacks. vpn safe from cyber attackAlways remember that using a VPN is a part of a complete cyber security strategy and can not handle everything independently. A VPN can automatically keep your personal information from being poached by any website. However, if you give up your identity or enter the region from where you belong, there’s nothing it can do.

Always keep in mind when you want to keep yourself safe from any online mishap, VPN will be a part of the strategy that you implement, not the entire strategy!

Myth 3 – There are No Differences between a Free VPN & a Paid one.

Those planning to migrate towards a VPN for personal use often look for free VPNs. While it may help save a few bucks, they are compromising on their data because there’s nothing as a free lunch. 

Free VPNs stores your data. While it is not being exposed online, it is undoubtedly being sold to the highest bidder, which is nothing better, if not worse.  Always invest in paid VPNs as you get complete infrastructure and zero-logging policies like Systweak VPN. free vpn & paid vpnNot to mention, free VPN providers have limited open servers, no infrastructure to support your browsing experience, and hardly a cyber security mechanism is in place. Don’t make your personal information a form of business for a company in exchange for free VPN services. Think about it!

Myth 4 – You Need a Proper Setup to Use a VPN

Thanks to all the techies and Hollywood, setting up a VPN is considered a lot of effort and task. It is also why many users prefer to use a VPN on their PC. To debunk this myth, there is no need to set up a manual VPN anymore.

Sure there was a time when you had to play around with network settings to set up a proxy network on your PC. However, today things have changed. Now using the software, you can set up a VPN. 

The best example of one such application is the Systweak VPN. All you have to do is 

  • Download the application 
  • Install it on your computer
  • Choose a server if you want to access a dedicated region 
  • Establish a connection instantly! 

To learn more about Systweak VPN, click here!

Myth 5 – Using a VPN is Illegal

Since VPN promises anonymity online, many users distance themselves from using it. Because of this misconception, VPNs are used majorly by hackers and cybercriminals. VPN is IllegalThe core reason behind this myth is related to users’ awareness. According to a user, there is no need to hide anything if you are not doing anything wrong. That is not the case with using a VPN. Here is a list of users who may benefit from using a VPN.

  1. International students who need access to libraries from other countries to study and prepare notes.
  2. Traders and corporate employees transmit confidential data now and then.
  3. Users who enjoy consuming content from other countries can not access websites due to regional restrictions.
  4. Users primarily use public networks to access the internet.
  5. Users are looking to keep their information safe and secure.

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Usually, whenever an individual visits a website for the first time, there should be a filter that keeps her identity safe. If the website is reliable, there’s no issue; however, the internet is full of fallacies, and thus, there is nothing you can do to be on the safer side. 

Using a VPN Made Easy!

Forget about the misconceptions, and try using a VPN yourself. You should rely on a trusted VPN than on free services. However, it can be an excellent way to check the potential of using a VPN. 

Instead, you can go for something affordable and reliable like Systweak VPN. After reading this post, I hope all your misconceptions and myths about using a VPN were cleared. 

That’s all for this post. Catch you at the next one! Peace.

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