How To Easily Delete Duplicates From Windows 10


Duplicate files are nothing more than space-hogging items that clutter the hard disk and slow down the PC’s performance. Moreover, when it comes to finding and removing duplicate files, things get challenging because confirming the right version to delete manually is not easy. This is when tools like Duplicate File Fixer can help clean duplicates come into play.

Important : Windows 10 does not include a duplicate file remover tool. Therefore, to remove duplicate files, photos that occupy unnecessary space, you need the best and easy duplicate file cleaner software.

Why is Finding Duplicates Manually Difficult?

Unless you know what to find and where to look, it’s difficult. The same is true for duplicate files saved on your PC. You can use Windows Explorer to search for duplicate files, but which is the exact copy? How will you know that?

In such a situation, using duplicate cleaner software that can quickly and easily find duplicate files on Windows 10 is the best solution.

Issues Caused Due to Duplicate Files

  • Duplicate files increase hard disk fragmentation.
  • Occupies unwanted storage space.
  • Slows down PC’s performance.
  • Cluttered system
  • Make identifying important files impossible.
  • Duplicate files reduce the storage capacity of the hard disk.

Due to this, we need a duplicate file finder tool for Windows 10.

Systweak’s Duplicate Files Fixer

Designed for Windows 10 and older version Duplicate Files Fixer is a professional duplicate file detection tool, using which you can locate and remove identical files from Windows and Google Drive.

DFF Scan

Not only this, but you can also exclude files and folders from being scanned; customize settings to secure files from being deleted, and more.

Does all this sound interesting?

Well, if that is the case read this post till the end. Here we will explain more about this duplicate cleaner and how to use this duplicate file finder on Windows 10.

Find and Delete Duplicates from PC and Google Drive the Easy Way with Duplicate Files Fixer

If you are bothered by duplicate photos and files and are serious about identifying and removing them, try Duplicate Files Fixer – the best duplicate file remover for Windows 10. Though not free to use, you get a free trial to use and test this fast duplicate file finder. And of course, it is thoroughly tested, does not contain any malware and is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

Why Remove Duplicate Files from Google Drive?

Duplicate files as we all know, waste quite a bit of storage space. Hence, if you don’t want to upgrade the free Google account and use 15GB of Free storage space, removing duplicates from Google Drive is the right decision.

Besides this, removing duplicate data from Google Drive using a fast duplicate file finder will also save time and will help in better data organization. Nonetheless, cleaning duplicates using Drive on Windows 10 using duplicate file remover will help save bandwidth consumed in synchronizing data.

Are these reasons enough to remove duplicates? Yes, then what are you waiting for? Let’s learn about the best duplicate cleaner for Windows.

Duplicate Files Fixer – The Best & Easy Duplicate Finder to Remove Duplicates

Unlike other duplicate file remover software, Duplicate Files Fixer is easy to use, and it offers tips that help learn about the product’s features. With a modern user interface and features like built-in preview, categorized scan results, option to scan Google Drive and PC for duplicates, and more it can be used by anyone.

This application has intelligent default settings, and it provides a drag and drop feature to add folders to scan for duplicates – videos, audio files, image files, and more. You can easily decide whether you want to scan Google Drive or PC for duplicates. Once the scan area and folder are selected, you can perform the scan. Thereafter, you can see a list of identified duplicates and preview files to decide which to keep and to delete.

Using Duplicate Files Fixer is a three-step process. This infers downloading and installing duplicate file finder and remover is easy. Add folder to scan > perform the scan and eliminate detected duplicates.

Since you can clean duplicates effortlessly this doesn’t mean Duplicate Files Fixer is basic. You can always head to products settings and use the additional features like –

  • Selection Assistant
  • Exclusion list
  • Protected folder list

Most importantly, if you run out of space on Google Drive, you can use this best duplicate finder there too.

Hit the button to download this incredible duplicate remover and remove duplicate photos, files from your Windows.

Benefits of Using Duplicate Files Fixer – Best Duplicate File Remover Windows 10

DFF Options

  • Identifies duplicates stored on PC and Google Drive
  • No need to download files to remove duplicates from Google Drive.
  • Eliminates duplicate photos, audio, video, document, and other files.
  • Frees up valuable storage space from PC and Google Drive
  • Work seamlessly with all Windows, Mac & Android.

How to use Duplicate Files Fixer to clean duplicates from Windows 10?

1. Download and install Duplicate Files Fixer

2. Run the duplicate finder.

3. Make sure Scan Computer is select under Scan Mode

Duplicate Files Fixer

4. Drag and drop folder to scan or click Add Folder.

Duplicate Files Fixer scan

5. Hit Scan for duplicates to quickly detect identical files.

6. Wait for the scan to finish

DFF Scan Finish

7. Preview files before deleting duplicates.

duplicate found

8. Use the Automark feature to automatically select and detect duplicates leaving one in each group unmarked.

auto mark option

9. Choose from the list of options to auto mark detected duplicates

Choose auto mark

10. Click Delete Marked.

11. Confirm the action by clicking Yes.

Delete duplicate

12. Wait for the process to finish.

13. Once done, you will get a summary of the action performed.

delete duplicate successfully

14. You can clean duplicates and reclaim storage space on your PC.

How To use Duplicate Files Fixer to Clean Duplicates from Google Drive?

1. Download and install Duplicate Files Fixer

2. Run the duplicate finder > click the down arrow next to Scan mode and select Scan Google Drive.

scan for duplicate

3. Sign in to your Gmail account to access Google Drive.

choose account

4. Click Allow to grant file access permission to Duplicate Files Fixer

grant access

5. Confirm the action by clicking Allow

conform your choices

6. Thereafter, head to Duplicate Files Fixer and click Add Folder.

7. You will now get a new pop-up window. Click Refresh to get a list of folders stored on your Google Drive.

scan process

8. Select the folder to scan and hit Ok.

drive scan

9. This will add the selected folder to Duplicate Files Fixer > click Scan for Duplicates and wait for the scan to finish.

file scan completed

10. You will now get a list of scanned duplicates. Click the arrow to expand grouped results. On the right, you will see Summary information about the percentage of duplicate documents, images, music, video, and other files.

duplicate file found

11. Preview detected duplicates.

mark on delete

12. Use Automark to select duplicates automatically leaving one copy in each group unmarked.

dff auto mark

Note : Using the Selection Assistant you can change the Automark priority. To access Selection Assistant, click the magic wand icon next to the Selection Assistant option.

selection assistant

In addition to this, you can click the tool icon to add additional options like :

  • Invert marked files.
  • Delete Selected
  • Merge these Groups.
  • Export Duplicate List
  • Clear Cache and more.

auto mark enable

13. That’s it. You will now have duplicate free cloud storage.

Configuring Search Options

1. Launch Duplicate Files Fixer

2. Click the gear icon present at the top right corner.

3. Select the Search Option from the left

4. Under Additional Options, select the search criteria for which you want to detect duplicates.

DFF setting

Change product language and settings

1. Launch Duplicate Files Fixer

2. Click the gear icon present at the top right corner

3. Select General from the left pane

4. Under Language, setting click the down arrow next to select Language and pick the language in which you want to run the duplicate remover tool

dff setting choose

5. In addition to this, you can select the path where you want to move deleted duplicates, enable/disable tips, launch at system startup, and more.

Efficient and Accurate Way to Clean Duplicates

You can customize Duplicate Files Fixer using these settings and make it run the way you want. Systweak’s Duplicate Files Fixer is the perfect solution for finding and removing duplicate photos, documents, music, and audio files from Windows. Certainly, you can find several alternatives, but none give these many options and complete control in the hands of the user. We hope you like our guide on how to remove duplicates from Windows. Do share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section. If you have any product-related queries, please feel free to send an email to


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