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Advanced System Optimizer

No one likes using a slow and sluggish PC as it decreases productivity. But over time, its speed and performance decline as we use the system. If you can relate to what I am saying, you are at the right place.

Today, in this post, we will explain why PC cleaning software is recommended and how it helps.

Why use Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer, as the name infers, is an all-in-one system optimization tool that helps speed up, clean and protect your system from threats. Using this professional PC cleaner tool, you can recover deleted files, backup important data, update drivers, clean junk files, and much more. The tool offers different system tweaking tools that help boost system performance.

Using this amazing tool in one shot, you can fix major Windows-related problems, eliminate unwanted startup items, obsolete data, and more.

The most exciting feature of this tool is “Smart PC Care,” where you can perform basic PC cleaning tasks in just one click.Click Start Smart PC Care

Need for a PC Cleaning Software

With the increase in electronic devices, our dependency on them is increasing, making working at a snail’s pace almost unaffordable. But the decrease in the system’s performance over time is inevitable, and we end up encountering the following issues:

  • Slow and slugging PC performance.
  • Applications take a longer time to load.
  • Unresponsive s
  • Frequent system hang-ups and crashes.
  • Constant decline in systems performance.

This is when system optimization and PC cleaning software come to play. These tools are recommended for regular maintenance and to restore performance. Using them, you can keep the system in better shape and condition. If maintenance is overlooked, the intelligent machine can break down, and its recovery can become very expensive.

Besides performance-related issues, there are several occasions when we need a RAM booster, junk file cleaner, or a mechanism that helps protect the system against spyware, malware infections, and whatnot. To achieve all this, switching to resourceful settings is a must, but there is no way to detect these problems logically.

Indeed, Windows offers built-in tools to resolve common problems but for a novice, using them isn’t easy. Hence, a PC cleaner like Advanced System Optimizer is recommended. With its help, you can resolve Windows performance-related issues.

advanced system optimizer home screen

What Does Advanced System Optimizer Have to Offer?

Designed by Systweak,  Advanced System Optimizer is a professional and excellent system optimization tool. It offers a wide range of tools to enhance performance, and each category is intelligently designed. Moreover, every module is defined to perform a unique set of operations. Per the user’s requirement and preference, a suitable module can be picked and used to get the desired results.

Furthermore, the user can select from three scan types –

  • Quick Scan – as the name suggests, this scan type is quick, looking for unwanted files, cleans hidden privacy exposing traces, fixes registry issues, & optimizes the registry.
  • Deep Scan – this scan type is thorough and time-consuming. We recommend using it when the system is in an ideal state.
  • Custom Scan – gives complete control to the user. This means the user can decide which area to be scanned for errors and which to left.

In addition, it offers one-click optimization known as Smart PC Care, using which, in one click, you can fix common Windows issues.

What is Smart PC Care?

For ease of users, the Smart PC Care feature has been incorporated into Advanced System Optimizer. This means that instead of running each module individually and fixing errors one by one, you can quickly scan the system for errors in one click and wipe out all errors instantly.

To run these modules, you can select the scan type and decide what kind of scanning you want. Smart PC Care includes junk file scanning, Registry scan, disk defragmentation, privacy scan, and registry optimizer.

  • You may include or exclude modules from Smart PC Care and run any number of scans from 1 to 7 on the system simultaneously.
  • The errors detected are listed separately for each module. You can either remove all errors or delete selected errors from a group. This makes Advanced System Optimizer a smartly designed PC cleaner and optimizer for Windows.

Modules Included in Smart PC Care

  • Junk File Cleaner – Assists in cleaning accumulated junk files on the system.
  • Disk Defrag – Defrags fragmented disk for better storage efficiency.
  • System Protector – Find and delete malware and virus infection from the PC.
  • Privacy Protector – Identifies and removes all online privacy exposing traces from the system.
  • Driver Updater – Update outdated device drivers to fix any driver-related issues.
  • Registry Cleaner – Remove invalid entries that create problems and clutter the system from Windows Registry.
  • Registry Optimizer – Defrags and optimizes the registry for uninterrupted PC performance.

How does Registry Cleaner & Optimizer help?

Registry Optimizers

Registry Cleaner and optimizer help clean invalid registry entries and optimize the registry, commonly responsible for Windows errors and slowing down system performance.

  • Registry Cleaner – get rid of invalid registry entries from Windows Registry.
  • Registry Optimizer – Defrags Windows Registry and gives you a fragment-free registry.

Why Use Disk Cleaner & Optimizers?

disk cleaner and optimizers

  • System Cleaner – Helps remove junk and obsolete files, thereby saving valuable disk space.
  • Disk Optimizer – Removes gaps between the disk space to enhance data access time.
  • Disk Tools – Examines the disk thoroughly and displays detailed information about the hard disk.
  • Disk Explorer – Provides detailed information about the existing files and folders.

How do Windows Optimizers help?

pc optimizers

Two modules added to Windows Optimizers help free up memory and boost gaming performance. Using them, you can enjoy gaming and also have enough free RAM.

  • Game Optimizer – Provides a disturbance-free environment to play games and enjoy interference-free gaming.
  • Memory Optimizer – Recover RAM to process commands quickly.
  • Driver Updater – Updated outdated, missing, and problematic drivers.

What Does Security & Privacy Module Offer?

security and privacy

  • System Protector – Keep the PC and data protected against spyware, worms, trojan, malware, virus, and other nasty threats.
  • Privacy Protector – Wipe privacy exposing traces and clear browser cache and cookies.
  • Secure Delete – Permanently delete data from the PC, making it unrecoverable.
  • Secure Encryptor – Encrypt data to keep it protected from prying eyes.

What Backup & Recovery Offers?

backup and recovery

  • Undelete – Recover deleted or lost files from the internal hard drives and removable storage devices.
  • Backup Manager – Helps take a backup of files and folders.
  • System Files Backup and Restore – Backup system files and revert to any last known good configuration.

The System Files Backup and Restore can be used by users running Windows 10 and lower versions.

What Common Issues Does Fixer Offer?

Regular Maintenance

  • PC Fixer –Get a list of common Windows-related issues to enhance system performance.
  • System and Security Advisor – Scans the PC to offer system and security-related tips.
  • Duplicate File Remover – Performs a scan on the PC to detect and delete duplicate files on the system.

How does

Regular Maintenance Help?

  • Driver Updater – Download and install the latest driver update without manually searching.
  • Startup Manager – Manages startup programs to boost system boot time.
  • Uninstall Manager – Help uninstall unwanted programs completely, leaving no traces behind.
  • Scheduler – Helps perform tasks at predefined day and time without manual intervention.

So, this is all about Advanced System Optimizer and its modules. You can use any of them per your requirement and tune your PC for better performance. We hope you will give this best PC Optimizer a try.

If you have any questions related to the product, send an email to support@systweak.com.

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