Top Features to Look For in PC Optimizer Software

Top Features to Look For in PC Optimizer Software

Seeing your superfast PC work like a snail is irritating, right? Do you know the real reason behind it? Well, there are a plethora of reasons responsible for slow PC performance. The biggest are excessive usage, junk files, duplicate data, and fragmented disk. To boost PC speed, you need to manage system resources, free up disk space, defrag disk, optimize the registry, clean invalid registry entries, update device drivers, clean malware infections, etc.

But how can one perform multiple tasks like this? Consider using PC optimization software. Now you must be thinking, which one? Before you jump to a conclusion and pick a random PC cleanup tool, it is best to know the top features of optimization software.

Here is the list of features a PC optimizer software should have to make things easy for you and to help your PC work fast and at an optimal speed.

How to Choose a PC Optimizer Software?

The question of how you choose a PC optimizer software is genuine, as hundreds of PC optimizer software are available in the market. Some offer free assistance, while some have extraordinary scanning abilities. Some are expensive, while some could be better. Then how to choose one?

If you want to invest in PC TuneUP software for your PC, this post is undoubtedly a must-read for you.

In this one, we will discuss a PC optimizer’s top features and how to choose the best out of the available options.

Without further ado, check out the following features and list what you want in your PC optimizer.

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7 Features that make an Ideal PC Optimizer Software

1. Effective PC Scanning

Scanning for issues that require optimization is a fundamental feature. But you will be estranged to know that many PC optimizer tools do not have a scanner. This is why when picking a tuneup tool for your PC, check whether it has one-click optimization.

Ideally, PC optimization is considered to be for tech geeks. Therefore, knowing the exact problem is a must if you want to optimize your PC.

However, not all can understand that, especially if you are a beginner at optimizing your PC’s performance, you need some assistance. That is why using software that can help with PC optimization is recommended.

When selecting the software, ensure it has an effective PC scanning mechanism that scans your computer for errors, finds the issues, and resolves them for you. One such tool that I recommend is Advanced System Optimizer, as it has 25+ tweaking modules.

Advanced System Optimizer

PC scanning might seem simple, but it is the most effective way to clean up a PC.

2. Dedicated Modules for System Files & Registries

Regarding system files and registries, Windows can be complicated as the operating system relies on them. If there is an issue with these files, your PC performance will take a hit.

But your lack of technical knowledge should not be the barrier as it will lead to the degraded performance of your PC. Therefore, you should use a tool that allows you to perform even complex technical tasks more straightforwardly.

registry cleaners and optimizers

The PC optimization software you choose must have a dedicated module that offers you the ability to scan and fix damaged registries or restore Windows system files.

There is a tool that provides –

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Registry Optimizer

And several other modules. You must have them in your PC optimizer tool.

Think about it!

3. Storage & Disk Optimization

Your PC storage and how it is maintained defines the performance curve of your PC. Therefore, if it is filled with unnecessary data and has disk fragmentation, the chances of it slowing down increase; this is where the best PC optimization tool comes to the rescue.

Having options for junk cleaning, disk management, and optimization helps perfect performance. Some of the Disk management options that are good to have on your PC can be –

  • System Cleaner
  • Disk Optimization
  • Disk Maintenance Tools
  • Disk Explorer.

You will be shocked to know that you can even optimize your disk with the help of Windows Disk optimizer, an internal tool you can find in the properties of your drive. But, since that is a longer and more complex route, you need an optimization tool that does it much faster.

disk cleaner and optimizer

So, make it your priority to have ample disk optimization tools in your PC optimization tool before you opt for one.

4. Added Security Features

Security features keep your PC free of external threats and interference.

Although the Windows firewall can protect your PC from virus and malware attacks, what about your privacy? While optimizing everything on your PC, you may require clearing sensitive data.

Moreover, if you are not the only one using your PC, you might need bit lockers or security encryptors to stay safe.

More importantly, securing your files and keeping them safe is an integral feature of a cleanup tool. However, the definition of PC optimization varies from person to person. While some only want a snappy user interface that works without errors, having a dedicated list of features related to PC security can be a user’s requirement.

The added security features you can get out of your PC optimizer tool are –

  • System Protector
  • Privacy Protector
  • Secure Delete
  • Secure Encryption

security and privacy

Adding an optimizer to the list of installed applications helps overcome the shortcomings of your PC.

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5. Ease of Backing Up & Data Recovery

Taking backups regularly and ensuring that the optimization does not cost you your data should also be an added feature to look for. You see, when you are optimizing your PC, there is a lot of data you have to unload from your system. In doing so, you might lose your important data. In cases like these, a recovery tool is the safest option.

file recovery

However, most people don’t know about data recovery as the process is too complex to understand by a layman. Hence, before choosing a PC optimizer tool, ensure that the software offers a data recovery module.

6. Centralized Console of Your PC

A PC optimizer tool should serve as a centralized remote for all the optimization tasks. It should work as a console that allows managing files, running a quick scan, optimizing files, keeping your system backed up, optimizing memory, updating drivers, cleaning duplicates, and working your files from a single Window.

smart pc care

pc optimizer

APC optimizer can eliminate the need for all the other tools and run tasks manually. Using the scheduler provided by the top optimization for PC, you can run an auto scan and do much more.

When you look for an optimizer, it should have enough controls that no matter what issue you face while using the PC, a single click on the tool should be able to fix it. Additional features like –

  • Driver Updater
  • Startup App Manager
  • Uninstall Manager 
  • Scan Schedulers
  • System Advisor 

regilar maintenance

can help you handle all your PC-related issues. The optimizer is responsible for providing you with the best user experience, and having a single tool from which you can control all your PC processes gives you just that.

7. Perfect Balance of Basic & Advanced

This feature is more of a user-based requirement rather than functionality. However, it should be paid attention to. No matter how many features you have in a tool, they are useless if you need help understanding how to use them. That is why your tool must have a perfect balance between basic use cases and advanced processing.

If you have a tool with some of the finest advanced features, but they are too complex for you to understand what it does, the purpose of having a tool is defeated. The optimization software should come with a user guide, help files, and FAQs. This helps in running the utility without any issues.

aso user guide

If you can find these 7 features in a single PC optimizer software, your search for an ideal option ends there. Finding a tool with all the features at a decent price is difficult but not impossible.

I have been using one such tool known as Advanced System Optimizer for over a year and can surely say that the experience has influenced my list of features.

Every feature listed here is available in the Advanced System Optimizer. The software has all the features that one needs to keep a PC optimized.

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If the features mentioned ring the bell and you are not getting all of them in a single software, stop using what you currently use and shift to Advanced System Optimizer. The tool is worth your money; the best part is its dedicated customer service. Read the review here if you need more details on how the tool works.

That brings us to the end of this blog. This blog helps you in creating your checklist of features to look for in PC optimizer software. Feel free to share your most wanted features in the comments section below. Thanks for reading! Good luck.


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