Is it Safe to Use a Third-Party PC Cleaning Software on Windows


There has been a lot of discussion about using third-party PC cleaning software and optimizers. Some say they harm the PC’s performance, while others believe they are helpful. 

Thanks to this ongoing debate, many misconceptions have been propagated about third-party PC tuneup tools. In this post, we will examine such myths and bust them while answering two of the most frequent questions – 

  1. Are PC cleaning software effective?
  2. Is it safe to use them? 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the discussion!

Is Using a Third-Party PC Cleaning Software to Optimize PC the Right Choice?

First, there’s no harm in using a PC cleaner as long as it comes from a reliable source and has a proven functioning record. Keeping your PC optimized and clean is something that seems simple but is a complex task to finish. Not every user is equipped to keep the PC optimized for gaming or any other purpose, leading to multiple errors and slowed performance.

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With the help of this optimization software, alongside boosting PC speed, you can get rid of junk files and cluttered data that might become an issue later. 

Using a third-party application is a normal practice for the following reasons – 

  1. It does the job quicker than manual processing.
  2. It makes optimization easier for an average user.
  3. PC cleaners from reliable developers highlight the bugs and the issues and eradicate them instantly.
  4. It helps boost the capability of the resources available on a PC. 
  5. Speeds up the overall user experience and processing, resulting in higher productivity.
  6. Helps free up space occupied by unnecessary data.
  7. It helps in disk optimization and cleaning invalid registry entries.

So, if you want to keep your PC optimized and free from issues affecting its performance, using third-party PC cleaner software can be a win-win!

Are PC Cleaning Software Effective?

The effectiveness of PC cleaning software depends on multiple factors. The definition of software being practical varies from user to user. If we go by the textbook definition, it can be determined by its impact on the PC and the degree to which it solves the issue.

Using a PC cleaner strikes a user when facing an issue with their PC’s startup speed or running out of storage. The reasons behind these problems can vary from a wide range of issues, such as – 

  1. Unnecessary clutter of unused files. 
  2. Low storage availability 
  3. Slow startup speed 
  4. Poor performance and RAM management
  5. PC keeps hanging and becomes unresponsive
  6. Duplicate files.

All these issues directly target the performance of your PC. Thus the effectiveness of any application or software can only be answered with visible results that you can yield. 

For instance, Advanced System Optimizer is one of the most trusted PC tweaking software. The results can be observed clearly after the first scan. I use the product and can say that PC cleaning software like Advanced System optimizer is effective when you have a lot of issues on your PC. 

Download PC Cleaning Software

advanced system optimizer

Indeed, Microsoft is now offering PC Manager to its users. However, there’s no harm in giving a third-party tool with a 24-hour full functionality trial version a try. This will help make a better choice. 

How Safe is It to Use a Third-Party PC Cleaning Application on Your PC?

Using a third-party PC cleaning software is as safe as using any other third-party application. Didn’t get it? Well, third-party software are developed by software companies with no affiliation with the native developer of your PC’s firmware or operating system. 

Third-party applications are available for all the processes you may carry out on a PC, and cleaning is one of them. If you believe using a PC cleaner is unsafe because it is a third-party application, the same goes for any software that is not native. The important thing is the application’s quality and the publisher’s reputation. 

Using an application from an unknown publisher can risk your entire PC. However, if the application’s source is genuine, there’s nothing to worry about. Sure, PC cleaning requires access to all your files and data, which might be a point of concern for someone with confidential data.

advanced system optimizer 3

Software like Advanced System Optimizer shares the privacy policy, giving you a complete account of your data and how it uses the reports generated. 

If you are OK using a third-party application for other purposes on your PC, there are no specific safety concerns in using a PC cleaning application.

Opt for the Most Reliable PC Cleaning Software

PC tuneup and optimization software brings a lot of queries and questions out of a user while using it. There are a lot of myths about using the applications. The most common one is that such software is ineffective.

The discussion we had clearly explained using PC cleaning software is practical, and there’s no harm in using it provided you opt for a reliable PC cleaning software. Advanced System Optimizer, for example, comes from a trusted team of developers from Systweak and has thousands of user reviews to assist you with anything you want. 

Try it out, and resolve the error your PC might have. Let me know about your user experience in the comment section below! Good luck!

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