Review: Advanced System Optimizer – A Must-Have App For Your Windows PC

advanced system optimizer review

Optimizing your PC refers to balancing out the performance factors so that all the components work together to fetch the best results. Usually, it takes an experienced user to curate an optimized workflow. 

However, not every user can manage the resources well; hence, optimization software is needed. There are multiple tools in the market one can opt for. One such tool is the Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak Software.

Compatible with Windows 11,10,8.1,8 and 7, this PC cleanup tool is one of the most balanced PC tweaking software that helps manage your PC’s performance and ensures your system is free of system errors. The tool has some amazing features that make it super easy to use and optimize PC

So does that mean Advanced System Optimizer is a must-have for Windows? Is it the best optimizer tool you can get? What are some distinctive features that make it unique and investment worthy? If these are some questions you have in your mind, then this post will answer all of them for you!

This is an in-depth review of Advanced System Optimizer, where a detailed description of all the features the tool offers and its practicality will be explained.

By the end of this blog, you can decide whether to go for Advanced System Optimizer or skip it. So make sure you follow this post till the end!

Now that we have established the objective let’s cut straight to the Advanced System Optimizer review!

Advanced System Optimizer: Introduction to “Best Optimizer for Windows”

Several optimizers are available in the market today. Amongst them, Advanced System Optimizer appears to be the leading name. With its robust user interface and advanced features, the tool has made its way to hundreds of thousands of PCs in the past two decades. 

The first edition of Advanced System Optimizer was released in 2002, and since then, it has got several updates that have made it better and better. If we talk about the latest version, i.e., 3.81.8181.217, the tool has come a long way and has some of the finest features. 

Advanced System Optimizer: Specifications

Publisher  Systweak Software
Latest Version 3.81.8181.217
Setup Size 21 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space 500MB
Required RAM 512 MB
Processor Intel Dual Core & Above
Compatibility Architecture Both 32 & 64 Bit
Supported OS Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7
Subscription Yes
Free Version Available, With limited functionalities
License Type Single User
Price $49.95
Training No Training Required
Money-Back Guarantee Yes, Available
Support Email, FAQ, and Video tutorial

Advanced System Optimizer: Highlighted Features & Their Benefits

One of the most crucial factors that make Advanced System Optimizer better than its contemporaries in the market is the features that it has to offer. The tool is full of practical and useful features, which are also the highlight of the tool. 

advanced system optimizer home screen

The first thing you see is the home screen that gives a brief of your PC’s current status. You can initiate a Quick, Deep, or Custom Scan from here. The Quick identifies issues based on multiple factors, which is convenient for any user looking for faster PC optimization.

Smart PC Care option -  Advanced System Optimizer

By clicking on the Smart PC Care option, you can scan 7 major modules in a single click or can select individual modules.

Let’s go through all these modules one-by-one to understand all the features that it has to offer – 

1. Registry Optimizers

Registry Optimizers - Advanced System Optimizer
The first module you can find is related to the Windows registries. Not all users know, but registries are one of the fundamental components of an operating system that allows applications and services to run smoothly. There are two dedicated tools to help you optimize your registries properly. These are –

Registry Cleaner: This tool can help you clean and remove unnecessary registries from your PC. Usually, it is used to remove the registry residue of removed applications and services.

registry cleaner - Advanced System Optimizer

Registry Optimizer: Over time as you use a PC to perform different operations the registry gets fragmented. Using this module you can optimize the registry to boost PC performance and increase the time of read and write operations.

Registry Optimizer - Advanced System Optimizer

2. Disk Cleaner & Optimizer

Next comes the tool’s Disk Cleaner and Optimizers module. It is one of Advanced System Optimizer’s most practical and useful features. Why? Because the majority of the performance issues on a Windows PC appear due to errors in the disk drive. Not to mention, all your data also relies on the health of these disks.

disk cleaner and optimizers - Advanced System Optimizer
It has 4 tools inbuilt to help you make the most out of your disk drives.

System Cleaner: The system cleaner is Advanced System Optmizer’s way of keeping all your disk drives clean without specifying unnecessary details. Sometimes you have scattered files that appear tiny but take up a lot of space when combined. Since they are scattered, you cannot delete them all; that is where the System Cleaner excels.

Disk Optimizer: Getting into a more detailed analysis of your storage, the Disk Optimizer helps deal with the unresponsive behavior of your hard drive using defragmentation. When you have used a storage drive for years, it forms fragments that appear to be occupied and reduces the overall potential of your disk. This tool helps reduce disk fragments and boost overall disk performance.

Disk Tools: Facing an issue with your hard disk and don’t know what might be wrong? Don’t worry Disk Tools can help you out! If you are not a PC wizard who knows his way around the Command Prompt and disk repairs, this tool can be a gift! It helps you schedule disk checks and keep your hard disks from crashing due to the wear and tear it goes through over time. The tool lists it as the Disk Doctor, which works like one!

disk doctor - Advanced System Optimizer
Disk Explorer: The Disk Explorer is a modern-day disk manager that allows you to maintain a decent ratio between the occupied and free space on your hard drive. You need not worry about finding heavy files to remove or sort from. This module of the Advanced System Optimizer gets it done for you!

disk explorer - Advanced System Optimizer

3. PC Optimizers

Moving ahead with the next module, the tool offers a dedicated PC optimizer to help you create a working environment for your gaming. It also has an inbuilt module for duplicate files as well, keeping your PC free of any unnecessary files.

pc optimizers - Advanced System Optimizer

There are 3 optimization techniques you can use to free your PC of any lags –

Game Optimizer: As the name suggests, the game optimizer creates a working environment for your games, enhancing your game’s performance and gaming experience. It helps you silence notifications and distractions in your PC so you can focus on that aim of yours. Smooth right?

Memory Optimizer: You may wonder why we are almost halfway through the optimizer but have not yet discussed an important aspect of the PC’s performance RAM. Well, memory optimizer deals with the same. If you feel the applications are not getting proper RAM to run, run a scan of Memory Optimizer, and you might get a permanent fix!

Duplicate Files Remover: Another helpful tool included with the Advanced System Optimizer that can help create optimized storage that has no duplicate files taking up space unnecessarily.

4. Security & Privacy

The Security and Privacy tab in the tool is a perfect example of what an optimizer should have! You see, a PC is optimized when all the parameters are balanced, and the security of your data and PC itself is just as crucial of a parameter as anything else on the list. Kudos to Advanced System Optimizer for thinking it through!

Security & Privacy - Advanced System Optimizer
The Security & Privacy module of the tool has 4 sub-tools to keep your security above par.

– System Protector: Working as an inbuilt antivirus tool, the system protector helps your system stay away from malicious malware, spyware, trojan, and other programs, keeping your PC safe and secure!

– Privacy Protector: Your offline files and online activity can be dangerous for your PC. Not to mention, keeping your browsers free of clutter makes the performance better. Hence the tool comes with this module that helps you clear even the last of your online history traces, keeping your browsing experience private.

– Secure Delete: When you are going to give away your PC, you always format it. Everyone does! But did you know that the deleted data can be recovered easily? If you have simply deleted a file or formatted it, there are tools that can retrieve the file from the disk. However, thanks to secure delete, you need not worry about recovery as it shreds the entire data to its core.

– Secure Encryptor: Worried that someone else might access the sensitive data you have on your PC? With the Secure Encryptor tool, you can say bye-bye to this worry as it allows you to password-protect the files you want to keep private. It encrypts the file so that it requires a key to be opened and accessed.

5. Backup & Recovery

In case you are wondering if your data is completely safe on your PC, it is not! Anything can happen. So it is always better to keep a proper backup of your files. But backing up your data might take a lot of steps and time, correct? Not with Advanced System Optimizer! The Backup & Recovery module of this application keeps you from losing your data, smartly.

Backup & Recovery - Advanced System Optimizer
It has 2 tools included with it –

Undelete: If you have accidentally deleted a file and do not have a way to get it back, turn your attention to this tool and it will bring the file back. The undelete feature works like a charm and the best part is that it is capable of bringing back even the heaviest of files. Now that’s what you need!

System Files Backup & Restore – Ever thought about what would happen if all your system files get affected by malware? You might be required to remove all the data, or worse, all your work files are gone! Well, to keep you away from losing all your system data and preferences, the tool allows you to back up your system files. Because backing up things you might not get back, matters more!

6. Driver Updater

When dealing with an internal error on a PC, the first fix that most users have in mind is to update the drivers for the faulty component. This module takes this approach a step further by giving you a tool that allows you to scan and find out more about the status of outdated drivers. But the story doesn’t end there! It even updates all the outdated drivers, all by itself.

7. Regular Maintenance

There’s no point in having all these features and modules if you can not regularize their use of it. The folks at Systweak Software understood the assignment and hence have curated a dedicated module by the name of Regular Maintenance.

Regular Maintenance - Advanced System Optimizer
The module has 3 dedicated tools –

Startup Manager: Reduced boot time is the first sign that a PC is optimized. The module helps achieve just that! With the help of this tool, you can check and manage what applications start with the boot. This can really help you boost the boot time, as the majority of startup apps are unnecessary.

Uninstall Manager: Has it ever happened to you that you removed an application quite a while ago, and recently came across a file related to it? It is because of the inefficient working of the stock uninstaller on Windows. With the help of uninstall manager on Advanced System Optimizer, you can get rid of any application including its scattered user files.

Scheduler: To help you save the time and trouble of running these modules time and again, the tool gives you a scan scheduler to set according to your working hours and forget about your PC’s optimization.

Now one thing is sure: with all the tools packaged in one and the advantages these features offer,  you might not require another system optimization application on your PC.

Downsides of Advanced System Optimizer – Are There Any?

While we have so far only discussed all the features and benefits, the tool appears to be free of any issues or errors. However, that is not the case. Like anything else in the world (including humans), Advanced System Optimizer also has a few flaws that it needs to address. 

These include – 

1. Cluttered User Interface

The tool has some of the finest features. Undoubtedly, it is the most complete optimizer software available in the market. However, the UI of the tool needs a little bit of work. It is understandable that all the briefs related to what the tool does are for the convenience of the user. However, with so much information, the tool appears to be super cluttered. It might not bother you as a user, but we took it as our duty to let you know!

2. Too Many Frequent Updates

Wait? Isn’t getting regular updates a good thing? Well, it surely is, unless it turns into a confusing situation for the user. With so many minor updates, the Advanced System Optimizer keeps adding and merging features, making consumers slightly startled when they first encounter a change. (We would still love to see another UI-based update!)

3. Limited Free Trial Experience

Don’t get us wrong, the Advanced System Optimizer might have the best free trial as they give access to all the features however, it is only limited to 24 hours. A system optimizer is a tool that most users turn to when they have lost hope in their PCs’ performance. However, not all the issues appear together. Hence someone who needs to test all the features might need more time. 

Other than these three major downsides, we did not find any issues whatsoever. Not to mention the number of benefits the tool offers are far more than the downsides, which makes the tool worth your investment. 

Check out the table below for a quick advantages and disadvantages comparison 

S, No.  Advantages of Advanced System Optimizer Disadvantages of Advanced System Optimizer 
1 A Cluster of features so you do not need any other application for optimization  Cluttered User Interface
2 Boosts the performance of RAM & ROM  Too Many Frequent Updates
3 Provides security measures for enhanced protection from malware and snoopers.  Limited Free Trial Experience 
4 Has instant solutions for almost all your PC problems. 
5 Keeps your hard disks healthy for longer life. 

Do you see what makes Advanced System Optimizer the best tool for Windows? Don’t listen to us. Check out user reviews of the same in the next section!

User Reviews – Do They Match What We Observed?

Trustpilot –

Trustpilot review



Software Informer review



The reviews speak for the quality that the Advanced System Optimizer has to offer. If you ask us, our analysis is not different. But we know you came here to read more than just reviews. Hence we have rated the tool on multiple grounds. Check out the table below to find out our ratings for the tool.

Parameter Remarks Rating Out of 5
User Interface  Very Good 4.5
Features  Excellent 5
Updates Regular 5
Speed  Excellent 5
After Sales Experience  Decent 4

So with that analysis, we give Advanced System Optimizer a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Our Verdict – Go For It!

If you are in the market and looking for a system optimization tool that helps you enhance your PC’s overall performance while saving the dent in your pockets, Advanced System Optimizer is the solution for you.

It has all the features you need and more, making it a one-stop solution for all the errors you might encounter. 

Truly, Advanced System Optimizer is a must-have application for your Windows PC. Period. 

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