How to Find Duplicate .MOS, .MRW & .ORF Raw Photos in Windows PC


Raw files and image formats are hard to maintain. If you know any professional photographers, you can ask them how typical it can get to segregate images based on their format. Finding duplicate photos from pictures other than the .jpg format is a different task.

Keeping the raw images is of great help to those who require complete access to their files. Formats like .MOS, .MRW, &.ORF allows a user to open, edit, and tune an image to its maximum capacity, and thus, photographers prefer saving their images in such formats.

While clicking a picture, the professional camera clicks multiple images in these formats. While these various shots allow a photographer to get the best frame, removing duplicate raw photos in a Windows PC becomes a troublesome task.

In this blog, let us look at how you can find duplicates .MOS, .MRW, .ORF raw photos on Windows without having a hard time.

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Ways To Find Duplicate MOS, MRW & ORF RAW Photos on Windows PC

While dealing with an image collection, you can open the file in your photo viewer and quickly glance at it. The same is not the case with raw format pictures. Not every image viewer supports formats like .MOS, .MRW, .ORF, and thus, you need professional-grade picture-viewing software to open all images simultaneously.

Secondly, these files are hefty. While a normal JPG ranges between 100KB to 25MB, the raw picture sizes start from 25MB and can go into 100+MB, which is enormous for an image. The duplicate files in such a format can take up a lot of space; thus, removing them is the best way to keep your collection segregated and storage optimized.

There are techniques and dedicated tools that you can use to distinguish between duplicate raw photos. Let us discuss how you can find a duplicate .MOS, .MRW, .ORF raw files.

1. Segregate Raw Files Using Windows Explorer

Go to the directory where duplicate images are saved. Ensure that your PC view is set to large icons and start opening raw files based on similarities on the thumbnail.

It is a good idea to open multiple similar files simultaneously, allowing you to compare these files for the details. Raw files have some amazing details, and it can become confusing to realize the difference between the two, so you should be careful while looking at them.

It is time-consuming and requires you to stay focused while selecting and removing these raw files. You may delete a great shot if you miss out on the details. No photographer wants that, and thus, they often go for the second technique, i.e., using a dedicated duplicate photo finder tool.

2. Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to Find Similar Images

If you aim to delete images and recover storage space while maintaining a segregated collection of photos, then this tool is the best thing you can find. It has everything, from multiple raw files support to auto-marking duplicate files for removal.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a dedicated tool designed to scan your PC for duplicate images, find them and group them for you to review. You can also use it to delete files. To give you a better perspective, here’s how the tool works –

  • Download & Install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on Your PC
  • Add the destination folder you want to scan for duplicates. If you are aware of the folder, drag and drop it into the given space, or you can scan the entire PC for duplicates.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

  • Click on Scan for Duplicates to initiate the process. The software will scan the destination folder you have selected.

searcing duplicates

  • Once the scanning is complete, it shows you grouped results of duplicate photos on your PC. You can find their information by clicking on them. Everything, from their properties to size, can be compared. The results are also shown in large icons so that you can get a glimpse of differences and similarities.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro mark duplicate

  • Select the images you want to delete from the results. You can manually mark and delete these images or allow the software to do it for you. Yes, if the number of images is significantly higher, you can use auto-mark to assist you.

duplicate phots fixer pro

  • Auto mark allows you to relax while the algorithm compares the images and marks the ones to be removed instantly. The selection is based on your preference which you can set in the settings.

DPF alert Setting

  • After the auto mark has done the job, click on Delete Marked and allow the prompt to initiate removal. The duplicate raw files are also supported and will be removed instantly!

moved duplicate in recyclebin

A duplicate photo finder tool seems super easy and effective when removing raw format images from your PC. But keep in mind not every tool can remove .MOS, .MRW, .ORF files and hence Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the recommended tool for the task!

Parting Words

Maintaining a picture gallery with raw files is difficult; you need to have large storage banks and a segregated library to maintain all the images. If you have duplicate photos in different raw formats, things can get out of hand as they take up a lot of space and can often cause trouble.

Keeping your photos optimized is the only way to handle these issues and maintain the gallery smoothly. Thanks to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, optimizing the pictures is no longer a difficult task.

Feel free to comment about your experiences with raw image formats and let us know whether these techniques helped you with finding duplicate .MOS, .MRW, and .ORF raw photos. That’s all for this one, catch you later!


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