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What is your go-to place to save hundreds and thousands of photos? I know the unanimous answer is a computer. But do you have all the photos organized? Did you ever find yourself overwhelmed with hundreds and thousands of duplicate photos?

Yes, what do you do in such a case?

Do you create another folder to move important photos or leave them to sort when you have time?

Whatever the case, like most of us, you, too, would want to keep the photos collection organized and managed, right?

If that is so, why not use the best duplicate photo remover? If you are here looking for an answer to this, we want to know how to find the best duplicate image remover.

How to find the best duplicate image cleaner, keep reading. This post will discuss tips to find the best duplicate image finder in Windows.

So, without further delay, let us come straight to the point.

What Is A Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows 10

Over time, when several hundred and thousands of images are stored on the computer, they consume a lot of space. But we cannot delete them because of this reason, right? The best way to free up space is to clean duplicates, correct?

This is when the best duplicate photo cleaner comes to play. Using this tool in no time, you can easily detect duplicate images and eliminate them.

As the name suggests, these tools are designed to scan the system for duplicates and help clean them effortlessly. You can find several duplicate picture applications in the market, but which one to trust?

Short on Time?

If you don’t have time to read the complete post and are looking for a straightforward answer, you go. With different scanning methods that help detect both duplicate and similar photos, we recommend using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Using this amazing and best duplicate photo cleaner, you can scan any storage device and decide whether to scan the system for similar or duplicate photos.

duplicate photos fixer pro select scan

This tool is simply extraordinary.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Features

– Clean duplicate images

– Preview detected duplicates

– Scan internal hard drive, externally connected hard drive, flash drive, SD card, Google Drive and Dropbox.

– Auto mark duplicates.

– Adjust the matching level

– Scan the PC for duplicate and similar photos.

– Include flipped and rotated images to scan for duplicates.

To download it today, click the button below:

Need of A Duplicate Image Finder Windows

  • Consecutive clicks and saving all photos on the system
  • Saving images from various messaging platforms
  • Transferring data to the system from different storage devices
  • Storing the same image with a different name
  • Compressed or low-resolution images of the same image

Now that you know what is a duplicate photo cleaner and what causes duplicates, it’s time to get rid of these unwanted images, but how?

This is when Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro comes to play.

What to Expect from Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

  • It should detect and clean both duplicate and similar photos
  • Should use a smart algorithm to detect accurate duplicate
  • Easy to use
  • Allows filtering images via different matching criteria
  • It should allow excluding certain folders from scanning
  • Option to move detected duplicate images to Recycle Bin or to a selected path
  • The best duplicate image cleaner should detect all duplicate photos with different file formats, including RAW.
  • Image preview before deleting duplicates
  • Auto-marking functionality
  • Fast scanning engine

How to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – The Best Duplicate Image Cleaner

Price –  $39.95

Compatibility – Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (Both 32 & 64 Bit), Mac, Android, and iOS

Latest Version – 1.2.1086.12733

Reading up until this part means your system’s storage space is filled with duplicate pictures. To get rid of them, follow these steps:

Developed by Systweak Software, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the best duplicate image cleaner to rely on. It helps remove both similar and duplicate images. To use it, follow the steps below:

For this tutorial, we are running Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on Windows.

1. Download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

2. Run the best duplicate image cleaner on your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, whichever operating system you use.
3. Drag and drop photos or click Add Photos/ Add Folder.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
4. Select from the Comparison method. You can either choose Exact Match or Similar Match.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro method
5. To find images with minute similarity, we suggest selecting Similar Match.

matching level
6. Next, set the matching level, bitmap size, time interval, and GPS.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro add photos
7. Once this is done, hit Scan for Duplicates and wait for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to add and scan the added pictures for duplicates.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro delete marked
8. You’ll now get a list of detected duplicate photos. In the right pane, you can see the preview.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro delete photos
9. Next, to automatically detect duplicates click Auto Mark. This feature automatically marks detected duplicates leaving one copy in each group unmarked.

Once selected, clean Delete Marked. This best duplicate cleaner also shows the number of detected duplicate pictures and the space saved after cleaning them.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro delete marked image

This is it; using these simple steps, you can easily remove all detected duplicate images.

FAQ-Duplicate Image Cleaner

How do I sort duplicate photos on my computer?

When you have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures, it isn't easy to sort duplicates manually from them. Therefore, to accurately detect and sort duplicates using a duplicate image cleaner like Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is suggested.

How do I find duplicate pictures in a folder?

Open Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Click Add folder to scan the PC for duplicate photos. Click Scan for Duplicates. Select the pictures to delete and click Delete Marked.

What is the best duplicate photo remover?

The best duplicate image remover offers: Scanning internal and external hard drives, SD cards, and flash drives. Scans Google Drive. Allows scanning folders and photos separately. Preview scan results. Auto Mark duplicates. Provides different matching levels.

Search For the Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Ends Here!

We hope you got the answer on finding the best duplicate image cleaner for Windows. If you have any doubts, let us know, and we will answer you promptly. We are suggesting Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro as it is easy to use, shows accurate results, gives customization options and allows excluding folders.

There’s no harm in giving it a try. You can use its trial version, which allows you to clean 15 duplicates. Moreover, the paid version comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means you can use it and see the product’s functionality without fear.

For any product-related queries, send an email to


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