Duplicate Photo Problems No One Talks About [Fixes Inside]


You might have encountered several users complaining about how duplicate photos take up a lot of storage on their PC. Unfortunately, storage is not the only thing these duplicate files take up. What’s more unfortunate is that no one talks about other issues that one may be facing related to duplicate photos and their existence. Every post online tends to bind the side effects of duplicate photos to loss of storage or unnecessarily occupied storage space.

There are other issues, but sadly no one talks about them. Users struggle with much bigger problems due to duplicate photos than just storage but have no solutions to their queries as everything on the internet is to serve people with space-related errors. 

Not anymore!

In this post, let’s try and highlight some duplicate photo problems that are less talked about. Ensure you read the post by the end, as we will also help you learn how to eliminate them. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

What Problems Might One Face While Dealing With Duplicate Photos?

You may already know the basic issues a user encounters while dealing with duplicate photos. These usually include –  

  • Lack of storage on the PC, 
  • Too many images to sort from; 
  • And an unorganized picture gallery. 

While these three are well-explored issues with all sorts of fixes available. Multiple issues also bother a user who has duplicate photos and is trying to resolve them. 

Having duplicate photos can complicate things for a user. Some of the less talked about problems are given below. Check if you can relate to the problem. 

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Problem 1 – Duplicate Photos can be in different formats

Users often face a basic difficulty while trying to sort duplicate images on their PC. The difficulty revolves around the format of the images. The biggest concern is removing duplicate and identical files and identifying similar images with different file definitions or formats.

duplicate photos in different formats

Sometimes, a user does not realize that they are dealing with multiple formats. All they see are images that appear to be the same. When they approach the task of removing them in batches, they realize that they are from different formats. Many tools and methods are unable to identify duplicate photos from different formats, making it difficult to get rid of such images. 

Problem 2 – Bug in the system that it keeps creating duplicates

Many users struggle to identify why there are duplicate photos in their galleries. It is a bigger concern than one may think, as many users have yet to learn what prompts the creation of duplicate files on their PC. Sometimes the problem appears after they have tried to copy images from multiple sources or different sources. However, there is a good chance of a bug in the system. 

It is crucial to determine if the issue is related to a bug or a practice that is causing the issue as it changes how the problem is approached. Thankfully, we have a dedicated post on why a PC keeps duplicating the existing photos. Check it out for a better understanding of this issue.

Problem 3 – Duplicate photos can be of multiple types, such as exact copies, similar copies, etc.

Another problem that is less talked about but bothers the users the most is the type of duplicate files one may be dealing with. Yes, there are multiple types of duplicate photos. Some images are exact copies that can be detected and removed simultaneously. But then come the trickier ones, the similar copies.

multiple types duplicate photos

Similar copies are almost identical but have one or two distinct features, making them unique to be detected. They appear to be the same in the thumbnail. Still, they have slightly different details when compared closely, making it difficult for a user and a basic photo scanning tool to identify it as a duplicate file. 

Problem 4 – Duplicate photos may appear from different dates & shoots as well

Suppose you are a photographer or someone who has to deal with multiple images from a similar location (like a model, data collection expert, etc.). In that case, you may have duplicate photos that were not created at the same time. It may sound bizarre, which is why it is a less talked about issue in the first place, but think about it. Let’s say you have a folder of images covering a particular landscape. Now, there are chances that if you decide to click the same landscape on any other day, you may come up with a similar picture. 

Users often use the sorting technique to identify similar/duplicate images. The idea is to group images that were clicked in a single timeframe. While it works for many, this situational problem fails the approach, and hence the issues of handling such duplicates arise again. 

Problem 5 – Duplicate photos may cause unnecessary cloud sync issues

Cloud storage sync issues are the most underrated problem regarding duplicate photos. That is because many users struggle with the lack of free cloud storage due to duplicate images taking up their valuable space. Not to forget, users hardly look at their image backups as it is a background process. This means when duplicates are being backed up, a user may not even notice it.

unnecessary cloud sync issues

This sync issue causes multiple users to have low active storage capacity online. Not to mention, whenever you try to sync this backup on your device, you realize that files from later have not been backed up as the older duplicates have taken the space. Since the backed-up library is online, cleaning duplicates from there becomes a tough feat. 

How to Resolve These Problems Related to Duplicate Photos?

We have identified some less-talked-about problems related to duplicate photos on a device. What is the possible way to resolve them all? These issues can be solved with just a single tool, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Read the Official Review of the tool

A tool that is the easiest to use and yields the best results when dealing with duplicate photos on a Windows PC. It has all the necessary modules that allow you to – 

  • Sort duplicate images from any format.
  • Identify duplicate photos created due to a bug.
  • Control the sensitivity of search to maintain a difference between similarity and duplicity.
  • Find duplicate photos irrespective of when they were clicked
  • Remove duplicate photos from cloud storage as well

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the number one tool for handling duplicate images and issues that appear due to their existence. Here’s a basic overview of how the tool works to give you an idea of its ease of access. 

Step 1 – Download and install the application on your PC using the link below.

Step 2 – Scan your device or the drive that holds duplicate photos. You can even choose your online storage for the scan.duplicate photos fixer pro scan type selection

Step 3 – Once the scan is over, you have groups of duplicate images asking you to choose which copy to keep and which to remove.

Duplicate Photos Fixer_scanning

Step 4 – You can either manually select the files or use the auto-mark feature to do it for you.

auto mark duplicates
Step 5 – Once the sorting is done, you can delete the duplicate photos directly from the application!

The best part is that these sorted files are sent to the recycle bin to give you a second chance to reconsider whether you have kept the best shot for yourself or want to change your mind. Overall the tool makes it super easy to eliminate duplicate photo problems that bother a user. 

Download the app today and fix all your duplicate photo issues in just a click!

Thanks for reading. Hope you find this post helpful for your queries. Good luck

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