How to Enhance Digital Photos?

Digital photos have made storing and organizing photographs extremely easy. Back in the days when camera films were ubiquitous, who would have thought that in the next few years keeping memories safe would not require tomes of hard-copy albums but a small pen-drive or an online server?

Today, in an environment where a photograph can be shared across platforms and could be seen by hundreds of people, we make sure that we are not compromising with its quality. We all are photographers.

So a question frequently arises: How can we enhance digital photos to make them almost spotless?

What if I tell you that you don’t need to spend hours perfecting a photo or learning a trick or two for improving the picture quality?

Noise is generally the biggest culprit for giving your photographs a dull or snowy appearance. You must have noticed tiny speckles or grains on your digital photos clicked in low-light conditions by using flash.

How Noise Reducer Pro helps you to enhance digital photos?

Noise Reducer Pro is the simplest tool to make your photos better. It is available for both Desktop (for Windows and Mac) and Smartphone (Android and iPhone) versions.

Desktop Version

The desktop version automatically removes grains from a photo when you drag it to the application. So, technically you don’t have to bother about complex sliders. All you need to do is drag and drop, and the image will be corrected for noise.

However, you have the liberty to go by the manual method. There is a slider that you can move to enhance digital photos as per the level of noise present.

During the noise correction process, the original image is placed beside the processed one, so that you can easily compare the difference and save the better photo.

Desktop Version
Smartphone Version

Smartphone Version

Here also, you can select any image from the picture gallery and import it to the application. There are three modes of noise correction i.e. Light, Medium and Custom.

Light and Medium modes are automatic as you just need a tap to remove grains from any selected image. Light works well for less-noisy photos and Medium corrects those images in which the level of noise is considerably higher. In Custom, there is a slider just like the one that you get with Desktop version of the app. The more you move the slider towards right, the more aggressively the app works to enhance digital photos by removing noise.

Here also, one can compare the corrected photo with the original one.

Noise Reducer Pro is available for free on Mac App Store and Google Play Store. So, get your picture pixel-perfect now with the help of Noise Reducer Pro.