Year in Review 2022 – Systweak Software

Year in Review 2022 - Systweak Software

2022, what a fast-paced year it has been.

From recovering from the pandemic to witnessing the G.O.A.T Lionel Messi finally lifting the cup of his dreams, we’ve seen a lot in 2022. The year was also a great success when it came to technology. We saw the release of new Apple products, Google phones, hardware and software upgrades, AI gaining popularity as ChatGPT, and much more.

That said, with every year passing by, we at Systweak also level up. All our products, be it from the optimization category, data recovery realm, or PC security, each received major updates and feature upgrades in 2022.

Through this blog, let us glance at the journey we have had in the year 2022. Before that, let’s look at Systweak’s journey so far.

About Systweak: What Led Us Here?

Founded in 1999 by Mr. Shrishail Rana, Systweak Software has established itself as a leading global software company. The company delivers cutting-edge IT solutions and software services with the intent to make the best tech accessible. In its magical journey of 23 years, Systweak has achieved some amazing feats in the industry – ranked in the “100 Most Promising Microsoft Service Providers”, which helped us reach where we stand today.

Furthermore, our CEO had a candid conversation with GoodFirms and shared more about how he envisions the company’s future.

Systweak Software: Major Updates & Feature Upgrades in 2022

With all the tools and applications we offer for our users, we aim to make things easier. The idea behind creating optimization tools, security software, a Duplicate Photo Finder tool, or a dedicated Driver Updater is to ensure that unnoticed errors do not hamper the user experience.

Over the years, user support has told us we are on the correct path. And to ensure it stays the same and the journey keeps rolling, we made some improvements to our roaster of software.

Here is an overview of some significant updates and features added to our products.

Highlights of the Year 2022 –  Systweak Software

Updates released Details Covered
  •  Locker For Insta Social (Android)
  • Advanced System Protector Got a New Look (Windows)
  • Applock (Android)
  • Locker for Whats Chat app (Android)
  • Advanced Uninstall manager (Mac)
  • Locker for SnapApp Chat (Android)
  • Locker for Whats Chat App (Android)
  • Disk Clean Pro (Mac)
  • New Features Added To Locker for Insta Social (Android)
  • New Feature Added to Duplicate Files Fixer (Windows)
  • Advanced Level Status Achieved on Amazon
  • Launched Brain Game App (Android)
  • Launched Smartphone Cleaner App (iOS)
  • New Features Added to Duplicate Photo Fixer (Windows)

Top 5 Systweak Software You Loved in 2022

Though our users receive every tool we put out, we had some unbelievable responses this year. Certain software got overwhelming responses, breaking previous years’ records. This immense love, alongside the feature updates and several other changes in the product, are the ranking criteria for the top 5 tools of 2022.

Advanced Driver Updater

One of our flagship software, Advanced Driver Updater, was the most downloaded and used tool this year. With some amazing features like Scheduled Scans for Outdated Drivers, One-Click Driver Updates, etc., the tool made its place on thousands of new PC users. Compared to other driver updating tools, it gives users a choice to decide which driver to update and which not. Also, you can add incompatible drivers to the exclusion list. To learn more about the product, download it and see what makes it top the chart.

It has had the highest number of downloads in the past 12 months, making Advanced Driver Updater the most loved tool by our users.

advanced driver updater

User Ranking – #1

Updates in 2022 –  2 patches rolled out.

Latest Version – 4.6.1086.1738

Advanced System Optimizer

While there has been an ongoing debate about using a system optimizer, the stats for Advanced System Optimizer tell a different story. Its one-click PC Tuneup capabilities, and versatile choice of modules, make users love this all-in-one PC optimization tool and the ultimate choice for those struggling with low PC performance.

advanced system optimizer

User Ranking – #2

Updates in 2022 –  3 patches rolled out.

Latest Version – 3.81.8181.203

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Another common issue that we tapped was the existence of duplicate photos on a PC. There are times when the PC starts creating duplicates of your photos due to malware. And sometimes, human errors cause the creation of duplicate images. You will be amazed to know that thousands of people have figured out a way around these same photos, and they are now Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro users.

With the help of this tool, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS users can now easily find and remove duplicates from their devices. Also, Windows users can directly scan Google Drive and Dropbox and scan flipped and rotated images for duplicates.

duplicate photos fixer pro

User Ranking – #3

Updates in 2022 –  3 patches rolled out.

Latest Version – 1.3.1086.367 (Windows)

Duplicate Files Fixer

Images are only some files that bother when duplicated. There are instances when different format files, duplicate emails, empty folders, and duplicates saved on cloud storage create issues.

Manually finding these duplicate files isn’t easy, as users are unaware of their existence. This causes multiple problems on your PC, such as slow performance, clogged storage, etc.

With the ability to handle all these issues, Duplicate Files Fixer is another most liked product of 2022. The software is multi-lingual and compatible with all popular formats.

duplicate files fixer

User Ranking – #3

Updates in 2022 –  2 patches rolled out.

 Latest Version –

Advanced Disk Recovery

Fourth on our list is a professional-grade data recovery solution Advanced Disk Recovery. It brings the functionality of finding and restoring deleted files from your disk without waiting for days or spending a lot. It is not only one of our users’ 5 most loved applications but is one of the most downloaded software in the data recovery category!

Moreover, the recovery tool allows scanning hard disks and any connected media for deleted files. Also, it offers different scanning modes for maximum and accurate data retrieval.

advanced disk recovery

User Ranking – #4

Updates in 2022 –  2 patches rolled out.

Latest Version – 2.7.1200.18511.

Photos Recovery

Recovery of accidentally or permanently deleted photos, videos, and audio files has been a common issue for thousands of PC users. With Photos Recovery software by Systweak, that is no longer the case. Now, users can quickly recover deleted photos from different storage devices and save a lot that they used to spend on getting help from professional recovery experts.

The tool’s DIY capabilities attracted users, which helped Photos Recovery make its place in the top 5 most loved tools of Systweak Software by users.

photos recovery

User Ranking – #5

Updates in 2022 –  5 patches rolled out.

Latest Version –

We thank you for believing in our products and loving our products. Your support motivates us to create products that solve even the trickiest of problems in just a few clicks. The year was truly something that we had never expected from the perspective of growth and visibility. With almost a million new users added to our combined user base, we can proudly say that 2022 was the year of Systweak Software!

Major Amendments & Bug Fixes

To err is human…

You always have the potential to outdo your competition if you know how to make mistakes and learn from them. Though we always try to come up with the most refined version of every product, we discovered a few bugs that were bothering our users last year.

As a reliable tech solutions company, we work hard on our products and take complete responsibility for fixing product issues (if any). Hence, 2022 was also the year of making amends and fixing common issues people faced. For instance –

  • Improved Advanced System Optimizer- Many users pointed out that the UI for Advanced System Optimizer was not optimal for many users. Considering this, we did the needful and refreshed the user interface. Also, we added and removed a few necessary and unnecessary features. It gave ease of use to the users, and users can use the tool in 14 different languages.
  • Improved Advanced Driver Updater- One of the core reasons that made Advanced Driver Updater the most downloaded and loved software was the minor bug fixing. Earlier in the year, the tool had a few issues with launching and updating itself. Thanks to your feedback, we took matters into our hands, fixed the problem, and made it the best!
  • Improved Systweak VPN- While using a VPN, everyone expects their internet speed to go down as it is standard. A few users brought it to our knowledge that the Systweak VPN keeps disconnecting. Though the number of reports was minor, our team of testers started digging into the issue and fixed the persisting bug, specifically with Windows 11 users.

These were some of the changes we made. To ensure our users do not have to worry about any issues, they can email anytime with the problems they face. We will get them fixed at the earliest.

We keep testing our software on multiple devices to find even the tiniest errors so we can improve them instantly. However, there are chances that we might miss a few things, and this is when we need your support. Please keep sharing your suggestions and feedback with us.

Mission 2023: What Next?

With the fantastic year that 2022 has been for Systweak, we have nothing else but progress on our minds. Many tools we offer have superseded the existing options in the market, and the aim in 2023 is to maintain the spot by providing even better quality services and software.

One thing that we pride ourselves in is innovation never stops at Systweak. You will witness a lot of new additions to our software catalog & some fantastic features added to your favorite tools in the upcoming year.

With that, we are all set to bid farewell to 2022 and welcome the year 2023. Let’s buckle up, as the journey has just begun! Wishing you a Happy New Year! Team Systweak!

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