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After Learning About How Troubleshooting Systems Work, Shrishail Rana, the CEO of Systweak Software Went on to Find Permanent System-Solutions .

Who would believe if I say the slowing down of a computer system  transformed a mere engineer to a tech-business giant? But it has happened in case of Shrishail Rana  who launched  Systweak Software with the idea of speeding slow computer systems.

Systweak Software is a Jaipur, Rajasthan based software development and mobile app development company ranked among “100 Most Promising Microsoft Service Providers”. Founded in 1999, Systweak Software has emerged as a cutting edge IT solutions provider to its worldwide clientele.

The company has developed the most innovative and amazing products such as Advanced Driver Updater, Advanced System Optimizer, and Duplicate Photos Fixer etc. These apps are  noticeably featured on major tech news programs such as Newswatch and Discovery Tech News Bulletin.

In an interview with GoodFirms researcher, Anna Stark, Mr. Shrishail Rana, the current CEO of Systweak shared how, ‘he established the company and made it large’. Mr.Rana recalls how he, being a computer nerd, got his hands on a Windows 98 PC when home computers were just introduced in India during the 90s.

According to Rana, his computer worked flawlessly in the beginning but then started to slow down just after 3 months. This anxiously forced him to search for a solution and in the process learned about overclocking and speeding up the CPU using extra voltage. He experimented with the PC and almost got surprised to see his computer working like before.

“I figured out that if a lot of RAM is allocated to the system, memory needs to be freed up; doing so manually isn’t easy. Therefore, to simplify things, I created a small freeware program, Shrishail’s Memory Optimizer,” he affirmed.

Mr. Rana received an overwhelming response when people came to know that they can use the memory optimizer when the RAM of their CPU is slow. The massive response from the market prompted him to launch the company Systweak with Memory Zipper Plus as its first product which went on to become the number one memory optimizer of the market.

When everyone around has different stories to share that shapes their present and future, Mr. Rana gives his simple-sounding-quest to quicken slow working computer systems all the credit  as it encouraged him to find a solution which now benefits the masses.

While  questioned about the technological demands of the industry, he clearly indicated that working with an in-house team has been the best decision for the company, after checking all possibilities. Also, their in-house development team brought about a solid understanding, intense project engagement, and increased development control in the organization.

He gave a few tricks to the budding entrepreneurs to differentiate them from their competitors. According to Mr. Rana, we should get recognized by our target audience, provide them with unique and different solutions, ensure quality of product, trained technical staff, competitive pricing, effective communication with the customer, customer feedback, refund policy, after-sale support, and strategic planning, to become different from others.

Mr. Rana summarizes his client satisfaction philosophy in a beautiful way, “To beat the competition, think of yourself as a potential client and ask what would make you choose your company over your competitors? How does your business stand out compared to current players? You will automatically have an extra edge and competitive advantage over the competitors when you get an answer.”

As Rana affirms, Systweak Software creates system optimization, security, and productivity tools for all platforms. The company is always updated with the latest technology trends, focuses on what matters most to their customers, ensures customer satisfaction that helps retain their existing customers and thus, increases their loyal customers monthly.

The review shared below reflects how effective their systems and tools have been for the benefits of their clients.

The company offers web and app development services for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS users to keep their device optimized, clutter-free, and guarded against malware. The screen recorders, duplicate cleaners, photo organizers, and other similar products developed at Systweak Software are top-rated on Google Play Store and Mac App Store. The company is also ranked among the top software development companies in Jaipur, India in GoodFirms listings.

As the company believes in creating action-based plans, Rana insists his HR department to measure the satisfaction level of their customers by initiating in-app survey forms, send emails to perform customer surveys, volunteer feedback, and most importantly, never presume our time is more valuable than our customer’s time. Regarding catering to their clients, he believes that being accessible, flexible, open to suggestions, and always keeping their staff well equipped is the key to get genuine happiness from their clients.

Rana preaches that the Service industry is Client based, and Client is the King! Another review shared below is the proof that they have a lasting customer base with strong relations ahead.

Hence, they are always open to discuss the payment modes with their clients. The projects are diversified based on deliverables and define their milestones to bill the customers. The company prefers to work on a licensing model, where the client is able to pay for what they use and the cost of acquisition is not high in the phases when the project is just deployed, or is still under the POC mode.

According to Rana, Systweak Software believes in democratizing the software industry, where all projects are undertaken as challenging. The company is open to projects of all sizes. Basically, the projects in the company start from $20K. The upper range for the projects is not set as most large projects continue for a duration longer than one year.

He seems really enthusiastic when  asked where he sees his company in the next 10 years. He is very confident of his developers creating more world-class system optimization, security, and other productivity tools that will make life easy. He believes that his company will grow and impact digital lives more in future and it will be the first choice of the customers when looking for optimization utilities.

Rana wraps up the interview saying, “Everyone knows we get what we focus on, but most people forget this as they keep themselves occupied with everyday problems. With a shared vision and strategic planning, we are moving towards our goal and will soon reach from where we are to where we want to go!”

This is an extract of the interview of Shrishail Rana, the CEO of Systweak Software, the detailed interview can be glanced at GoodFirms.

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