How to Recover Photos After a Data Loss


One of the worst things that can happen to you is losing or accidentally deleting pictures. But worry not, there are ways to resolve it. This guide will help learn how to retrieve deleted photos on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

Whether a random click or a wedding picture, almost all the images we click on are precious and important. Photos capture memories and moments; losing them is devastating. Sadly, losing images is not an uncommon event. You might have faced it, or chances of facing it in the future are there. Photo loss can occur for a variety of reasons, one of the most common is human error. It can be something as simple as pressing the delete button. Whatever the case is here we will discuss how to recover deleted photos.


How to recover permanently deleted pictures on a PC
How to recover permanently deleted pictures Android
How to retrieve lost/deleted photos from an SD card

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures on Windows 11,10 and Older Versions

If you have mistakenly deleted photographs from your PC, try these steps to get back lost images.

1. Download and install Systweak’s Photos Recovery tool

2. Run Photos Recovery the best tool to restore permanently deleted images
3. Click the Hard Drive tab.

photos recovery scan type
4. Once the drive to scan is selected, choose from the two scanning options – Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Quick Scan is fast but is not as effective as Deep Scan. Therefore, if the images you are looking for have been deleted for a while now, go with Deep Scan.

5. Thereafter click the START SCAN button and wait for the scan to finish.

PR Scan
6. Preview scan results either by using List or Tree view

Note: If you abort the scan, Tree View is unavailable.

PRDeletd Photos found

7. Select the photographs you want to retrieve and click the Recover button.

Note: Photos Recovery selects all the scanned photos. This means if you click Recover you will be able to restore all detected


8. Choose the destination to save recovered pictures. It shouldn’t be the same from that you are scanning.
9. After selecting the destination folder, click Select Folder and wait for the process to finish.
10. You’ll now get a summary of the action performed.

PR recover Deleted Photos

That’s it. Using these steps you can restore permanently deleted photos from your PC.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures Android

One of the efficient and finest apps to restore deleted photos from Android is the Photos Recovery app To use it no training is required. Here are the steps to use Photo Recovery App on your Android device.

Step 1: Download Photos Recovery App from the Google Play Store or hit the button below:
Step 2: Launch the app > tap the Start Scan.

PR Android
Step 3: Grant Storage Access permission (you will need to grant it for the first time only) > tap Allow.

Step 4: The app will now start scanning the phone. The time taken by Photos Recovery will depend on the number of deleted photos that can be recovered.

Photos found
Step 5: Once done, you will see the number of recovered photographs along with the folders that the photos have been categorized into.

scan result PR Android
Step 6: Either select the entire folder and tap the download icon or open the folder and select the specific images to recover.

Photos gallery
Step 7: To modify the recovery folder or exclude an image file use Settings.

scan filter

How to Retrieve Lost/Deleted Photos from SD card

Before following the steps make sure you have connected the SD card to the system via the SD card connector. Once that is done, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Photos Recovery

2. Run Photo Recovery to scan the SD card.
3. Click the Removable Drive tab

Drive Scan
4. Select the SD card you wish to scan for deleted or lost files. If Quick Scan doesn’t give you any results, switch to Deep Scan.

deleted photos found
5. Wait for the scan to finish.

Deleted Photos found completed
6. Preview scan results

recover photos
7. Select the images you want to restore > Recover.
8. Choose the destination folder > Recover
9. Wait for the process to finish.

recovery process
10. You will see a summary of the action performed.

recover done

That’s all using these simple steps you can easily recover images from the SD card.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos

Losing photos is quite frustrating, but if you have the best image recovery tool around things become easy. Using the steps explained above you can easily recover lost photos. Since Photos Recovery is available for both Android and Windows you can use it on both the platform.

The tool has everything you could ever wish for in an image recovery tool. Photos Recovery not only helps recover permanently deleted photos, but it also helps retrieve images from formatted Hard disk, and SD card.

To use it you don’t need any training, just install the tool, and get going. We hope you like the information we share, do share your feedback in the comments section. For any product related assistance contact the team at

Frequently Asked Questions – Data Loss Photos Recovery

You have learned how to recover lost images from your Android, PC, and SD card. If you still have questions, read on to get additional help.

1. Can photos deleted from the gallery be recovered?

Yes, they can be recovered using Photos Recovery. To learn more about it read our previous post on how to retrieve images from Windows gallery

2. Are permanently deleted photos gone forever?

When you delete photos, they only become invisible to our eyes. Since their reference is still stored you can restore them until they are overwritten.

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