Fixed – Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With the Scanner

Fixed - Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With the Scanner

Epson is a reliable name when it comes to printing and scanning devices. Its excellent customer service network and Epson scan app give a smooth experience to every user. However, that doesn’t mean it is bug-free. There are times when even the best devices face issues. Which ultimately affects the user.

Suppose you are using an Epson ES-500w Scanner or any other device through the Epson Scan application, and you get Epson Scan Cannot Communicate with the Scanner message. There’s nothing to worry about, as it is a common issue and can be easily fixed.


That is what we are going to discuss in this post. There are multiple ways to troubleshoot the Epson scan that can not communicate with the scanner error. Here we list the workable options for you. 

Best Ways to Fix Epson Scanner Unable to Print

There can be network and connection issues that might be causing the communication error between your device and the application (see screenshot below). Therefore, to fix the issue ensure the physical power connection is sorted. Also, check the application version; it should be the latest. 

network and connection issues

After checking these small but significant things, if the issue persists, use the following ways to get rid of the Epson Scan cannot communicate with the scanner, error – 

Fix 1 – Enable Administrator Privileges for Epson Scan

Administrator privileges are an optional feature. Still, if you cannot connect with the device, the security shield of your PC may be interfering. Therefore, admin privileges should be granted.  

To enable it, all you have to do is – 

  • Go to the Epson Scan application. 
  • Right-click on it to access options.
  • From these options, click Properties.

click properties

  • This will open a new window with multiple tabs. Click the Compatibility tab.
    click compatibility tab

  • In the list of options in compatibility, find Run this application as administrator and mark it on.
  • Save your changes and relaunch the Epson Scan application. 

This allows your application to run with the best compatibility and authority and ensures the connection is not lost. Run it with administrative privileges to make the most out of any application.

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Fix 2 Ensure the IP Address for the Connection is Proper

Another way of handling the Epson Scan Cannot Communicate with the Scanner is by ensuring that the IP address used on both devices is the same. The issue is often caused due to an error in the connection between the device and your PC. 

An IP address can allow you to reset the connection quickly. Here’s how you can use this fix – 

  • Find your device on This PC and right-click on it. 
  • Open the Properties of the device, and it will show the IP address it uses on your PC.

show ip address

  • Once you have the IP address, simply select and copy it. 
  • Now head to the Epson Scan application.
  • Open the Epson Scan settings and navigate to Network Scanner Address. 

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network scanner address

  • If the network scanner already shows your scanner connected, but you cannot use it, delete it from the device list. 
  • Click on Add and paste the IP address over there.

click on add

  • You do have the option to test whether the IP address matches the device. Quickly run the test to ensure that your scanner is connected. 

You can also use the Ipconfig command on cmd to find and match the IP address in the application.

When using a scanning device over the network, the IP address may cause a communication error between the PC and the scanner. Hence, if you are facing an issue with connectivity, this should fix the error. 

Fix 3 Update Your Epson Scanner Drivers

We have already talked about updating the application to its latest version. However, the application is more than just a thing that might require an update. Your device drivers should also be updated.

Updating the drivers for your Epson scanner or any device on your PC may seem complicated and lengthy. However, it can be made easy with applications like Advanced Driver Updater. (Read Review)

While manually updating your drivers requires you to have extended knowledge of the device manager and driver files, with Advanced Driver Updater, all you need to do is – 

  • Download and launch the application on your computer.

advanced driver updater

  • Scan your PC for outdated drivers

scan pc for outdated driver

  • Click on Update All to initiate the update installation.

You can reduce the hassle of heading to the Device Manager, finding the driver files, and installing the updates manually in three simple steps. Not to mention, manually updating drivers takes longer and works on individual devices. On the other hand, the Advanced Driver Updater helps update all your Outdated drivers on Windows in a single click!

Epson Scan Issues Resolved Instantly

Disconnecting the device entirely and then reconnecting it to your PC can do the trick. However, you can get the best results with the fixes mentioned above. 

That said, most of the issues that come up out of nowhere on your PC result from a missing driver, and thus, Advanced Driver Updater can be helpful.

That’s all for this post. I hope the information shared assists you in resolving the Epson Scan Cannot Communicate with the Scanner issue. Use these ways and let me know if you face problems. Good Luck!

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