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I save everything on my laptop, from important papers to photographs, movies, audio, and more. This clutters the desktop so much that I cannot find important files difficult. Therefore, to resolve this problem one day, I decided to declutter my HP laptop and remove unnecessary files.

So, I selected the files and pressed the “Shift + Delete” keys to remove unwanted data. This did help, and I was happy, but this happiness for momentarily because soon I discovered I had unintentionally deleted a folder containing priceless childhood images.

At this point, I hated myself for the stupidity I had just done, and I started to think about what to do to recover deleted photos from the HP laptop. Luckily, I found an excellent image recovery solution that helped restore deleted photos. This post explains the Systweak Photos Recovery software and how deleted photos can be recovered on an HP laptop.

What is Systweak Photos Recovery?

Developed by Systweak, the image recovery tool helps restore deleted digital photographs, audio, and video files of different formats from hard disk & external/removable storage media.

The recover deleted items software is a professional tool that offers different scanning modes to scan the disk thoroughly. Also, before recovering photos, audio, and video files, you can preview them. This helps restore only the data you want back.

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Moreover, using it, you can restore photos from an HP laptop lost due to –

  • Human Error
  • Virus Attack
  • File system damage
  • Hard drive failure.
  • Power outage, etc.

To get it, click the download button below:

Benefits of Using Systweak Photos Recovery

  • Helps restore deleted images, video, and audio files lost for any reason.
  • Allows customizing scanning.
  • Scans external – USB drive, flash card, SD card, SSD, and internal hard disk.
  • Preview scan results before data recovery.
  • Trusted way to restore permanently deleted images.
  • It helps restore deleted photos, video, and audio files even when you don’t have a backup.

How To Recover Deleted Items From HP laptop?

If the images, audio, and video files were removed by pressing the Delete key, you could find them in Recycle Bin. However, if you’ve exceeded 30 days or have permanently deleted or the images have been deleted for a long time, you need a recovery software. Below we will explain both ways to retrieve deleted photos from an HP laptop.

Method 1 – Recovering Photos From Recycle Bin

If the photographs have been deleted by pressing the Delete key, you can find them in the Recycle Bin. It is a place where the deleted data is saved temporarily (for 30 days). Following the steps explained below, you can restore files from Recycle Bin.

  • Go to the Windows desktop by pressing the Windows + D key.
  • Double click Recycle Bin icon to open it.
  • Look for the pictures you want to restore.
  • Select the file > right click > Restore.

recycle bin

The selected image will now be saved to its original location.

Method 2 – Restoring Deleted Photos on HP Laptop Using Systweak Photos Recovery

As explained above, if the images are permanently deleted, you cannot restore them on your own. You will need to use a recovery tool to retrieve such pictures, as it will scan the hidden areas that we cannot manually do. Also, recovery software is designed for this purpose only. To use Systweak Photos Recovery, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Systweak Photos Recovery software.
  • Launch the tool and select the drive to scan.

Note : If you want to scan the removable drive, connect it to the PC before launching Systweak Photos Recovery. Check if it is detected by the PC or not. Now launch the recovery tool and click Removable Drive to select the USB, flash card, SD card, or connected drive.

  •  Select the scanning mode to scan. Systweak Photos Recovery offers two scanning modes: Quick and Deep. You can use either to scan the selected disk.

photos recovery

Tip : If the pictures are lost due to hard drive failure, power outage, or have been lost for a long time, we suggest selecting Deep Scan. Also, if Quick Scan did not give the expected results, switch to Deep Scan.

  •  After selecting the drive and scanning mode, click the START SCAN button to start the scanning process.
  •  Let the scanning process finish. If you have selected Deep Scan, be patient, as it will take time. The time will depend on the size of the disk and the data stored on it.
  •  Preview scan results, and select the photographs you want to restore.

By default, Systweak Photos Recovery selects all the detected files.

photos recovery preview deleted file

  • Click RECOVER to restore deleted images on the HP laptop.
  •  Choose the location to save pictures. Make sure it is different than the one you are scanning.

photos recovery select folder

  •  After the selected photos are recovered, you will get a congratulations message. Now you can go to the location where you saved images and check if all the pictures are restored.

This is how using Systweak Photos Recovery, the deleted or lost photos can be retrieved on an HP laptop. It doesn’t matter what caused the loss; the recovery tool will help get back deleted images.

The above steps will help restore deleted photos, audio, and video files. Keep your data safe by keeping a backup. This helps restore data lost due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are Windows 10 user, you can use the built-in File History feature.

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If you have it enabled, follow these steps to restore deleted photos on an HP laptop.

  • Type File History in the Windows search field.
  • Open it and navigate to the deleted images you want to restore.
  • Click the Restore icon > the selected images will be restored to their original location.

How To Recover Photos On HP Laptop

This is how following the methods explained above can restore deleted images, audio, and video files on the HP laptop. If you are looking for our recommendation, we suggest using Systweak Photos Recovery as it is a reliable and trusted way to restore deleted or lost photos and audio and video files of different formats.

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