How To Recover Media Files (Pictures & Video) Lost Due To Accidental Format


Have you accidentally formatted your hard drive without taking a backup of media files, just to find out that you have lost photos and videos? Perhaps you must be thinking there’s no way to get those media files back, right?

Luckily, you can recover deleted photos from a formatted hard drive with the help of a professional media file recovery tool like Photos Recovery. Download Photos Recovery today and recover photos lost due to the accidental format of the hard drive.

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Losing media files especially photos and videos is disappointing as the moments captured cannot be recreated. The only way to relive those memories is to recover lost videos and photos. But the question is it possible to recover media files after formatting the drive? Yes, you can restore deleted or lost media files even after formatting, and in this post, we will explain how that can be done.

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Fact: When a storage device is formatted, only the file system is replaced with a new one, not the data. This means unless you perform other activities or save data on the disk chances of recovering deleted information are there.

Formatting the drive with a new file system only makes the files inaccessible, however, the chance of getting back photos and videos is still there.

To ensure you can restore the lost data, stop using the formatted drive, the sooner you act on and use a recovery tool like Photos Recovery more are the chances of a successful media files recovery.

Reasons for formatting hard drive

  • Reuse inaccessible hard drive
  • Install operating system
  • Create new partitions
  • Remove tricky virus

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How To Recover Media Files Lost Due To Accidental Format – Photos Recovery?

Other than using a recovery tool, there are no manual ways to recover media files lost due to accidentally formatting the hard drive. The best and workable way to recover photos and videos is to use the advanced media file recovery tool Photos Recovery. Here’s how to use the software and restore the lost image and video files.

Step 1: Download and Install Photos Recovery tool from the button below:

Step 2: Launch the best media file recovery tool.

select quick scan
Step 3: Select the drive partition from which you want to recover media files.
Step 4: To restore the maximum number of deleted photos and videos select Deep Scan. Compared to Quick Scan it is thorough and performs a sector-wise scanning.

select deep scan
Step 5: Next click Start Scan to start the process and wait for it to finish. The process will take time depending on the disk size.

scan is in progress
Step 6: When done, you will get a list view of scan results and an image preview in the right pane. This will help select the files you want to recover. Select the box next to the file’s name, to restore the media files.

select files to restore
Step 7: If you find List View tricky to use, change the view to Tree from the top of the page. From here, you can select deleted file directories and subfolders.

select tree view
Step 8: When the files are selected, hit the RECOVER button and choose the location where you want your recovered media to be saved. Make sure it is not the same directory from which you are recovering the files. Doing so will overwrite the data.
Step 9: Wait for the recovery procedure to finish. This might a while
Step 10: When done, you will get a summary of the action performed. Now go to the location where you saved the recovered files and move them to a safer location.

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That’s it, using these simple steps, you can recover lost media files from a formatted drive.

Why Use Photo Recovery Tool?

Since deleted or lost files are not erased from the disk and recovering them manually isn’t possible using a third-party recovery tool like Photos Recovery is recommended. The media file recovery tool helps restore deleted files even when they are inaccessible and it also saves you from the hassle of looking for files here and there.

Photos Recovery offers the following benefits:

Quick and easy file recovery

Helps recovery deleted or lost media files

Various scanning options to help users restore the maximum number of data.

The advanced and powerful scanning engine

Preview files before recovery

Option to recover individual files or an entire folder with subfolders

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The Final Word

You can find different photo recovery tools in the market but Systweak’s Photo Recovery is the best as it allows recovering lost or deleted files from the formatted hard drive and flash drive. Moreover, it offers different scanning modes and an easy-to-use interface that helps in media file recovery. We hope you like the post and were able to restore media files using the steps and Photos Recovery tool.

Do share your feedback in the comments section.

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