How To Recover Photos From Dead Hard Drive – Successfully


Important : Have a dead hard drive with photos on it? Use Photos Recovery to recover pictures from corrupt, crashed and damaged hard drive.

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How To Recover Pictures From a Computer Hard Drive?

Like all electronic and mechanical devices, hard drives can also die due to any reason. If your system’s hard drive has stopped working or you hear a vibrating sound when booting the system, the possibility of it being dead is there. If that is the case, what about the data on it?

Don’t panic, here we will show how using a photo recovery tool you can retrieve pictures from a dead hard drive.

Best Tool to Recover Photos from Hard Drive

Photos Recovery tool is designed to retrieve deleted and lost photos and it helps get back pictures even from a dead, corrupt and damaged hard drive. Photos Recovery from Systweak is a reliable and trusted way to recover deleted pictures.

Using this tool in no time you can scan external and internal drivers for lost data. Also, it offers two scanning modes – Quick and Deep Scan to recover the maximum number of deleted or lost files.

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Best Ways To Recover Photos from a Computer Hard drive?

With Photos Recovery installed and running on your Windows PC you can recover photos from a dead hard drive. The tool has a great recovery rate, and it comes with an easy to use interface. To use it follow the steps below:

1. Download and install Photos Recovery.

2. Launch and run the picture recovery tool on your Windows machine.
3. Select the hard drive from the main interface. (External hard drivers will be listed under Removable Drive tab)

photos recovery
4. Select the scan type. We suggest going with Deep Scan.
5. After selecting the scan type click Start Scan to scan the dead hard drive & recover pictures.
6. Wait for the scan to finish. Depending on the type of scan you chose, Photos Recovery will take time.
7. Preview scan results, select the images you want to recover and hit the Recover

photos recovery scan


Tip : Sometimes you might not see a preview, but this doesn’t mean you can’t recover them. Select the image and click Recover.

8. Select the location where you wish to save the recovered picture.

systweak photos recovery

Never save the image on the same drive from which you care about recovering data. This reduces the chances of data recovery.

9. Wait for the photos recovery from the dead hard drive to finish.

photos recovery process

This is it, using this best image recovery tool you can get back the data from a corrupt, crashed, and dead hard drive.

Signs – Hard Drive is Dead

  • Corrupt areas on the hard drive. When trying to access files if your computer freezes and it remains the same even after restarting, you know the hard drive is corrupt.
  • Slow processing speed and sluggish performance. Even after defragmenting the drive if it remains the same, you know the hard drive may die any day.
  • If your hard drive is making mechanical noises and you are unable to read or write data.

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Final Words

Having a dead hard drive can be worrying, as it makes you lose important data. However, if the deleted files are not corrupt there’s nothing to worry. Using the Photos Recovery tool you can retrieve pictures and make sure you never lose your important memories.

We hope you find the information we shared helpful and were able to get back lost photos from the dead hard drive.

In case you know of a better way to retrieve pictures, share the same in the comments sections. For any product related questions send in an email to


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