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Have you accidentally deleted a photo or video from your hard drive or USB card? The best video and photo recovery can help! If you have been looking for the best photo recovery software, you are at the right place. This article will share some pointers that will help you find the best video recovery software.

Important : Fact: Recovery software results if you use it ASAP after media files are deleted or lost. Once you start using the hard disk or flash drive, the old photos and videos will be overwritten by new data, making recovering deleted data difficult.

Short on time? Looking for a quick answer?

If you don’t have time to read the post till the end and are looking for a straightforward answer, try using Photos Recovery.

With the help of this photo and video recovery tool, you can easily get back deleted videos and photos from the formatted or corrupt hard disk drive and USB. The recovery software helps scan BitLocker encrypted drives and even offers different scanning modes. These scanning modes help scan the drive thoroughly and recover the maximum deleted photos or videos.

Furthermore, the best photo recovery software also allows previewing scan results. This helps select only those photos and videos that you want to restore. Also, for security reasons, the tool doesn’t allow restoring deleted photos and videos on the same drive from which you are recovering data.


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Now that you have the clear-cut answer, let us know what feature we should look for in the best photo recovery software.

1. Ease of Use – Losing photos and videos stored for long periods are upsetting. However, the task becomes easy if you have a photo recovery tool that is easy to use.  A video recovery tool with an intuitive interface makes it easy to recover deleted photos and videos.

Therefore, when looking for photo recovery software, ensure it has a simple interface that doesn’t confuse you. Luckily, Systweak Photos Recovery is a simple recovery tool that helps recover deleted photos and videos in their original format & quality.

2. Compatibility – A flexible recovery tool is compatible with the oldest and latest version of the operating system. Hence, when choosing the best video recovery software like Photos Recovery, ensure it is compatible with all versions of Windows and helps recover all photo and video file formats.

3. Faster Scanning – If a photo recovery tool takes hours to scan gigabytes of space, you know how it will be. Also, no one has that much time to sit back and wait for scan results. When picking the professional photo recovery solution, ensure to check its speed.

4. Preview of scanned files – A photo recovery is efficient only if it allows previewing scan results. If the tool you are using or planning to purchase doesn’t show a preview, there is no guarantee that the recovery software will work. Only the best video recovery software will show a preview of scanned data.

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5. Customization option – You can find multiple recovery software, but only a handful of them provide customization options giving users the choice to run the product they like. Before you pay for the photo recovery tool, check if it provides a customization option or not.

6. Different scanning modes – Sometimes, a single scan type doesn’t give the expected results. But, if the best photos recovery tool offers a different scanning mode, the user has the choice to switch to the intensive one and scan the system or external media thoroughly for deleted photos and videos.

7. Trial Version – There is no sense in paying for a tool you cannot use before paying. Always choose a video recovery software that checks the tool’s work and features. The best photo recovery tool always offers a trial version. Whether it is limited functionality or full functionality, you will always get a trial version to use and test the product.

8. BitLocker support  – Windows offers a built-in encryption method to protect data. If you mistakenly deleted data from a drive locked by BitLocker, the recovery tool must allow you to unlock the drive within the tool and scan for deleted media files.

9. Recovers data from different storage devices – It isn’t necessary that you always lose or delete data from a hard disk. One can even delete data from an SD card. Therefore, the best photo recovery tool helps scan hard disks and external drives.

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10. Safe to use – Unless the recovery tool is tested and safe to use, using it makes no sense. So look for a security shield or AppEsteem certification before trusting the recovery software. Also, read customer reviews.

11. Multiple images and video file format support – A recovery tool must specify the file formats it scans the system for. It should allow the user to check, uncheck, and specify the size. Fortunately, Photos Recovery offers all these features.

12. Restores data from formatted, corrupt hard disk or SD cards – Recovering deleted data from a working hard drive is easy. However, things matter when the recovery software can restore data from a formatted & corrupt storage device.

So, these are the pointers that will help you pick the best photo recovery software for Windows.

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Note:- A recovery software helps restore deleted files but don’t expect the software to do miracles and restore images from a disk or card overwritten with new data.

Benefits of using Photos Recovery?

  • User friendly
  • Preview scan results
  • Two scanning modes
  • Retrieve deleted videos from formatted, corrupt, and inaccessible SD cards.
  • It lets you customize scanning criteria and extensions.

How To Use Photos Recovery To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos?

1. Download and install Photos Recovery

2. Run the image recovery tool.

3. Next, to scan Hard Drive click the Hard Drive tab, and to scan the USB, click the Removable Drive tab

pr disk
4. Choose the location to scan.

We suggest performing a Deep Scan to recover the photos and videos lost for a long time.

5. Click START SCAN to perform scanning.

pr scan
6. Let the scan complete.

deleted photo found
7. Preview scan results.

recover photos
8. To restore deleted videos and images, select them and hit Recover.

9. Choose the destination folder to ensure you are not saving it in the same location. Doing so will overwrite the data.

10. Follow on-screen instructions and let the scanning process complete.

pr in progress
12. Check the scanning summary.

recover deleted photos
13. To check recovered videos, go to the selected location.

That’s all; using these simple steps using the best video recovery tool, you can restore deleted videos and photos on your Windows. We hope you find the helpful information and keep the tips in mind when picking the best photo recovery tool.

However, if you don’t have the patience to test different tools, we suggest using Photos Recovery, the best tool that offers excellent features.

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