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Outdated drivers are one of the biggest reasons behind multiple PC problems. That is because drivers define how a particular device, program, or software works. It is the contact point between any product and the operating system. Hence, the devices start malfunctioning whenever drivers go out of date, hampering a user’s experience. 

To keep these drivers updated, Windows has its internal methods. However, those are definitely not efficient. This is why using a product like Smart Driver Care has become the need of the hour. It is an intelligent driver updater tool that first identifies the requirements and then finds, fetches, and installs the latest driver updates for your device. 

There are multiple such software available in the market that claim to be the best driver updaters. While the available options provide a user with choices, they often create confusion. 

In this post, we will review one of the most in-demand driver updater tools, Smart Driver Care. To give you a better perspective of what you are getting into, we will cover the following points – 

  • Introduction to the Tool
  • How Does the Tool Work?
  • Features of Smart Driver Care 
  • Is it Worth Your Time and Investment?

Introduction to Smart Driver Care: What is the Buzz About?

The Smart Driver Care tool allows you to centralize driver updates for your PC. 

Drivers are significant for any device to communicate and work together with an operating system. This is why when these go out of date, they immediately impact the functioning of a device. You might have seen how a simple entity like your webcam worked fine a few days ago but won’t even launch today. It happens because the device driver is outdated. 

Usually, drivers on Windows are either updated through internal updates rolled out by Microsoft, or they remain outdated unless a user encounters an error. 

One of the reasons these remain out of date is that there are no set steps to determine whether a driver needs an update. Sure, you can use Device Manager to Update a driver, but that will only work when you know which driver is outdated.

There are 150+ drivers on average on Windows PC. Now you cannot check all of them manually as it takes a lot of time, and most importantly, it does not make sense to use Device Manager unless an issue has occurred.

Smart Driver Care resolves this problem and makes updating drivers an easy and centralized task. The driver updater utility is designed specifically to help scan all the existing drivers on your PC with a single click. 

Tool Specifications:

Publisher  Systweak Software
Website  Smart Driver Care 
Latest Version 1.0.024975
Setup Size 8 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space Required 500 MB
Minimum RAM Required 512 MB 
Operating System Supported Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (Both x86 & x64 architecture)
Free Trial Available with limited functionality
Pricing  $
License Type Single User

It is a lightweight tool, which means any PC with any configuration can easily handle it. The configuration of the application seems pretty simple and convincing. For more details on the tool’s specifications, check out its website

How Does the Smart Driver Care Work? Understanding the Process

Now, you might be wondering how the tool works. What approach allows Smart Driver Care to centralize the driver updating process?

Well, the idea behind the tool appears to be simple, it runs a quick scan to understand the dynamics of currently available drivers on your PC. Compare them to the versions available in its database, and the next thing you know, outdated drivers are listed for you to review and update. 

To give you a better perspective, here’s a quick step-by-step summary of how the Smart Driver Care tool works – 

  1. Run the application on your PC. If you have not downloaded and installed it, use the link below to find the installer.
  2. In the application, your home screen has all the information as well as necessary tool shortcuts such as – Scan Drivers, Scan Programs, &  Backup & driver care home screen
  3. To Scan drivers on your PC and check how many are outdated, use the scan drivers option. As soon as you click it, the scan begins!
    driver scanning is in progress
  4. Let the scan finish. You can run the application in the background, and when the scan is over, you get notified through your notification center. Once the scan is over, you have a list of outdated drivers and programs to review.
    Find list of outdated drivers and programs
  5. Now you have two options. If you are in a hurry and want to fix a malfunctioning driver on priority, update it individually using the update driver button parallel to it. It will take less time and do the job for you.

    click on update driver buttonOr you can click on Update All and begin the process of updating all the drivers and programs that are outdated.
    click on Update All
  6. Once you click on Update All, the tool automatically starts fetching the updates and will install them on your computer.
    installing is in progress
  7. It will update the drivers and outdated drivers one by one. In the meantime, you can continue working on your system, as the light nature of the application does not take much of your RAM.

An interesting thing about the tool is its user control. Even though the entire process is automated, it still allows you as a user to review the activity and ensure whether you want to update a particular driver or not. This gives the user a sense of command which is always a must when you use a tool like this. 

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Features of Smart Driver Care: This is Where Things Get Interesting!

After knowing how the tool works, you must be thinking, “ok, isn’t that how most of the driver updater tools work? What’s the catch here?”. The catch here is the number of features and efficiency the tool offers. Sure, you might find other tools too in the same category, but what Smart Driver Care offers is unmatchable. 

Here is a list of features that we are talking about – 

  1. Instant Thorough Scanner for System & Additional Drivers
  2. Vast Database with Thousands of Drivers Updated Regularly 
  3. Instant Notifications for Easy Background Usage
  4. Integrated Outdated Application Scanner & Updater
  5. Driver Backups for Easy Rollback and Restore
  6. Scan Scheduler for Regular Updates 
  7. Dedicated Ignore List to Help You Avoid Unnecessary Updates

Updating your drivers is the USP of Smart Driver Care but is definitely not the only thing it does. Let’s dig deep and get into the details of all these features to better understand how these features make Smart Driver Care the number one driver updater tool online.

1. Instant Scanner for Best Results

Usually, when you use a driver updater tool, the biggest issue a user faces is with the detection of the tool. Thanks to Smart Driver Care’s unmatched scanning capabilities that are not the case with this one. You can easily rely on the scanning mechanism as it goes to the roots of your PC directories and fetches all the information about the drivers installed on your PC.

instant scannerThe best part is no matter how complex the process is, a user can simply trigger it with a scan drivers button on the home screen.

2. Vast Database for Updated Drivers

For any updater tool, the strength lies in the database that it uses. With Smart Driver Care, you need not worry about the quality of drivers you are getting as the database it uses is updated regularly. The tool fetches the updates through the official websites and shows WHQL-certified and tested drivers. This means not only the driver updates are available instantly, but they are also reliable to install, so if you are wondering if Smart Driver Care is safe? It sure is. 

Vast Database for Updated Drivers

Currently, the tool holds 100,000+ drivers in the database, updated regularly per the requirements. These include versions of drivers in sync with the version of the operating system a user is working on. Quite impressive! Right?

3. Instant Notifications for Easy Background Usage

Another small yet interesting feature of the tool is its notifications. Updating all the drivers is not the fastest thing to do. The tool works fast, but while scanning the drivers on your device, you can surely do something else to utilize that time. In most cases, a user wastes time as they have to monitor if the scan is working properly or not. However, in the case of Smart Driver Care, it is the opposite. You can easily work on anything and leave the tool in the background. It automatically keeps track of the progress and sends you important notifications.

Instant Notifications for Easy Background Usage
The best part is that the tool does not leverage this feature to push unnecessary application advertisements as notifications, which can be annoying. 

4. Integrated Scanner for Outdated Applications

Sometimes when your application or system is not functioning properly, the issue is not with the driver but the program itself. There are applications on Windows that support another process. The best example of the same can be Visual Studio. Users are hellbent on updating the drivers to fix an error. They do not realize that a supporting program might be causing the issue. 

Integrated Scanner

With Smart Driver Care, you not only get the best driver updates, but you also get a program updater. This means when you run a scan for outdated drivers, the tool also looks up your applications to realize if that is causing the error. Now that’s something out of the box!

5. Easy to Create Backups for Simplified Rollback

Sometimes, drivers that you have installed are the most stable version of it. What it means is that the company rolls out an unstable driver update. Until and unless the company rolls out another edition to fix the instability, you are stuck with an error, even with the latest drivers. What would you do in such a situation? 

backup and restore

If it was any other tool, you would have no choice but to wait. However, with Smart Driver Care, you can roll back your driver to the previous version. How? Well, you first need to create a backup of your current drivers. 

driver settings

You can do it manually by clicking on the backup and restore option on the home screen. Also, the tool automatically creates a restore point whenever you update your drivers. Intelligent & useful!

6. Scan Scheduler for Regular Updates

If you have struggled with the issues of outdated drivers, can you name the biggest cause of it? Well, the biggest cause is that most of the time, outdated drivers go undetected. This means you are not aware that the drivers are outdated, and when you run the application, you get an error. To help you avoid such circumstances, Smart Driver Care provides the convenience of creating a scanning schedule. What does that mean? Well, that means you can easily set a time and interval for these scans. 

Scan Scheduler for Regular Updates

The tool will follow that schedule. You can set the scan schedule for every week, for 15 days, or for any interval you see fit. The tool will scan the PC regularly between the set timings and notify you of outdated drivers. This can save a lot of time and hassle as usually, driver updates are not that often, but whenever they are required, the tool will fetch them for you!

7. Dedicated Ignore List to Help You Avoid Unnecessary Updates

Another interesting feature that makes it easier for you to customize your experience is the ignore list. It is more helpful with programs that you have installed on your computer. There are times when you are using applications with crack. This means your privileges are automatically gone as soon as you update them. Now, you don’t want that to happen. Do you? But the tool will update any outdated program it comes across. So what can you do?

Dedicated Ignore List

That is exactly why you have an added ignore list feature. Simply add the applications you don’t want to be updated, and the scanner will not bother them as long as they are on the list. It is similar to allowing your programs through antivirus scans or a Defender firewall. 

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Final Verdict: Is the Smart Driver Care Worthy?

After going through the tool multiple times and trying it for a good 15 days, if there’s one thing we didn’t find, was a glitch. The tool is created with utmost care for UI/UX compatibility, making it super easy to use. So is it worth your time? Definitely YES!

For any tool to be worth your investment, there are certain characteristics that it should have. These are – 

  1. Features & Usability Ratio
  2. Ease of Access
  3. Technologically Advanced 
  4. Future Proof
  5. Affordable & Value for Money

Smart Driver Care offers some of the finest features available in the market at quite a pocket-friendly price. It is absolutely a smooth process to update drivers and programs with it, and it surely does the job neatly. The tool checks all the characteristics of an advanced tool worth investing in. Hence, we highly recommend downloading the tool and trying it yourself. 

That is all for this review! If you have used the tool in the past, feel free to share your experiences through the comments section. Download Smart Driver Care today and forget your driver update worries! 

Good luck!

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