Top Features to Look For in Driver Updater Software

Top Features to Look For in a Driver Updater Software

Device drivers are important for the smooth functioning of your PC. Some may be aware of these components’ crucial nature, while others might think of them as just another program!

Device drivers are necessary for communication with the PC. This is why a dedicated driver updater software is required to take care of these components.

While keeping your drivers updated is a crucial task to finish, choosing the right application to get over the task is just as important. So how do you choose the best driver updater? That is what we are going to discuss in this post.

We will determine a composition of an ideal driver updater software based on the features it should have.

Without further ado, let’s understand why choosing a driver updater software is confusing and what features you should look for before making a choice.

What Makes Choosing a Driver Updater Confusing?

Many options are available when you’re looking for a commonly used product. If you’re looking for shampoo, you can find hundreds of shampoos in the aisle. All the available options have dedicated qualities. So, it comes back to what features you want and which you can avoid.

The same can be said for a driver updater. When you want to get the best driver updater for your PC, the several driver updater software available in the market can confuse you. Therefore, before you download and buy a driver updating utility, you should know the features a driver updater must have.

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Top Features to Look for in a Driver Updater for Your PC

1. User-friendly interface

To be fit for use, the interface of a tool should be simple. Since there are manual steps for everything on a Windows PC, having easy-to-use software helps. However, since every user is not fluent with the commands and steps, an application is a good way of handling these tasks.

If a tool offers loads of important features, but they are hidden behind a complex user interface, they are of no use. Thus, the application’s user interface should be user-oriented and easy to understand.

advanced driver updater

For instance, look at the launch screen of one of the most trusted software, Advanced Driver Updater. It gives the user a clear insight into the current status of drivers, along with a direct button that initiates a scan.

Always remember the cleaner the UI, the better you can utilize it.

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2. Full System Scanner

update all outdated driver

Running a scan is the go-to step to determine the efficiency of a tool. Always go for software that offers a straightforward way to thoroughly scan the PC rather than just scanning the in-built drivers.

It is a crucial feature considering only a thorough scan can assist you with the best results.

3. Automatic Driver Fetching & Installation

When you talk about an automatic driver updater, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the autonomous behavior of the application. You should not have to choose the update, as the tool should be able to identify the best possible package for the update, download the file and install it on its own.

Automatic Driver Fetching & Installation

A driver updater tool should allow you to forget about updates and whether the files are appropriate to install. A single click should do it all!

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4. Scan Scheduling

One of the most common problems that users face is checking whether all the drivers are up to date or not. A malfunctioning device or error is common if you do not keep track of these updates. If you are being interrupted by such an issue, what’s the point of having driver updater software?

Scan Scheduling

The tool you use must have a scan scheduler; this allows you to decide weekdays, dates, times the scanning should be performed, and other factors related to scanning your PC at regular intervals.

Before investing in any tool, ensure it has the scheduler feature. Sure, updating the drivers is always your decision to make. However, keeping you updated with the status of drivers should be one of the priority tasks that your driver updater tool performs for you.

5. Driver Backup & Restore

Driver Backup & Restore

Backing up the drivers you have installed using the tool should also be an option in your application. This helps in times of distress when there is an incompatible driver update for the version of the operating system you are running.

Sometimes you are using an older operating system, and the updater finds a new update and installs it, causing the application to lag or, worse, crash. In such situations, using the last stable state makes the most sense. And to do that, you must have a backup of those drivers.

Backup & Restore

Having a backup of your drivers makes it super easy to roll back multiple drivers to their last stable state in just a few steps. Most of the tools do have an option for a rollback, but they do not offer to create custom backups for dedicated drivers.

The feature is handy and needs to be added to most of the driver updaters in the market. Make sure you look for it and then invest in the software.

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6. Access to Downloaded Drivers

Another cool feature that is good to have on your driver updater is gaining access to the downloaded driver files. Yes, no driver client installs the updates without downloading the file locally. You must have access to all the files considering you want to remove them and regain the space.

Access to Downloaded Drivers

You can also use these driver files to share with your friends, or you might find them handy when you want to reinstall the driver, as you already have an update on your PC that you can install without the internet.

7. Exclusion List

If a driver update is incompatible with your PC, updating that driver is of no use. But how can one do that manually? It is undoubtedly tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, a tool that offers an exclusion list is best for this purpose. This helps reduce the chances of accidentally updating drivers not running well with your PC.

Exclusion List

One such application that offers this feature is Advance Drivers Updater. This means you can keep using the application without any stress whatsoever.

A driver updater tool with all these features is a complete package. These are not just necessary features but are highly useful regarding the tool’s functionality. Anything other than these can be considered an added perk that might not be able to add value.

As you can see, I have used Advanced Driver Updater screenshots in each feature as an example. It is not for promoting a dedicated tool but to help understand your ideal feature list. Advanced Driver Updater checks all the boxes regarding the features.


Finding these features in a single tool can take time, considering there are so many options in the market, and all of them consider themselves the best. If you are looking for a tool that offers all the above features, it is Advanced Driver Updater.

The tool meets all the criteria you could have for a driver updater. Whether from a software perspective or an investment perspective Advanced Driver Updater from Systweak has it all. Make sure you compare these features before downloading a dedicated driver updater tool, as thousands of options are available, and all of them claim to be the best.

That’s all for the top features of the driver updater application. If you need more insights on driver updates, updater software, and other aspects of what you should keep the drivers updated, make sure you refer to the given FAQs.

FAQ’s- Related to Drives on Your PC and Driver Updaters

1 – What are the drivers on your PC? How important is it to keep them updated?

When you have people from diverse backgrounds trying to work together, you need something that binds them together. Be it language, a skill, or something else. There must be something that connects them and makes it work for you. In humans, it is the sense of compatibility and adjustments; in PCs, these are called drivers.

Dedicated drivers help establish a sync with the processor for every component you connect with your PC. To ensure smooth operation, drivers are the most crucial entities that create a device’s connection with the kernel.

Keeping them updated ensures that your devices work fine and use the full potential of all the other available resources. If you face any problems on your PC, try updating the outdated drivers, and you will feel the difference.

2 – What are the Ways you Can Update Your Drivers?

There are two concrete ways you can approach the task. One is the manual way where you can navigate to –

Quick Access Menu (Windows + X) → Device Manager → Select the Device→ Right Click→ update driver.

device manager

The second one is using a driver updater tool like Advanced Driver Updater. Using the tool is super easy. Check it out –

  • Download the driver updating tool. It hardly takes 5 minutes.
  • Open the tool to update drivers on your PC and start scanning the PC for outdated drivers. It scans your PC for drivers that are not working well or require updates.

advanced driver updater

  • After the scan, you have your results. All outdated drivers will be listed with their information. Click on Update All to fix them all at once.

update all outdated driver

  • Wait for the process to finish, and you are done!

3 – Should You Use an Application to Update Your Drivers?

Yes. An automated application takes care of your driver updates regularly, keeping your PC free of -driver-based errors or malfunctions. Some perks of using a driver updater are –

  1. You do not have to manually look for updates or manually whether any driver needs to be updated.
  2. No hassle of finding an appropriate driver package to install.
  3. It enhances your PC performance as the errors are reduced to nil.

For more information on Advanced Driver Updater, read the review and can browse through multiple blogs on our website. Good luck!


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