How Does Internet Censorship Affect an Everyday Internet User


The idea of using the internet in itself is a liberating thought. It allows you to break boundaries and explore things they could never physically experience. However, this idea of liberation and online freedom has reached a saturation point and is at risk! 

Looking at the current situation where censorship has taken over almost every aspect of the internet, using the internet is not the same anymore. 

But does that leave an impact on a regular internet user? How does this censorship affect an ordinary internet user? Well, that is the question of the hour! In this post, we will conclude the same.

But before we begin with the impact of censorship on an everyday internet user, let us dig deep into what the concept of internet censorship is all about.

What is Internet Censorship?

Internet censorship refers to refraining users from accessing everything available online. 

DNS not found or Access Denied

You might have seen web errors such as DNS not found or Access Denied. That appears majorly because the content you have tried to reach is either out of your geographical reach or was banned by the government. In both cases, your ability to access the internet without any bounds is compromised.

When we talk about internet censorship, it could be implied in two ways –

  • When you are being denied access to a platform, file, or website.
  • When you are being monitored while speaking out loud on the internet

When your internet reach is limited, you can’t fetch platforms that allow you to voice your opinions. On the other hand, when you have a monitored connection, there is always a sense of being watched; hence, you cannot express yourself more freely.

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Reasons for Internet Censorship

Now, why does internet censorship exist? The reasons behind limiting users’ internet access and implying internet censorship on citizens can differ from country to country and region to region. 

In some countries, censorship only exists to ensure that the citizens do not gain access to classified information that might hamper its confidentiality. While in some countries, the implementation of internet censorship is a lot more strict and brutal. 

Some of the core reasons why internet censorship exists in any region of the world are – 

  • To stop the propagation of unlawful content. 
  • To limit cyber crimes and online fraud
  • To censor obscenity and adult content 

These are some lawful reasons why internet censorship makes sense. But sadly, these are not the only reasons why internet censorship exists. 

The concept of internet censorship started as a self-limiting practice where private entities, individuals, and businesses created a boundary to ensure that online content should not cross. It is also known as self-censorship. However, people with administrative power, government employees, and regulatory bodies gradually started to use censorship to limit public opinions and even manipulate them.

How? Well, for starters, if elections are near, you might not have access to all the information or stats to help you make the right decision. Other than that, there are times when internet connectivity is completely demolished in a certain area where incidents of strikes or protests are being reported. That is done not to censor anything but to voice down the aggression and stop the reality from being propagated.

internet connectivity

The questions that arise now are when and how should the government be allowed to censor or block internet traffic, if at all? And the answer depends on whether you know both sides of internet censorship. There are advantages to it, and there are disadvantages as well. Let’s check them out in the next section. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Censorship

Like a coin, there are two sides to internet censorship. One side allows a government or province to create a safe space online, while the other hides what is happening worldwide. 

Check out some of the advantages and disadvantages of the same and better understand how a single concept can be used for the benefit and loss of people. 

Advantages of Internet censorship –

  • Restricts illicit activities such as selling questionable goods like drugs, weapons, etc. 
  • Creates a thin wall to distract users from consuming disturbing content, including heinous crimes or explicit videos.
  • Stops hate speech and fake narratives from spreading. When the internet is censored, every piece of information is fact-checked, and only then can it be circulated. 

Disadvantages of Internet censorship –

  • Hampers and individuals’ right to free speech. When being monitored, you have a sense of not speaking out about everything you want to. This directly leaves an impression on a user’s freedom of speech.
  • Censored internet often refrains users from accessing basic information that is true.
  • Government-implied censorship can give you a lot of false propaganda and blind you to the information they want you to see instead of reality. Such practices are often used to change narratives of already existing notions against the government. 

One thing that is clear after going through the pros and cons of internet censorship is that censorship is not that black or white to be understood. It is the gray area where sometimes it is necessary to maintain peace while sometimes it is outrageous. 

Probable Solutions to Unnecessary Internet Censorship

After understanding what internet censorship is, its reasons, and its advantages and disadvantages, you might be wondering what you can do to avoid it.

The easiest way to bypass internet censorship is to use a VPN. A virtual private network allows you to access the internet in its purest form. How?  

Well, it masks your original IP address, which means you can not be tracked. If there are government-imposed restrictions for using a dedicated platform or you want to access something that is banned in your country but is available somewhere else, you can use the VPN to connect with a server from that region and access it without being noticed. 

The contribution of a VPN in creating a censorship-free internet is unmatched however, only some of the available VPNs are safe to use. You might be in trouble if you use a free VPN nowadays. If you are looking for a way to overcome censorship, we suggest you opt for Systweak VPN.

It has a well-curated collection of servers that work from across the globe. It helps you stay under the radar when you want to look up anything. Try it today, and you can explore an entirely new world online. 

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Final Thoughts

Internet censorship is not something that has recently appeared. It has been around for ages now. The only difference today is that people have become more informed about their freedom to access. Even governments have started using internet censorship to manipulate people, so you need to bypass censorship.

Avoiding internet censorship requires you to be responsible enough for your decisions hence, it is recommended that you only do it if you are not easily influenced by what you see. VPNs like Systweak VPN can make things a lot easier and help you break the barriers set by censorship.

Let’s fight the devil that censorship brings and start using our internet the way it was intended to, freely! Download the Systweak VPN and see the difference for yourself!

Remember, the internet is no longer what it appears, but it is what is being shown to you! Stay safe, and good luck!

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