How to Use GPS Settings To Identify Duplicate Photos


When you click a picture, a lot of information is automatically captured. Important data such as your location, time, and other device information is also known as the image’s metadata. While the information seems useless, there’s great significance in the collected data.

When you visit a place, you tend to click multiple pictures. These shots often appear similar; thus, it becomes a headache to declutter duplicate photos. But what if I were to tell you that you can use the meta information to simplify the process?

Did you know that you can use GPS information to identify similar images? It is a unique way of sorting your image smoothly, and in this post, you will find out how you can do it with the help of Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro.

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Identifying Image Attributes Using GPS: How Does it Work?

It is not a new technique to group images based on where the photos were clicked if you look at third-party image viewing software like Picasa, Photoshop, etc., group the photos based on their location as a sorting mechanism.

Similarly, by identifying the attributes of where the image was clicked, you can group them and segregate them. All you need is a dedicated photo finder tool that can handle the GPS data and allows you to set the distance radius as per requirement.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro, one of the finest similar photo finder tools, has a dedicated component that allows you to use GPS settings to identify duplicate photos. This free duplicate photo finder tool allows you to scan your PC for images. You can set the criteria based on which you want to group the resulting photos.

To give you a perspective, here’s how you can achieve the best results using the duplicate photo finder tool –

  • Add folders to Scan for Duplicate Images on Your PC. You Can Either Define Custom Paths to Scan or scan the Entire PC.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

  • On the right side of the application interface, you’ll find various comparison methods to enhance your image results. Choose the Similar match option to find the GPS scale.

comparison method

  • Adjust the GPS scale as per your preferences. It has a range of 100 meters, defining the distance of the location the images were clicked. Select criteria that you believe will yield the best results.

gps setting

  • Click on Scan for Duplicates. The scanning might take some time, depending on the number of images you have scanned. The algorithm groups the pictures based on the distance criteria you have set. The GPS coordinates captured in the metadata are used to compare the images.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro search duplicate

  • Images are grouped and presented to you to select for removal.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro mark duplicate

 If there are too many images to choose from the duplicate photos, simply use Automark settings. The Automark allows you to finish the selection in just a few seconds; You can set the selection criteria as per your preference.

duplicate phots fixer pro

  • Click on Delete Marked, and Voila! All the images will be removed from the destination folder. In case you believe you have deleted something by mistake, you can retrieve the file from the recycle bin.

moved duplicate in recyclebin

Using the tool can free you of all the hassle you may find when manually removing duplicate photos from your computer.

Parting Words

This is how you can use GPS settings to identify duplicate images. Things may become a lot more technical while discussing the details of how GPS coordinates work. Thanks to the tool, you do not have to worry about those aspects. All you have to do is install Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro!

Install the ultimate similar photo finder today and get rid of duplicate photos from your system. TODAY!


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