How To Run Disk Cleanup On Your PC


The hard disk on your PC is one of the most important components that ensure your computer works fine. Storage is the fundamental requirement for any PC to function properly. The better your storage management is, the higher efficiency your computer achieves.

Almost every component of the computer is regularly upgraded and maintained. For instance, there are antivirus applications for PC performance, dedicated driver updates for GPU, etc. On the other hand, hard drives are something that people keep using, irrespective of their health.

Several people believe that only the GPU and RAM performance is required to enjoy a smooth experience on the PC. However, this is wrong, as the reading and writing speed of the disk plays a crucial role. Now, the question arises, how do you take care of a hard disk?

Well, running disk cleanup regularly is the only way to take care of your disk health. In this blog, let us take a quick look at how you can run disk cleanup on your PC and whether it is effective.

Let’s start by addressing the perks of running regular disk cleanup on your PC.

Why Should You Run Disk Cleanup on Your PC at Regular Intervals?

Storage devices also require regular maintenance. Even if they are internal, the capacity and read-write speeds may take a hit if they are not taken care of. Some core reasons that make regular disk cleanup a must for you are –

  • It helps you recover precious storage space that you can use to save crucial files.
  • Enhances your computer’s performance by boosting the read-write speed for your disk.
  • Helps you keep your PC organized since disk cleanup deletes all the unnecessary files.
  • Provides more running resources to heavy applications. Disk space plays a crucial role in running games & other applications.
  • Running disk cleanup regularly helps you remove potential threats to your PC as it deletes vulnerable files.

All in all, disk cleanup is a vital routine that you must include in your maintenance regime for your PC. Now that you know disk cleanup and its advantages let us talk about ways you can run disk cleanup on your PC.

Two Ways to Optimize Your PC Using Disk Cleanup

There are multiple ways you can initiate disk cleanup on your PC. However, you must be aware of the types of files you are dealing with. Here are the two effective ways you can run disk cleanup on your system –

1. Use Windows Explorer to Initiate Disk Cleanup (Manual Way).

Windows, in every version of the operating system, has been provided with an inbuilt disk cleanup mechanism. All you need to do is follow the instructions –

  • Open Windows Explorer & go to This PC
  • Right-click on the disk you want to clean and navigate to Properties.

check disk space

  • Under the General tab, select Disk Cleanup.

Note : To get Disk Cleanup, press Windows and R and type cleanmgr. You will get the Disk Cleanup box.

windows drive propriety

  • After Clicking on Disk Cleanup, it will automatically search for potential unnecessary files to clean.

disk cleanup

  • Once the scan is over, it shows you available files to delete. You can simply mark the folders/files after checking whether they are of use or not.

drive disk cleanup

  • Click on OK. You can click on Clean up system files to ensure all the unwanted files are listed. Once done, it will show you the dialog box with the files listed to delete, Select all and click on OK to delete.
  • A pop-up will ask you whether you want to delete files or not. Click on delete files, and voila! Your disk cleanup is complete.

delete files

While the inbuilt method can efficiently assist you with disk cleanup, it is a typical way of doing a simple job. You must know what files to delete for this technique to work correctly. In case you misjudge the files and delete a system log file, things can go extremely south.

2. Disk Cleanup Using Advanced System Optimizer (Automated Way)

After knowing how the manual approach works, it is clear that an automated and simplified way to finish the disk cleanup and Advanced System Optimizer offers the same. Here’s how the tool works –

  • Run the application and find all the options for PC optimization.

Advanced System Optimizer

  • Click on Disk Cleaner & Optimizers to find more disk cleaning options.

disk cleaner

system scan

  • The scanning highlights the available items you can remove from your computer.

system cleaner

You can click on the View Details tab to know more about the files and types of files.

temp file

  • Click on Clean System to delete all the unnecessary files.

system cleaner

  • Once the process is completed, your hard drive is clean and optimized.

This is how Advanced System Optimizer makes it super easy for you to run disk cleanup. It’s super fast, and the best part is you hardly have to do anything manually. You can simply move and minimize the entire process while working on your PC. The advanced algorithm of the software finishes choosing files to delete. This is not it; the software comes with various modules to keep your computer up and running.

Parting Words

Disk cleanup is the best way to care for your system’s hard drive health. Carrying out cleanup tasks regularly can help optimize the PC’s performance and extend its age. You have both ways right in front of you; the choice is yours.

I hope the post gives you an insight into how Advanced System Optimizer makes hard drive cleanup super easy. If you are yielding better results with any other technique, feel free to share it in the comments below. Good Luck!


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