Ways to Fix Server Error in ‘/’ Application in Chrome

an error occurred on the server when processing the url

Are you looking for a fix for the Server Error in ‘/’ Application runtime error?

To troubleshoot the issue, restart the server using IIS on Windows. Search for Administrative Tools. Here, you will find your IIS Manager. Launch it to find more details about the issue. Open the Internet Information Service Manager > select the server from the left pane > restart it and relaunch Chrome.

This fix has worked for most users. However, if you still face the error, we have other workable fixes listed below. Click here to jump to the fix.  Please add the jumper link so that when the user clicks on it directly goes to the fixes.

Several users have faced server errors on Chrome while visiting a website. There are several contributing factors to this. However, two of the most common culprits are IIS and ASP.NET.

Other than these, sometimes even the most common issues, such as –

Misconfigured Chrome settings

Corrupt browser data

Server error with the website, etc.

Are responsible for the Server Error in ‘/’ Application while using Chrome.  If you are wondering if there is a way to fix the error, this post is just what you need.

In this one, let us look at some fixes that will help you with the error.

How to Fix Server Error in ‘/’ Application in Chrome? WORKING WAYS!

Troubleshooting an issue becomes easy when you know the core areas to look for. In this case, we have already made it clear that Server Error in ‘/’ Application usually appears due to one of the following reasons –

  • Corrupt cookies and cache/browsing data.
  • Internal server errors in the Website.
  • Browser settings error.
  • Internet Information Service on Windows.
  • .NET Category Library.

To ensure all these factors are checked and resolved, we have curated a series of fixes you can try. The following list includes them all.

Fix 1 – Restart Server using IIS on Windows

If the Server Error in ‘/’ Application is on one of your hosted servers, you can instantly resolve it by restarting it. To do so, you must have IIS on your Windows PC. If you host your website from the same PC, you can find IIS in the Control Panel’s administrative tools.

Step 1 – Open the Start menu on your Desktop and search for Administrative tools.

Step 2—You may find your IIS Manager there. Launch it to find more details about it.

server error in '/' application

Step 3—After opening the Internet Information Service Manager on your screen, select the server from the left pane and then choose the restart option from the context menu on the screen.

server error in ics application

After the restart is over, try launching Chrome again, only this time. You may not find a Server Error in the ‘/’ Application in the browser.

Fix 2 – Clear Browser Data

You should clear all your browser data if the Server Error in ‘/’ Application error keeps appearing on Chrome. Usually, you can use internal means to clear cookies and cache on the browser. However, that may not be enough when we talk about errors as severe as Server Error in the ‘/’ Application in Chrome.

You need an external application that wipes your browser data to make it brand new. This allows better optimization, making it work independently. We highly recommend using the Advanced System Optimizer’s Privacy Protector to fix the error. All you have to do is –

Step 1 – Download and install the Advanced System Optimizer.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Security and Privacy tab from the left pane.

how to fix server error

Step 3 – Launch the Privacy Protector module from available options.

Step 4—Click the Start Privacy Scan button to initiate the search for all browser data on your PC.

server error in '/' application

Step 5 – The search results will have 5 tabs for all the regions of data from your PC, including MS Office, browsers, etc. You should instantly navigate to the browsers tab and clear all data.

how to fix server error in application

Simply use the clean button on your screen to clear all the data that may be gathered. Once this data is wiped, try relaunching Chrome to use the server, and you will find that the Server Error in the ‘/’ Application will not appear.

Fix 3 – Reset Chrome

If clearing the browser data did not cut it, you should focus on resetting it to default settings. Here’s how you do it –

Step 1 – Go to the URL section of your browser and search for chrome://settings/reset.

server error in application.the resource cannot be found

Step 2 – Click on Restore Settings to the original defaults from the opened page.

server error in application the resource cannot be found

Step 3 – Relaunch Chrome and then visit your server to check if the error persists.

Fix 4 – Verify the .NET Version in Use

Another special factor that must be paid attention to is the .NET version you are using. It is crucial to have a supported version in use; otherwise, errors such as the Server error in the’/’ application will be common.

Step 1 – Open the IIS manager as shown in method 1.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Application Pool via the left Window Panel on your screen.

Step 3 – Right-click on the application and then click on Basic Settings

application error: a server-side exception has occurred (see the server logs for more information)

Step 4 – To find a Pop-Up Window, select the desired .NET version and confirm it.

Other than these fixes, in case you find that the server error ‘/’ is a 404 not found error, you must try changing the URL a bit for the same. If you are experiencing the issue specifically in Chrome, uninstall and reinstall it. Please check on other browsers before finishing the troubleshooting, as sometimes it is the MIME error. You also need to specify the MIME for a file to fetch in the server.

Try these fixes to solve the Server Error in ‘/’ Application in Chrome. Asking the server admin for more troubleshooting can be a good alternative if you do not want to work on it manually. And if you are the admin, good luck with these fixes!

Thanks for reading; I’ll catch you in the next one! Remember to drop us a comment!

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