How to Remove Duplicate Photos From Microsoft Office Picture Manager


The Microsoft Office Picture Manager, commonly known as Picture Manager, is used within office tools like Word to insert images. It is also a common photo browsing application that shows all the pictures of the office applications.

The image viewer has a centralized view of all images on your computer. It presents all images together, even the duplicates making deleting duplicate photos from the Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Windows 10 easier.

If you have also faced a similar problem, then worry no more. By the end of this post, you will be able to identify and delete all the duplicate photos from your Windows and the Picture Manager.

How To Segregate Duplicate Photos from Microsoft Office Picture Manager?

Knowing that there are duplicate pictures in your system is not enough. To remove similar photos from the PC, you must segregate them from the originals. The centralized view of the Microsoft Office Picture Manager shows all images together. It can become tedious to understand which photos are original and which duplicates.

Since they are all the same, selecting and deleting unwanted ones is difficult. First, you should be open to the idea that your system has duplicate photos. The reason could be anything from harm-free malware to intentionally editing and saving multiple copies.

Now, after grasping that somehow duplicate photos have found their way into your computer, you have two ways to handle the situation. Let’s discuss them one by one and find out which one of them can help you get the job done.

Manually Go Through Your Library & Handpick the Originals

If you choose the manual path, you do not have a lot of options. However, there are a few techniques to detect duplicate images from the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Some of these are –

Change the View of Image Finder for Better Insights

When using the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, change the gallery view to large icons. This way, you already get a glance at the images without opening them.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

This helps you compare the images easily instead of opening multiple Windows. Sure it will make things easier; however, this is not at all effective while dealing with low-quality duplicates, as you might end up deleting a high-quality image.

Sort all Pictures Based on Size

If you face malware causing your images to create duplicates, this might reduce your efforts. Sort the list of images based on their sizes(Low to High).

This way, all the heavier images of better quality will be grouped below the lower-quality images. Images like thumbnails or lower-quality duplicates can be easily spotted with such a sorted arrangement.

Compare Properties of the Duplicate Photos

Here comes the most effective technique that can help you yield the best results. When you have all the identical images in the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, compare their properties, date of creation, and source.  Right-click on the image to get Properties.

image properties

Once you are done, the system will be free of duplicate photos. This technique is the most tedious one to follow and hence, fetches the best results.

Looking at the manual techniques, there’s always something that you have to sacrifice. Let’s move on to understand the digital process that has gained immense popularity over the past few years.

Use a Duplicate Photo Finder Tool to Find all the Similar Images

Duplicate photo finder tools have become the need of the hour for people facing a “similar photo crisis” in their computers. The most used and preferred tool out of all the options available today is the Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro. It is a tool specifically designed to detect duplicate images taking up precious storage in your computer.

Here’s how it works!

  • Install and Run the Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro on Your PC

duplicate photos fixer pro scan type selection

  • Choose the path of images you want to scan. If your Microsoft Office Picture Manager fetches duplicates from a certain folder, mention the same here. You can also scan the entire system to find any hidden duplicate photos. The software scans external devices and cloud storage like Google Drive for duplicate images and from Dropbox.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro drive check

Click “Scan for Duplicates” once you are done selecting the source.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro search duplicate

  • After the scan is completed, the software shows you grouped results of both original and duplicate photos. You have access to their properties to compare and choose which one to delete.

mark duplicate image

  • If there are a lot of images to select, you can use Automark as a way to get things done quickly. It is a feature that allows you to set your preferences once and then auto selects duplicate photos based on your command.

mark delete

  • Delete the images with a single click and let the software handle the process. You can continue your routine tasks on the system as it does not affect the overall usage of the system and can function in the background.

delete duplicate images

If you realize you have deleted an important image, you can restore it from the Recycle Bin.

That’s how convenient it is to use a software-based duplicate photo finder for a PC.

Final Takeaway

There are multiple ways you can handle duplicate photos in the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Feel free to choose any of these to get things rolling. On a side note, it is suggested that you skip the manual ones and go for a duplicate photo finder for PC, as it saves you all the effort, time, and headache that doesn’t seem worth it.

If you have any other technique you believe I missed, feel free to add one in the comment section. That’s it from my end; Good Luck!


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