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Are you facing difficulty with your Prolific USB serial adapter and encountering the PL2303 phased-out error/pl2303hxa phased-out error? Luckily, you are reading the right post that will help fix the issue and will make the yellow exclamation mark disappear.

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What is Prolific PL2303?

A USB-to Serial adapter cable connects your PC to the devices with serial ports, like PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). When a device is connected to the computer, Windows automatically installs corresponding drivers. These drivers help Windows read the device and communicate with it. In some cases, Windows fails to install the compatible drivers, and you face issues like PL2303 phased-out error. This article focuses on fixing it.

Causes for PL2303 Windows Driver Error

  • Outdated USB drivers
  • Corrupt Universal Serial Port driver
  • Missing USB driver

While the exact reason is unknown, you can try the solutions below to fix the issue.

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Ways to Fix the Prolific PL2303 Driver Error – Windows 11/10

Fix 1 – Roll Back The Prolific USB driver

Keeping drivers updated is recommended to ensure the connected device works with maximum functionality and without any. However, sometimes driver updates can also cause problems. You must roll back drivers and install the compatible update in such cases. With that being said, after upgrading the PC to the latest version of the Prolific USB driver, if you are facing issues, follow these steps to roll back the driver and re-install the driver.

Note : Unplug the serial adapter and re-plug after following the steps explained below.

1. Right the Start button > select Device Manager from the context menu.

device manager

2. Double click Ports (COM & LPT) > select PL2303HXA PHASED OUT SINCE 2012, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SUPPLIER
> right-click > select Update driver.

device manager

3. Select Browse my computer for drivers.

search driver automatically

4. Choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

browse for drivers

5. Select previous version > Next.

select device driver

6. This will automatically install the selected driver.

7. Reconnect the driver once the process is finished to see how things go.

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Fix 2: Troubleshoot the Driver Was Not Successfully Installed

Different error codes explain the problem. The driver was not successfully installed, which explains the chip is counterfeit. To stop piracy, the manufacturer shows this error message. Protect yourself and your PC from this error code and ensure the update is compatible with the Windows (32-bit or 64-bit you are running. Below we explain different ways to fix the issue.

Fix for Windows 64-bit

To fix the issue with Prolific pl2303 USB to Serial Adapter on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Download PL2303_64bit_Installer.exe from the official website and save it.
  2. Detach all the connected USB to Serial adapter > double click the setup file.
  3. Follow the instructions you see on the screen.
  4. Restart your computer and get the USB up and running.

Even after following the steps above, if the problem persists, go to Device Manager and check the version and date of the driver.

1. Press Ctrl + X > Device Manager.

device manager

2. Double click Port (LPT COM) category > right-click Prolific USB to Serial > Properties.

3. Click the Driver tab here; the version should be with a date. If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, it should be

4. If the date is incorrect, you must update the driver. To do so, you can use the third-party driver updater software – Advanced Driver Updater.

Automatic Way to Update Prolific PL2303 driver

If time or technical skills are your constraints, you can automatically update Prolific USB to the serial driver with Advanced Driver Updater. The tool will automatically read your PC details and find the compatible driver updater for the PL2303 driver. To use it, follow these instructions:

  • Launch the tool and click the Start Scan Now button to scan the PC for outdated drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater

  • The scan will take depending on the number of connected devices.

Advanced Driver Updater Scan

  • To manually install the updated version of the Prolific driver, click the Update driver link – for the Free version) However, if you are a registered user, things are simple; by clicking the Update All to update all outdated driver, you can get the job done instantly.

update all outdated driver

  • Restart the PC when done.
  • Now try connecting the device should not face any problem.

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With the help of the above solutions, you can update the driver and fix the Prolific USB to Serial driver not working on Windows 11/10. The manual steps might be a bit overwhelming and confuse you. But there’s nothing to worry about. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. Also, you can use Advanced Driver Updater, the driver updating tool for Windows will help resolve the issue.


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