How To Remove Duplicates From Dropbox

Dropbox filled with duplicates? This guide explains the best way to find and delete duplicate photos in Dropbox.

To avoid paying for more cloud storage on Dropbox, have you ever chosen your office files over photos to regret later? You will no longer have to do that if the answer is yes. This post will explain how to locate duplicate files and remove them from Dropbox.

You can easily manage storage, upload data, and recover wasted space by deduplicating files. Let us learn the best way to find and remove duplicate files from Dropbox.

Before that, an important thing you should know.

How Are Duplicates Created on Dropbox?

Unlike Google Drive, Dropbox does not come with a deduplication tool. Due to this, duplicates get accumulated on Dropbox.

What Dropbox does is it only notifies when an exact identical copy of the file is uploaded. This means if a similar file is uploaded, Dropbox won’t notify. Due to this, duplicate files, pictures, etc., get stored on Dropbox, and the cloud storage gets cluttered.

When these files increase, dealing with them becomes painstaking and tedious. In addition to this, similar files add up to the mess. All this consumes gigabytes of Dropbox space, resulting in buying more space.

Luckily, there’s a way out of this problem, and it is known as Duplicate Files Fixer. Developed by Systweak, this amazing duplicate file cleaner helps find and remove duplicates from Dropbox. Here’s how to remove Dropbox duplicates using Duplicate Files Fixer.

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How To Delete Duplicate Files – Dropbox

When manually cleaning duplicates from PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive, things get complicated as there’s no straightforward option. However, if I say there’s a tool that does the job, then will things be simple? Indeed, they will be.

Designed by Systweak, Duplicate Files Fixer is one tool that helps find duplicates saved in Dropbox. Using it in no time, you can scan your PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and even Delete Empty Folders & customize scan based on file type.

DFF_Home Screen

Furthermore, the tool categorizes duplicate data into categories, making selecting the file type easy. Furthermore, it provides an Automark option to select duplicates in bulk, leaving one in each group unmarked. Also, it allows customizing Automark rules. For this, you need to use a Selection Assistant.

Enough about what the tool can do. For better understanding, let me explain how to use Duplicate Files Fixer.

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How To Remove Dropbox Duplicates?

1. Download and install Duplicate Files Fixer.

2. Run the best tool to detect and delete duplicate files from Dropbox.

Note : Duplicate Files Fixer scans the PC for duplicate files by default. Therefore, to identify duplicate files saved in Dropbox, ensure you change the Scan Mode to Dropbox. Click the down-facing arrow as shown in the screenshot and select Scan Dropbox.




4. If not already signed in, you’ll be asked to Sign in to your Dropbox account. If logged in, select the account to scan for duplicate data.

Duplicate Files Fixer sign in
5. Grant permission.

Dropbox grant permission
6. Reconfirm your choice.

Duplicate Files Fixer allow access
7. You will now see a new window with the message “Received verification code for accessing Dropbox.” Click Copy Code and go back to Duplicate Files Fixer.
DFF_Dropbox verification code
8. Click Add Dropbox Folder.

Add Dropbox Folder9. Click Allow Permissions button.

DFF_Dropbox allow permission

10. Paste the copied code in the window and click Continue.

DFF_Dropbox code

11. Select the folder to scan > Ok from the pop-up window.

select folder to scan
11. This will add the folder in Duplicate Files Fixer.

DFF_Dropbox homescreen
12. To perform the scan, click Scan for Duplicates and wait for the duplicate file finder to finish the action.

Duplicate Files Fixer scanned files
13. When done, you will get two options – Select Manually and Auto Mark. Choose them as per your choice.

DFF_scan result
14. If you select AutoMark, the duplicate files will be automatically selected, leaving one in each group unmarked.

15. Preview selected duplicates, and to process, click Delete Marked > Yes, to confirm the action.

16. Let the process finish.

Note : Duplicate Files Fixer will default move deleted duplicates to Dropbox’s Deleted Files section.

17. Finally, a summary of deleted duplicate files will be shown.

18. If you want, you can scan for more duplicates by clicking the Back button.

This is how you can scan Dropbox directly for duplicates and free up space in no time. Duplicate Files Fixer saves you from spending unnecessarily. Also, this helps keep Dropbox storage optimized.

We hope you will give this tool a try. However, if you want to know if Dropbox has any feature to remove duplicate files, here you go.

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How to manually remove duplicate files in Dropbox

Alongside deleting duplicates automatically, you can remove them manually, also. Use this option when you have enough time and patience. Also, remember that manually identifying duplicates and similar files are not easy. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, we suggest taking a backup first.

After that, follow these steps to remove duplicates from Dropbox.

  • Search Dropbox folders –If you have various folders in your Dropbox, open them all side by side and compare the filenames.

This way, you can manually look for duplicate files and eliminate them to free up space on the Dropbox app. Though manually looking for duplicates is not at all easy. But if you want to try doing it yourself, this is the only way you are left with.

Of course, no one has this much time. Therefore, if you feel manually searching for similar files is taking too long at any given time, switch to Duplicate Files Fixer.

Wrap Up –

We hope we were able to answer how to remove Dropbox duplicates. You can easily find and remove duplicate files from your PC using either the manual or the user-friendly app Duplicate Files Fixer. In addition, you can also decide whether to remove Photos, Documents, Music, or Other file types.

This tool is simply amazing, and the same is being said by users using it.

Share your thoughts about the program and the post in the comments section. For any product-related query, you can contact the support team at

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