You Accidentally Erased The Wrong Hard Drive! How To Recover it


Did you try everything you can to restore deleted files, but nothing worked?

Try Advanced Disk Recovery to retrieve lost data from your computer. The professional data recovery software will help restore data lost for any reason. However, stop using the disk or storage media to avoid overwriting data.

“As I have two identical external drives, I’ve unintentionally deleted data from an incorrect external drive. Is there a way I can get back deleted data?”

Luckily, you can restore data using a data recovery tool like Advanced Disk Recovery. This post will explain how to use the data recovery software and retrieve data. If your entire drive/volume was deleted or reformatted, we suggest you use Deep Scan.

Reasons For Data Loss

1. Human Error


We make mistakes, sometimes major ones, that destroy data or chunks of text. Employees might erase vital files or remove information critical for your organization without realizing it. Several other reasons for data loss, such as hard drive failure, liquid spillage, software instability, hard drive formatting, etc., can be attributed to human mistakes.

2. Malware & Viruses


Most people assume that viruses are the leading cause of data loss. Viruses may steal and erase large amounts of data or slow-down corporate activities, ruining firm functioning. A PC is frequently infected with a virus due to an email-based assault or phishing, which tempts a person to click on a contaminated link. The connection established allows the malware or virus to infiltrate the computer and cause harm or theft of data.

3. Hard Drive Failure

hard drive failure

Hardware failures cause data loss, and hard drives are the most vulnerable component of a computer. Hard drive failures are maximum in computers; over sixty percent of hard drives fail because of mechanical faults, while forty percent are consequences of human usage or maltreatment. Also, overheated hard drives can harm the computer.

4. Power Failure

power failure

Power failures can significantly disrupt corporate operations, unexpected shutting down computers without warning, etc. This result in data loss of unsaved data. It also corrupts current files owing to faulty shutdown processes. A poorly timed power loss can sometimes leave whole programs inoperable. If your computer unexpectedly shuts down, hard disk failure is a common problem that users face.

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Advanced Disk Recovery To Recover Deleted Files

Advanced Disk Recovery software can restore files from an inadvertently wiped hard disk. To use it, follow the steps explained below.  Moreover, the application allows the scanning of removable media and external and internal drives.

How to use Advanced Disk Recovery – Recover Data from Your Erased Drive

1. Click the button below to get Advanced Disk Recovery.

2. Run Advanced Disk Recovery > select the area and drive name to be scanned.


3. Select Deep Scan.

deep scan


4. Wait for the data recovery tool to finish scanning.

adr scan process

  • Select files to retrieve and click the Recover button.

adr select file

  • To avoid overwriting deleted files, modify the recovery location and wait for the data recovery process to finish.

This is how you can restore deleted files from an incorrect external or internal disk.

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Getting Data Back From Accidentally Erased Drive

data backup

Recovering files from an erased external drive on your own is not easy. However, Deep Scan provided by Advanced Disk Recovery will help recover most deleted data.

Also, a backup disk can keep you from losing vital files & regular data backup can keep it safe if you mistakenly wipe your hard disk. Data backups have gotten considerably easier to perform, and you may make scheduled backups on the data that are essential to you.

Now that you know that you can restore all of your data even if you unintentionally deleted your hard disk. Take rapid action to avoid losing any vital data stored on the device.

Furthermore, consider backing up your data so that you won’t need data recovery software if you accidentally delete your hard disk.

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