How to Recover Deleted Video from Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7


Accidentally deleted videos or formatted the SD card/hard disk? Have no backup of deleted videos? Don’t fret we have a solution to recover deleted videos in Windows 11, 10 and deal with this awful situation.

But before getting into details about how to recover deleted videos & the video recovery app, know that Windows has your back. To cover you from such situations, Windows offers different solutions and if they don’t work, a video recovery app for Windows 11 & 10 like Photos Recovery is always there. The tool helps retrieve deleted videos, photos, and music files.

This post will share steps to recover deleted video from any internal or external drive on Windows.

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How to Restore Deleted Videos – Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and 7

Method 1 Recover from Recycle Bin

Method 2 Recover deleted videos using Photos Recovery

Method 3 Recover deleted videos from Backup

Method 4 Restore videos from Previous versions

Method 1 – Recover Recycle Bin

Unless you press Shift + Delete the video is not permanently deleted from your Windows. To remove a video, when you press the Delete button it goes into the Recycle Bin. The deleted file stays here for 30 days, post which they are automatically deleted from the Recycle Bin. This means, if the deleted video is there in the Recycle Bin, you can restore it.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Look for the Recycle Bin present on the desktop.
2. Double click and open it.
3. You will now be able to see all the deleted files.
4. Search for the file either manually or enter the name in the Search file field.

Search file field
5. Once you have it, right-click > Restore
6. Doing so will put back the selected file in its original location.

However, if the video file you are trying to recover is not there, use Photos Recovery- the best audio, video, and image recovery tool for Windows. Here’s how to use it.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Videos using Photos Recovery?

Photos Recovery as the name explains sounds like a tool that will only help retrieve lost/deleted images. But that is not the case, using it you can also recover deleted audio, and video files from both internal and external media.

Once the product is installed and registered you can begin scanning the system for lost/deleted video files. Here’s how to use Photos Recovery and perform deleted videos recovery.

Steps to use Photos Recovery

Note: To recover videos from the hard disk you need to click the Hard Drive tab and select the disk drive. However, for scanning external drives you need to select the Removable Drive tab.

select Hard Drive tab

If the Removable Drive option is greyed out, it means the drive is not connected. Therefore, before launching Photos Recovery & retrieving images, audio, or video files from a removable drive ensure it is connected to the PC.

Recovering Data from Hard Disk

Using Photos Recovery, you can recover any type of lost or deleted video from a hard disk. Moreover, you can preview scan results and view them in either List or Tree view. Here’s how to use the tool.

Scanning the Hard Drive to recover deleted videos:

1. Launch Photos Recovery.

2. The home screen of the best video recovery app, is divided into two tabs under the Hard Drive tab you will see all the hard disk partitions. Select the disk partition you would like to scan.

quick scan

To scan the external drive, click the Removable Drive tab and select the drive.

click Removable Drive tab

3. Thereafter, select the scan type – Quick Scan or Deep Scan.

By default, Photos Recovery runs Quick Scan.

Quick Scan – This scan type is faster than Deep Scan and it looks for recoverable photos, videos, or audio files that were permanently deleted using Shift + Delete.

Deep Scan – as the name explains is in-depth. If you have lost the video file due to hard disk formatting or a corrupt drive, use this method. Deep Scan performs a systematic sector-wise scan, helping recover the maximum number of deleted photos, videos, or audio files.

select scan type

4. To start the deleted photo recovery process, click Start Scan and wait for the process to finish.

click Start Scan wait for process to finish
5. You’ll now see scan results listing the number of deleted photos, videos, or audio files found.

scan completed

select photo to preview
6. To retrieve deleted videos, you can search the file by its name or can change the view to Tree View and select the desired folder.

Tree View

Note: If you cancel the scan, you will now be able to use the Tree View.

7. Once the desired video files are selected, click the Recover button. Select the location where you want to restore the files. Make sure that it is not the same location from which you are retrieving the files, as doing so will reduce the chances of data recovery.

select folder

Note: If you mistakenly selected the same location to restore photos, videos, or audio files, Photos Recovery will show a warning message.

Photos Recovery warning message

8. After the location to recover deleted videos files is selected, Photos Recovery will start the recovery process.

Photos Recovery in progress

To stop the deleted files recovery process click Stop Recovery.

9. Once the video recovery is done, selected video files will be saved to the location you picked. You will then see a summary of the photos, videos, or audio files recovery.

  • Total Files Found
  • Total Files Selected
  • Total Files Recovered
  • Recovered File Size
  • Recovered at – Location where files are restored

files recovered

Recover More – use this button to recover more files.

Home – will take you back to the Home screen.

Method 3 Recover deleted videos from Backup

To keep data secure do you keep a backup of your data? If yes, you are in luck you can easily restore deleted videos from the backup.

Also, if you have a habit of syncing data on cloud you can import it and reterive lost or deleted videos.

Method 4 Restore videos from Previous versions

In addition, to the above steps you can also use ‘Previous version’ to recover permanently deleted videos from PC or laptop.

Note: This functionality only works if System Protection option is enabled. Once the option is enabled Windows automatically backs up videos and file versions. This means, when the original video is damaged or lost you can restore it from previous version.

Steps to retrieve data from Previous Version

1. Right click the folder in which the deleted videos was saved > select Restore previous versions .

Restore Previous Version

2.  Click Previous Versions tab > select the date when video was saved.

Previous Versions

3. Drag or drop folder to the desired location on your PC.

Wrap Up

Recycle Bin is Windows’ way of protecting files to an extent. However, if it doesn’t work you can always shift to a recovery tool like Photos Recovery using which you can easily recover deleted videos, photos, and audio files. The software, not just recovers deleted files, but it also helps retrieve files lost due to formatted or corrupt hard disks. If at any time you find yourself stuck in a situation where an important image, music, or video file is lost give Photos Recover a try.

Also, share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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